Voot Select Marzi Episode 2 Old habits die hard

Marzi Finale Episode 6 The collision course

Voot Select Marzi Episode 2 Old habits die hard Sameera wants to find what happened that night. Isha meets Nitin and tells her that they can’t have a relation. Nitin tells her that she can stay with Sameera if she wants, he will wait for her. She doesn’t want Sameera to know about them. He tells her that he isn’t cheating Sameera.

She tells him that her sister needs her, she feels guilty to send her with Anurag. He doesn’t think Sameera is saying true. She tells that Sameera won’t lie. She asks him to forget the past and help Sameera at least for her sake. Nitin agrees on her saying. She gets against him and ruins his life by defaming him on the social media. Anurag calls her to scold her for ruining his life. He is disturbed that his son got to know about Sameera’s cheap accusations on him. He tells her that his son is getting affected by it.

She asks him to let Ayaan know everything. He tells her that nothing such happened between them. She blames him for confusing her by speaking just the lie. He asks her to ask her heart, if he could force her. He tells her that they both had mutual consent for having a relation. She tells him that she didn’t give her consent and is pretty sure about it. She accuses him again. Anurag wants her to stop her madness. Isha is worried that Sameera isn’t taking her medicines since few months. She doubts if Sameera is mentally stable.

Sameera and Anurag recall their date, their witty conversation and intimacy. The mystery of the night deepens further. He tells her about his wife Barkha. He misses his wife. He tells Sameera that he has kept Barkha alive by adapting her habits. Sameera recalls his words. She thinks to sneak into his house and find evidences. Isha requests Nitin to help Sameera. She feels she shouldn’t cheat her husband.

She expresses her love for her husband. She sends the voice message to Nitin to end their relation. Nitin informs her about his findings in Sameera’s case. He finds Anurag’s details. He wants to try harder for her sake. Sameera asks Isha to think of her pain than the society’s taunts. Isha knows Sameera isn’t wrong, but wants her to not spoil her case. Anurag clarifies the truth to his son. He tells him that Sameera has lost her mind and is accusing him for no reason. Ayaan feels disgusting to know that Anurag was having an affair.

Anurag asks him to believe his father. Ayaan asks why is Sameera accusing him for rape. Anurag doesn’t have the answers. He promises to fix up things. Sameera gets messages from an unknown person, who threatens to reveal her truth to the world. She tries to find some solace. She rushes to the police station to know about the investigations. She accuses Anurag. She asks the police to find the drugs at his place. Police doesn’t have any reason to get the search warrant. Sameera fails to give any evidence. They ask Sameera to get counselling. They tell her to remove the social media post, which will weaken her case.

Sameera wants justice and shouts at them for shutting her file. Anurag faces much humiliation when Sameera exposes him on the social media. He reaches the hospital and begins to work, amidst the people who doesn’t seem to respect him now. Isha asks Sameera to take some time and try to forget everything. She doesn’t want Sameera to go to the school for her job. Sameera doesn’t want to hide at home. She feels Anurag should hide his face. Nitin is also in the police force. He tells the officers about his findings. He tells that Barkha had committed suicide, after her fight with Anurag. He feels Anurag isn’t a right person.

He doesn’t want Anurag to get spared easily. Inspector doesn’t listen to him. Anurag meets Isha at the hospital. She gets rude to him. Anurag and Isha operate the patient together in the OT. Their differences get highlighted. Anurag wants to focus on his work. He feels the pressure. Isha tells him that the patient could have died. He has handled the patient and saved his life. She asks him to handle his guilt. Sameera teaches the students. Ayaan doesn’t like to talk to her. Sameera yells at the students who laugh seeing the social media post. She loses confidence and makes a leave. Sameera asks Isha if Anurag came to the hospital.

She feels she has seen Anurag in the school premises. Isha asks her to go home and rest. Anurag meets the hospital head. He doesn’t want anyone to make an opinion about him. The lady tells him that she doesn’t have any opinion on his case, just his work speaks for him. She asks him to take a leave for few days. He tells her that he is much stressed due to Sameera’s allegations. He tries to prove that he is innocent. Sameera reaches Anurag’s house and gets the keys. She looks for some evidence. Anurag reaches home. Sameera gets some drugs stored up.

Anurag goes to rest. She makes a leave. Isha plans a holiday with her husband. Nitin meets Sameera when she calls him to give the evidence. She tells Nitin that she has found an evidence, she feels its the drug. She asks him to collect the drugs from his house. Nitin tells her that he doesn’t have the search warrant. She asks him to help her out. Nitin asks his friend Rohit to help him. He manages to get Anurag’s house raided so that the police can find the evidences. Rohit meets Anurag and tells him that he came for consultation. Rohit asks his staff to get the drugs box. Anurag makes Rohit leave since they don’t have any warrant. Anurag realizes that Sameera had visited his house and kept something to trap him.

The cops ask Sameera not to interfere in their investigation by involving Nitin and Rohit. They leave her with a warning. Sameera asks them if they got something from Anurag’s house. They tell her that the bottle wasn’t any drug, but insulin. Sameera’s efforts fail. Dinesh calls Anurag and asks him to meet him to know about Sameera’s past. He tells that Sameera has played the same story before and this time she won’t get saved. Anurag gets Sameera’s earring in his room. Sameera realizes that she lost her earring. He decides to meet Dinesh and learn Sameera’s background.

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