Shakti Virat Heer begin to search for Soumya

Shakti Virat Heer begin to search for Soumya

Shakti Virat Heer begin to search for Soumya Heer is troubled that Soumya didn’t meet her and left. She misses Soumya a lot in her life. She wishes Soumya comes back. Virat calls Shanno to talk to Heer. He gets happy to speak to his lady love. He tells Heer that she should get haldi applied and get her skin glowing. Heer asks him whom should she choose, if she loves two people equally.

He tells her that she can choose anyone, since the people who love her will not feel bad. He solves her confusion. He goes ahead for his haldi. Shanno asks Heer to get ready for the marriage functions. Heer thinks if Soumya has really come or someone else left the letter for her. Heer dances with her brothers and family. She celebrates her happiness while Mahi applies her haldi. Mahi blesses her. Heer misses Soumya every moment in the function.

Virat is also happy that his family is with him. He feels Sant loves Daljeet more than him. Parmeet asks Sant to bless Virat. Sant gets emotional. Sant and Daljeet come ahead for Virat’s haldi and surprise him in the least expected moment. Preeto recalls Heer’s future. She is worried that Heer’s identity will be known after her marriage. She has always kept Heer away from the truth. She thinks Soumya should have been there for Heer. Virat gets pleased when Sant and Daljeet apply the haldi to him and complete his happiness.

Preeto and Harak miss Soumya. Harak realizes that they should have not given any promise to keep Soumya away, Soumya would have made Heer refuse for the marriage. They want Soumya back to handle Heer. Preeto tells that Soumya didn’t meet Heer to keep her promise. Harak tells her that they will find Soumya and bring her home. Preeto doesn’t know where is Soumya. She thinks Saaya would be knowing about Soumya. Saaya makes arrangements for Soumya’s stay. Preeto calls Saaya to know about Soumya. She informs that Heer’s haldi is done. Saaya worriedly asks Soumya to stop Heer’s marriage if she can.

Heer knows that Soumya keeps a track of her life. Virat meets Heer and tells her that he will find all the answers. He wants to help her and get her lost smile back. Virat shares the haldi moment with her. He asks her who is the person making her worry, who loves him intensely like him. She doesn’t want to tell him about Soumya. She asks him to leave. He tells her that they will be marrying soon and then he won’t be going anywhere. He takes a picture of Soumya and Heer. Heer senses Soumya around. She gets hint in the form of Soumya’s earring. She thinks to catch Soumya when she comes next time. Virat tries to find Soumya for the sake. Heer’s identity truth will be coming out soon.

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