Ishq Mein Marjawa Update Raging twists 17th August 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawa Update Raging twists 17th August 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawa Update Raging twists 17th August 2020 Anupriya warns Riddhima against changing the house rules. She tells that she has to change herself according to them. She wants her to limit herself or regret later. She asks Riddhima to take the ultimatum as a threat. She doesn’t want Riddhima to dig out Vansh’s past and trouble him. She asks Riddhima to bring some positivity for Vansh. Riddhima knows that none in the family will give her answers.

She wants to find out from Vansh itself. Vansh overhears their conversation. He confronts Riddhima for removing the special ring when he gifted it to her. She tells him that he should answer her questions if he regards her special. He tells that he had seen her finding answers from his family. He gets into an argument with her.

She questions him about the statue. She asks him about his past girlfriends. She tells him that she wants to know about his past, being his wife. He asks her if she is jealous about his past. She tells him that he stays with his business, since his family is scared to speak about him. She tells that he can never make a family, emotions aren’t made for him. She thinks he won’t ever understand love. Vansh stops her from saying anything about his family and love.

She asks him to come out of the cage in which he has locked himself. She wants him to listen to her, she isn’t scared of him, she will find out his past. She asks him about the statue secret. She directly questions him. She asks him to call his family as his puppets. She shakes him up with the confrontation. She vents all the anger on him. She reminds him the fears he holds. She refuses to wear the ring. She calls him stone hearted.

Vansh loses his cool. Riddhima asks him to keep his secrets to himself, she may find out herself. He tells her that he will help her with the truth, if she really wants to know about it. He tells her about his ex Ragini. He recalls the times with Ragini, who was much close to him. He tells that he doesn’t let anyone sneak into his past. She tells that she is his wife, whom he married by his wish. She asks him about Ragini further. Vansh tells that his relation broke with Ragini. She wants to know the reason. He asks her to stop digging more into it.

She tells that maybe Ragini was suffocated in the relation. She expresses her hatred towards him, who isn’t sensitive. She tells that loyalty deserves respect. She accuses him for caging others and forcing them to cheat him. She is sure that he is the reason for Ragini’s cheat. She makes him see his reality. She tells that he can gift relations, not rights.

He gets speechless when she speaks the truth about his life. Vansh hurts himself after listening to her. Riddhima wants to know how Ragini left from his life. Vansh plays the piano in anger while being affected by Riddhima’s words. Riddhima knows that he is hiding some big secret behind his mixed emotions. Aryan tells her that Vansh is angry and none should break into his moment of rage. Riddhima wants to know about Vansh and Ragini.

Aryan tells her that Vansh has got rid of Ragini, his love had crossed all limits, it had become poison for Ragini and killed her. She learns that Vansh is a murderer. She refuses to believe Aryan and asks for the evidence. Aryan walks off. Vansh becomes a mystery for Riddhima. She wants to know the truth some how so that she can get proof against Vansh from his past.

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