Shakti High Peak drama tonight Virat Heer shocker

Shakti High Peak drama tonight Virat Heer shocker

Shakti High Peak drama tonight Virat Heer shocker Virat sells off his gold chain to buy the Karwachauth shagun for Heer. Daljeet tells Sant that the police department will be knowing the truth that they have disowned Virat. Sant asks him to get Virat arrested by posing some fraud charges on him. Virat calls up Sant and invites him at Singh house. He tells Sant that he will be meeting Heer and family for the last time. He invites his family for the final meet.

Sant and Parmeet get worried for Virat. Sant wants to inform Harak. Parmeet asks him not to call up Harak. Sant doesn’t want Virat to emotionally blackmail him. Parmeet is scared of losing her son. Virat reaches Singh family. He begs them to give him a chance that he truly loves Heer. He tells them that he will leave the city and also leave Heer if he fails to keep up his promise. He gets scolded by Raavi and Veeran.

Shanno enjoys the family drama, while Preeto and Harak stay speechless. Sant Baksh and family arrive at Singh house to meet Virat and know the reason for his call. Virat tells them that he is married to Heer. He tells that Heer will be completing her Karwachauth fast in front of them. Raavi and Preeto doesn’t believe him. Preeto tells that Heer had food in front of her and isn’t keeping any fast. Heer stuns them with her Karwachauth look. She tells Preeto that she is really fasting to pray for her love, since she is Virat’s wife.

She tells Preeto that she didn’t take any food or water, she had lied to the family. Preeto objects to Heer’s move. Nutan gets some neighbors to support Heer, who isn’t wrong on her front. Harak and Sant Baksh try to stop Virat. Virat and Heer have a moment and look forward to break the fast. Heer finally completes her fast by sighting the moon. Virat tells Heer that he has also kept the Karwachauth fast for her. She breaks his fast as well, raging the families further. Preeto knows that Virat’s love for Heer is true. Harak and Sant shout at the lovers, telling them that they will never let them succeed.

Virat and Heer tell them that their love is true and they will not accept any defeat. Harak asks the neighbors not to interfere in his family matters. He disapproves her marriage with Virat. The neighbors ask Heer how would she marry without her family’s blessing. They better ask the families to give consent, since Virat and Heer are a good match. Virat knew their families would never agree. He comes up with his deadly move, that’s to sacrifice his life for the sake of his love. He gets the poison for Heer and himself, shocking the families. Virat and Heer consume the poison and collapse in front of their families. The sight gets frightening for everyone.

The families panic and try to save Virat and Heer. They get a doctor home to get them treated. The doctor treats them and flushes out the poison from their bodies. The doctor suggests them to keep Virat and Heer at home and continue their treatment. Sant Baksh wants to take his son home. Harak asks the doctor to send his team home for Heer. Virat and Heer refuse to part away even in their unconscious state. They keep holding their hands, and proving their love. Parmeet decides to accept Heer for Virat. She fixes Virat and Heer’s marriage. Preeto gets worried thinking Heer’s truth will be coming out. Soumya returns home for Heer’s sake. Soumya’s entry will pose new problems for Heer, since Sant Baksh’s family hates kinners.

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