Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2021 Written Update End of Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2021 Written Update End of Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 8th December 2021 Written Update End of Preeran Sonakshi messages Sherlyn that their work is done. Sherlyn releases Simmi to flee. She also heads for home to make this a last day for Preeta. She reaches Luthra family. She acts as a good bahu. They don’t even know that she wasn’t at home. Kareena tells Sherlyn that Sonakshi has found Pihu. Sherlyn tells that she is very happy to know this, Sonakshi proved that she is Pihu’s real mum. She praises Sonakshi who is the best mother. She tells that Sonakshi has given her child to Preeta, but the latter should keep the responsibility.

She brainwashes Kareena and Rakhi against Preeta, who has failed always. She tells that Sonakshi had saved Pihu on the Diwali night as well. She fakes a big drama to sing Sonakshi’s praise and malign Preeta’s name. Rakhi asks Sherlyn how can she compare two toys. Sherlyn tells that Preeta didn’t do anything to find Pihu, she just went to her room and cry, as if she lost a toy. Rakhi asks her to stop it. Kareena asks Rakhi not to stop Sherlyn. She wants Pihu home. Sherlyn tells that Luthras will throw out Preeta today.

Preeta comes home and is stopped by the police. She learns that Shrishti and Sameer are hospitalized in the hospital. Inspector tells that they are finding the kidnapper. She tells that Sonakshi is the kidnapper. Preeta rushes inside the house to expose Sonakshi. She finds Karan and the entire family safe. She tells them that Pihu is safe. She hugs Karan with love. Preeta tells that she is glad to see them fine and together. Karan asks her how did she get hurt. She doesn’t care for her wound. She gets questioned by the family.


Rakhi asks Preeta when did she go out of the house without telling them. Preeta tells that she couldn’t stay back home, she was worried for Pihu, she had to go and save Pihu from the kidnappers, she was helpless to rush. Bani confronts her for getting her own daughter kidnapped. Sherlyn accuses Preeta and tells them Preeta wanted 2 crores to help Sarla save her marriage hall. She tells that she had heard Sarla and Preeta’s conversation. Sarla didn’t ask Preeta any money to save the marriage hall. Sarla was handling the matter alone. Sherlyn manipulates the truth. Preeta has no idea about it.

Sherlyn tells that she can prove it to the family. She calls the banker and asks him about Sarla’s loan. The banker mentions two crores. Sonakshi reaches there to add up another drama. Preeta is shocked to see her back. Preeta tells them that Sonakshi is the culprit, she got Pihu kidnapped, she wants to prove herself a good mother, but she isn’t Pihu’s mother. She reveals that Sonakshi had threatened of killing the family. Sherlyn pushes away Preeta. Kareena asks Preeta not to dare hurt Sonakshi, who got hurt because of her.

Sonakshi sheds crocodile tears, while Kareena madly yells at Preeta. Bani tells that Sonakshi is Pihu’s real mother, she has proved her love for her daughter. She tells how Sonakshi has reached the kidnappers by hiding in Karan’s car. Preeta realizes that Sonakshi lied to them. She tells the family that Sonakshi is lying, she has fulfilled a mother’s duty by hiding in Karan’s car. She apologizes to Karan for not telling him anything. She tells that she is Pihu’s mum.

Karan asks her to stop it now, he knows the truth. Preeta tells that Sonakshi is wrong, she is a liar. Mahesh also ends his faith on Preeta and asks her why did she do this, he could have give her 20 crores if she asked once, she didn’t need to kidnap Pihu. Bani tells that Preeta would have got her ego hurt if she asked them money. Preeta gets framed by Sonakshi and Sherlyn, too badly this time. Sonakshi asks Preeta to stop hurting the family more. She tells that Preeta couldn’t handle Pihu well, everyone were scolding her for her negligent behavior.

