YRKKH Naira shocked to learn about Kaira 6th August

YRKKH Naira shocked to learn about Kaira 6th August

YRKKH Naira shocked to learn about Kaira 6th August Kartik is in two minds over meeting the detective. He doesn’t think Kunal has got anything concrete about the search for Kaira. Kartik thinks he shouldn’t wish to get Kaira back, since its not possible. He doesn’t want to give false hopes to himself or anyone else. Naira gets to read the chit and thinks he is wishing to get a daughter now. She also thinks that they should plan a baby, Kairav really needs a sibling. She wishes to get a daughter and fulfill Kartik’s wish.

Naira hides from him and goes to pray that their wish comes true. Kartik doesn’t want Naira to get hurt. Naira and family shower blessings, love and care towards Gayu. Samarth gets really happy for Gayu. He expects his son to come soon. The family celebrates in Goenkas style. Kartik and Naira get emotional on seeing Gayu. Naira imagines herself in Gayu’s place. She thinks of celebrating motherhood once again. After the dancing ritual, Naira asks the family to proceed with the function. Manish sends Kartik for an urgent work.

He asks Kartik to meet Sita personally and hand over the documents. Kartik worries that Kunal might come home. He gets into a funny talk with Manish before making a leave. Naira misses Kartik the moment he leaves. She wishes to talk to him and plan a child. Naira takes the function ahead with an unique game of guessing the baby’s gender. Samarth gets upset when he senses that its a daughter coming into the family. He doesn’t want a baby girl. He gets into a bitter argument with Gayu, who wants him to accept Vansh as his son. She wants Vansh’s rights. He feels guilty that she never trusts him. Gayu collapses when she shouts a lot.

Samarth gets worried for her. The family calls a doctor for her. Gayu turns fine after getting medical attention. Naira gets to answer Kunal’s call on Kartik’s phone. She learns that Kartik has been finding his daughter. She thinks Kartik didn’t close the chapter, when she assumed he had moved on. She worriedly rushes to meet Kunal and know what he wants to convey Kartik. Kartik returns home and finds Naira missing. He learns about Gayu’s weakness and shows concern. He gets informed by Kunal that Naira had come to meet him. Kunal requests Kartik to meet him before Naira does. He tells that he has information about Kaira.

Kartik also goes to meet Kunal. He wishes that Naira doesn’t learn the truth. Naira connects the dots and realizes that Kartik was wishing to get their daughter back, their first child whom they lost years ago. Naira searches for Kunal. She ultimately learns the truth that Kaira might be alive. She gets heartbroken that Kartik had hidden the matter from her. She doesn’t want his hopes to fall flat. Will Kartik and Naira find Kaira? Keep reading.

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