Starplus Kasautii 29th July Bajaj Prerna team up

Starplus Kasautii 29th July Bajaj Prerna team up

Starplus Kasautii 29th July Bajaj Prerna team up Shivani complains to Prerna about her life’s problems. She tells Prerna that just Ronit has helped her when she was all alone and needed a support for the family as well. Prerna understands Shivani’s emotional state. She reveals about her life. She tells Shivani that Anurag cheated her, he tried to kill her and is responsible for their daughter’s death as well.

She tells how weak and broken she got after losing her daughter. She didn’t think of returning to Kolkata in that weak state when she could have become Anurag’s target again. She accuses Anurag and Komolika for ruining her life. She tells that Mr. Bajaj has not only saved her life, but also gave her a life a new direction, he gave her strength to combat the troubles and win. She tells that he has done many favors on her, he didn’t send back to Kolkata until she turned into a strong person to withstand any storm. Shivani apologizes to her knowing her sorrow.

She wishes that Prerna understands her true love for Ronit. Prerna realizes that Shivani is much serious and wants to marry Ronit. She asks Shivani to give her some time to think over. Veena meets them and tells that she already knew about Ronit. Prerna feels that she has got much distant from the family and didn’t know anything about them. She tells that she thought Mr. Bajaj is looking after them, but maybe he had hidden the bad news so that she doesn’t break down.

She tells Shivani that she loves her a lot and would consider Ronit for her happiness. She hopes that Komolika didn’t make any plans against Shivani. She stays doubtful. Meanwhile, Komolika makes plans to make Shivani’s life hell and trouble Prerna. Mohini and Nivedita overhear Komolika and Ronit’s planning. They team up to help Komolika in exacting revenge on Prerna, who started to ruin Anurag’s business. They tell Komolika that they will not spare Prerna.

Komolika gets glad to have them on her side. She makes a plan to welcome Shivani as Bahu in the Basu mansion. She wants Ronit to shift to Basu mansion. Mohini doesn’t have any objection to it. Komolika rewards Nivedita by making her the CEO of the company. Nivedita can’t get more lucky. She feels happy to be back in the company. On the other hand, Moloy seeks Kaushik’s help in finding the truth about Ronit. He feels that Ronit is lying, he can’t truly love Shivani.

He wants to find out the motives behind the marriage. He feels Komolika has made the marriage plan just to take revenge on Prerna. He wants to save Shivani’s life. He wishes that Shivani learns the truth before marriage. Moloy knows that not everyone can understand Anurag and Prerna’s love story. He doesn’t tell Kaushik about him. Kaushik decides to help Moloy in finding Ronit’s real feelings.

Later, Prerna informs Mr. Bajaj about Shivani’s decision to marry Ronit. He tells her that he didn’t believe it when he learnt the news from a reporter. He can’t understand why Shivani wants to marry the guy she used to hate before. Prerna tells him that things changed a lot, now Shivani is madly in love with Ronit. She stays confused about the alliance.

He can’t see her upset. He promises to find out the conspiracy laid by Komolika behind the alliance. He wants to save Shivani’s future. Prerna gets thankful to him for always being there for her. He promises to always support her and not let any emotion make her weak. Komolika waits for Prerna’s decision about the alliance. Prerna unwilling gives her nod for the sake of Shivani’s happiness.

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