She asks Preeta why couldn’t she become a good mum when she got a child by fate. She tells that Preeta made the kidnapping plan just to become great in front of the family. She asks Preeta not to deny the blames, that she wanted the money to help Sarla. Preeta doesn’t know how to defend herself. She just weeps. She tells that her family will not believe her, her husband and her family will trust her. She tells that she can give her life for the family. She doesn’t think that the family will believe Sonakshi. She tells that Sonakshi got Pihu kidnapped. Karan is confused. Preeta tells that Sonakshi isn’t Pihu’s mother, she was using Pihu to become Karan’s wife and enter the family.

Kundali Bhagya 9th December 2021 Written Update Pihu dead

Rakhi stands watching the drama and confused. Karan asks Preeta about Pihu. Preeta asks him why is he talking rudely. Kritika tells that they are scared that she will harm Pihu. Preeta asks them how can they think so. Bani calls it enough of the drama. She doesn’t believe Preeta. Preeta is heartbroken. Bani tells that they have seen and heard the truth themselves. Preeta asks them not to have this misunderstanding. Karan asks Preeta to get Pihu back. He tells that the kidnappers had named her as the mastermind of the kidnapping. What will Preeta do now to make her insane family believe her innocence? Keep reading.

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  1. Crazy stuff.Shame on sheryln and sonakshi.Come on writer expose both sheryln and sonakshi that both of their motive is to destroy the luthra

  2. I stopped watching this drama and suggest everyone should do same very very stupid and dumb drama where criminals like Luthra family Sherlin Prithavi and Karans criminal girl friends win and this stupid Karan who do not have brains and listen to them and not his wife Ekta Kapoor I so ashamed to see what kind of dramas you are making the TRP should be zeroooooo zeroooooo zeroooooo zeroooooo

    • Stories like this?????? In this century???? Common now……. It doesn’t make sense…. Don’t you have something better to write about?
      Is not a must, not everyone is gifted to write stories…

  3. I am thanking God that I am not a Preeran fan because I already suffered a lot being pranbirian . I only watch written updates for kundali Bhagya that too after Pihu’s entry and I only watch written updates also rarely

    • I don’t watch kundali bhagya episode, I just read the updates .are you the same keerthi who has said (on written updates of kum kum bhagya)that you are studying in 9th class ,I am also studying in 9th class

  4. Please bring Rishab character back in the show is Manit don’t want to the show then bring someone else and please bring Sherlin truth out and kick criminal Sherlin out of the house and bring Angel Preeta back and Karan why he is so stupid don’t use own brains and listen to his criminal girl friends so stupid His name should be The stupid Karan Luthra

    • U r right the great Karan luthra,has become a laughing stock,same as ranbir.married to a person n not know their character.karan can believe a criminal but not his wife.ranbir can believe rea whom a few episodes back he said I hate u to the core.mayb madam Ekta think we r all stupid.

  5. Really now at least the Luthra’s need to understand the truth
    Just stretching the acts
    Getting boring day by day
    Karan is a fool not believing her own wife


  6. The writer should at least give us an interesting scene to watch not making preeran suffer
    Evil 👿 always win over the goods
    We should just stop watching it

  7. I think it’s time Preeta understands that this family doesn’t deserve her.
    Even the brainless husband who doesn’t have a mind if his own like Abhi deserves a woman like Sherlyne and all those evil girls.
    How can Rishab leave his entire family with evil Sherlyne without telling them the truth about her.
    The whole drama is portraying and encouraging evil doing. In a way, telling people you can achieve what you want for as long as you want in as much as you can kill, steal, lie, cheat and manipulate people surrounding you.
    These dramas are not giving good names to the Indian family.
    Please, try to end it well.

  8. If Sonakshi wins today than she will loose tomorrow like Mahira, Prithvi and all evils preeta will definitely defeat Sonakshi

  9. Criminal and shrewed Sherlyn s truth must be out now .Too long she has been creating fake situations.She is the worst character
    r ever seen.She MUST be out of the Luthra s house.
    Plrse Rishab should not leave.


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