YRKKH New beginning Starplus post lockdown for Goenkas

YRKKH New beginning Starplus post lockdown for Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai YRKKH New beginning Starplus post lockdown for Goenkas The latest upcoming track brings the birthday celebrations of Suhasini Goenka. The same storyline will be continued. Goenkas are seen back in their ancestral house, where Dadi’s birthday celebrations are in full swing. Dadi invites some children from the orphanage home on Naira’s insistence, so that Kairav and Vansh get little friends’ company during the lockdown.

Dadi, Suwarna, Samarth and Gayu await Kartik and Naira to grace the party. Kartik gets missing from the party, after leaving to find his daughter Kaira. There will be Kaira’s entry in Goenka mansion. Dadi gets certain of some new happenings around, but isn’t sure of the approaching storm. She has no idea that Kartik is madly searching for his daughter, whom they had assumed dead at the time of birth. Kartik and Naira’s absence worries Dadi.

Dadi wants to know the reason for searching for the little girl. A new promo will be on air very soon, bringing the insight of the coming storyline. The viewers would get to see exciting family drama with high octane twists and turns in Goenka mansion. How likely are you willing to watch the new episodes, the new drama and the new fun with Kaira’s rocking chemistry and new twists? Keep reading here for more on your favorite YRKKH and Kaira.


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