Kasautii Starplus Lockdown Bajaj Komolika deal suspect

Kasautii Starplus Lockdown Bajaj Komolika deal suspect

Kasautii Starplus Lockdown Bajaj Komolika deal suspect Anurag and Prerna meet after a leap of eight years. She has been waiting to take revenge on him. She meets him at his house on the occasion of a business party.

Anurag challenges Prerna once again. He feels she still seeks his attention, so she has come falling for him again. He passes insulting taunts on her intentionally to make her away. Mr. Bajaj stops Komolika from breaking their moment. Komolika questions him for returning with Prerna, when he knew the relation of Anurag and Prerna. Mr. Bajaj isn’t jealous of them. He asks Komolika if she is insecure that she will lose Anurag to Prerna.

He tells her that he can come back anytime and also get Prerna, for the fact that Prerna will never leave him. She tells him that Anurag can never leave her for Prerna’s sake, since he has pushed Prerna down the bridge himself. She asks him to be smarter. He tells her that person and situation can’t be trusted, Anurag may take her on the bridge to push her down. He tells her that she needs to get smarter. She shows her faith on her puppet Anurag. She tells that Anurag will leave her only if she wants, she loves him a lot, and he doesn’t love her, still he is with her, which is enough for her to show control on him.

She tells that Anurag can never cheat her. Prerna and Anurag get into a Ajeeb dastaan moment, when the song plays and rekindles their lost romance. They think of their initial meets, when they got attracted to each other and fell in love. Their situation is much different now. Though Anurag is still loyal and loves her, he can’t show his loyalty to her. He is helpless because of Komolika. He recalls Sneha’s birth and the decision taken to part ways with Prerna for the sake of Prerna’s safety. Prerna recalls Anurag’s big cheat and is much heartbroken.

She never imagined that he was with her only for Mr. Bajaj’s money. Prerna believes that he really cheated her. She gets affected by Anurag’s presence. She keeps her revenge motives fresh on her mind so that she doesn’t fall weak. Anurag and Komolika’s happy appearance makes her go crazy in anger. There will be revelation if Mr. Bajaj is loyal towards Prerna, or had any secret deal with Komolika as well, in order to get Prerna in his life. He is obsessed for Prerna. Mr. Bajaj’s truth will be coming out once the show resumes after the lockdown ends. Kasautii Starplus Lockdown Bajaj Komolika twists.



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