Shakti Rewind Lockdown Harman loss regretted by Singhs

Shakti Rewind Lockdown Harman loss regretted by Singhs

Shakti Rewind Lockdown Harman loss regretted by Singhs Harak Singh gets angered on his friend who gets an alliance for Heer. Heer gets upset when Harak clears out that they don’t want to get Heer married as of now. He had decided with Preeto that Heer will never walk on Soumya’s path, she will never fall in love or get married to anyone, since she is a kinner.

Heer asks Preeto why is Harak being a villain in her life, what’s the reason that they don’t want her to get married. Mahi thinks Harak and Preeto didn’t listen to them and kept her home, now they will be going through the same punishment. Preeto has no answers for Heer. She asks Heer not to worry for anything and just go to the college with her brothers.

Harak and Preeto recall the past and cry. Harak is much upset that a kinner came into their life and then snatched Harman from them. He didn’t understand why they got a kinner in their family, Heer is so lovely and deserves happiness, but Heer has no rights to live well in the society. He doesn’t know how to protect her for long time, since he is growing old now. Preeto reminds him the extra promise he made to her during their marriage. She tells him that they will always be together and stay strong, they have to support Heer and also believe in fate.

She pacifies him. They shed tears. Rohan and Soham bring Heer to the college. Heer looks for Virat. She doesn’t know if he has accepted her fight. Virat thanks Heer for the gift sent on her birthday. He tells her that he doesn’t want to get into a fight with her brothers. Heer is happy that he is thankful to her. She offers a hand of friendship. She thinks Virat would be accepting her friendship.

Virat stuns her by refusing to her. Heer learns that her brothers are finding her. She wants to hide with Virat, so that he doesn’t get beaten up. Virat isn’t interested. She asks the reason. He doesn’t think he should involve someone in his complicated life.

He doesn’t want anyone to enter his zone. Heer asks him not to give useless excuses, since everyone’s lives are complicated. She asks him to share about his life so that they know each other. He tells her that his parents run his life, without caring for his dreams. He is burdened that they want him to become a police officer. He feels like a loser, since he failed in every relation.

Heer sympathizes with him. He tells her that he doesn’t want to trouble her. She tells him that they should be friends, she doesn’t have her parents and that’s also a thing to regret. Heer and Virat start supporting each other. Their story of rebellion begin.

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