Shakti Soham shocked by Heer’s identity truth 17th August

Shakti Soham shocked by Heer's identity truth 17th August

Shakti Soham shocked by Heer’s identity truth 17th August Heer and Jharna have a dance competition. Heer doesn’t think of losing. She competes with all her energy. Virat watches their dance. Jharna wins the dance round, but Heer feels she is Virat’s Radhe for sure. Her strange dream ends. She celebrates Janmashtami with her family. Preeto makes Heer perform the puja.

Heer thinks Virat is no match for her after he broke her heart. She is still in dilemma. She knows that she can never unite with Virat now. Virat also performs the puja with Jharna on his family’s request. Harak and Preeto are very happy that the children are with them. Jharna asks Virat for a dance. They bring fun in the party with their special performance. Heer also tries to learn staying happy with her family. Heer dances with her brothers. Heer doesn’t want to disappoint Harak and Preeto.

Virat and Jharna’s pairing gets praised by his family. Heer asks Mahi to dance with her. Mahi gets irritated by her invite. She doesn’t want to celebrate with Heer. She distances herself from Heer. Heer asks her to enjoy the day. Preeto asks Mahi what problem does she have, she can dance a bit for Heer’s sake. Mahi remembers the harsh truth that Heer is a kinner. She doesn’t want to dance with a kinner. She doesn’t listen to anyone. She tells Raavi that she will come when the function ends.

Preeto asks Heer not to worry, she will scold Mahi and bring him for the dance. Shanno thinks something is going to happen. She takes Soham with her. Preeto confronts Mahi for her alienated behavior towards Heer. She asks her not to create any drama and come for the dance. Mahi refuses. Shanno tells Soham that Mahi got upset for some reason, he has to convince Mahi and get her to celebrate with them. Soham gets tricked by Shanno. She tells him that they will try to make Heer happy by getting Mahi. Soham agrees to her.

Shanno thinks once Soham learns the truth, the celebrations will end in the house forever. Preeto asks Mahi not to ruin Heer’s happiness. Mahi asks Preeto to send away Heer to her kinner community. She tells that Preeto can fool Soham, but not her. Preeto asks her to just keep Heer’s heart and dance. Mahira refuses to accompany her to the function. Preeto compels her to come with her. She threatens to beat Mahi and take her along. Mahi shouts that she won’t go downstairs to dance with Heer, who is actually a kinner.

Soham learns the shocking truth. Soham shatters with the harsh truth of Heer’s identity. A storm strikes his senses. He didn’t imagine that truth can be so ugly. Preeto scolds Mahi for not being a good mother. She tells that Soumya’s mum Nimmi died for her, while Mahi just hates Heer. Mahi tells that Heer deserves her hatred, she is a curse because Preeto troubled Soumya.

She tells that Preeto has hidden Heer’s truth from the world. She doesn’t want to dance with Heer, she is upset that her child’s truth ruined her life. Mahi tells her that Heer can’t have any relation with the family because of her kinner identity. She asks Preeto to understand that Heer’s truth can’t be hidden forever. She reveals that Preeto has always cheated Soham and Heer, but the truth will be out soon. Preeto slaps Mahi in rage. Soham overhears their conversation. Preeto doesn’t want Mahi to speak out the truth again.

Soham cries out his pain knowing his sister’s identity. He hates kinners a lot. He can’t accept that Heer is a kinner. Shanno gets glad to know that Soham learnt Heer’s truth. She wants him to kill Heer and bring doom for Singh family. She uses as a weapon against Singh family. Will Soham really shoot down Heer? Keep reading.

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