Kasautii Nayi Star Plus Bajaj Prerna together 17th July

Kasautii Nayi Star Plus Bajaj Prerna together 17th July

Kasautii Nayi Star Plus Bajaj Prerna together 17th July Anurag and Prerna’s clashes gets never ending. She asks him to realize that his city plan has failed, since she will be developing the Bajaj city soon. Anurag tells her that she is clearly lying, Sudeep hasn’t signed on the legal documents yet. He doesn’t believe her. She tells him that she lost the signed papers at the accident site and now she will be meeting Sudeep once again to get the papers signed by him.

Anurag tells that he doesn’t care for her. He is much happy that she is still ruining her life after him, being hopeful that she will win. She tells that though her life revolves around him, her life’s aim is to destroy him, which she will ultimately do. She tells him that he will soon pay for his deeds, he won’t get free easily. She lectures him on Karma. He doesn’t show any interest in listening to your lecture.

She tells him that he will beg for her mercy very soon when she brings him on the roads by destroying his Basu empire. She wants him to suffer huge losses. She tells that everything is fair in love and war, and their matter is definitely war. She wants him to cry as much as she cries, and also suffer pain as much as her. He doesn’t think she can harm him. He tells her that she should better get some brains. He laughs on her.

She gets encouraged to destroy his ego, when he makes fun of her emotions. She hates him for the fact that he had broken her trust. She tells him that very soon, he will find his pride shattered. Anurag really wants this to happen. He wishes Prerna wins in her goals. Though he doesn’t tell her anything, he wishes that she succeeds. Their love moments weaken her. She doesn’t want to cry for him. She thinks its wise to not believe him or fall in his emotional trap. She wants her revenge.

She remembers his cheat and reminds herself the reason for what she returned in his life. Her daughter, little Sneha, whom she lost after birth, comes as a relief for her. Prerna spends time with her. They share a talk, which appears much sensible to Prerna. She wonders how did the little girl know so much. Sneha tells her that the lady who raised her knows about her mother and would tell her when the right time arrives. She doesn’t have any hurry in knowing her background and identity.

She acts sensible and patient. Prerna gets impressed by Sneha’s talks. Sneha reminds her of Anurag by the way she cares for Prerna. Prerna tells her that they shall meet again soon. Anurag watches Prerna and Sneha’s conversation. He also gets emotional on speaking to his daughter, unaware of their relation. He finds a really nice girl. Sneha wishes that both Prerna and Anurag stay happy in their lives, as they are genuinely good people. Anurag wishes that Prerna never loses in her life.

He makes Sudeep complete the formalities for Prerna. Kaushik plans to exact revenge on Kuki for defaming him and spoiling his image in the college. He thinks he is just defending himself by defeating her. Prerna returns home. Kuki is thankful to her for giving her such a loving and caring family. She likes staying with Sharmas. Prerna speaks to Mr. Bajaj, who congratulates her on her success. He tells her that there is still a lot to achieve. He wishes her on the first big success. He wants her to celebrate with her family. Prerna gets concerned for her sister Shivani, who seems to be struggling with her life’s problems. She discusses Shivani’s matter with Kuki.

She also shares about meeting Sneha. Shivani learns that Prerna started destroying Anurag. She feels bad as if she knows some truth about him. Prerna tells that she hates Anurag who ruined her life. She tells him that she wants to return the pain to Anurag. Bajaj arrives in Kolkata and wishes Prerna for her success.

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