Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Update Rhea begs Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Update Rhea begs Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Update Rhea begs Prachi Aaliya asks Rhea to play the emotional card and get rid of Prachi. Rhea tells Aaliya that she can do anything, she can even kill Prachi by her hands, but her ego won’t let her beg Prachi to leave from their lives. She doesn’t want to fall in Prachi’s feet and request her. Aaliya explains her that sometimes emotions do the wonders which huge battles can’t do. She asks Rhea to just trust her and reach out to Prachi with an emotional appeal. Rhea finally agrees to plead with Prachi for Ranbir’s sake.

She wants Prachi to leave from her life forever. She meets Prachi and tells her about her pregnancy, her coming baby and her expectations from Ranbir. She wants a happy family for her baby. She tells that she deserves Ranbir or not, her baby needs and deserves Ranbir as his dad. She emotionally requests Prachi to leave from the house. She then sits down on her knees and pleads with Prachi to just go away from Ranbir and her life for the sake of her coming child. Rhea begs her in a way that Prachi feels guilty to give her sorrow. Will Prachi fall in Rhea’s emotional trap and sacrifice her happiness? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prachi tells Dida that she wanted to tell Ranbir and Dida, but she saw Ranbir close to Rhea. She adds that she couldn’t tell because of Rhea’s pregnancy news. She knows that even Ranbir won’t care for this good news at this moment, because he is getting this happiness from someone else. Dida consoles her. She asks Prachi to promise that she will stay happy. Prachi promises her. She asks Dida to promise that she won’t tell this to anyone. She makes Dida swear on her. Dida promises to keep the secret. Prachi apologizes to her. Dida just wants her happiness.


Kumkum Bhagya 29th June 2022 Written Update Rhea begs Prachi:

Ranbir cries sinking in guilt over Prachi’s broken state. He recalls the sorrow he has given to Prachi. Rhea asks him where was he, where did he go. Ranbir tells that he was around. She asks him to come to the room. he refuses. She asks if he is tired. He tells yes and leaves. She asks him to do anything he wants, because he just has to love her, she isn’t just his wife but also his baby’s mum, she has won by defeating Prachi. She is happy that she is Mrs. Rhea Ranbir Kohli.

Dida sheds tears that Prachi doesn’t have happiness in her fate, she can’t share the happiness with the family, she will soon get ousted from the house. Pallavi asks Dida if she spoke to Prachi and asked her to leave the house. Dida tells that she didn’t tell anything to Prachi. Pallavi asks her to just talk to Prachi. Dida asks her to give her some time. She can’t ask Prachi to leave the house. Pallavi leaves. Dida wants to take care of Prachi, who needs love and care. Prachi changes her clothes and comes. Dida asks her to take care of herself for the sake of her baby.

She gives the responsibility of Pallavi’s birthday party to Prachi. She asks Prachi to take some rest. She wants Pallavi to melt her heart and not ask Prachi to leave. She wishes to tell the family about Prachi’s pregnancy. Pallavi meets Rhea and tells that they are really the same, even she used to keep roaming around during her pregnancy. She asks Rhea does she have any stress. Rhea tells that she is good. Pallavi tells that she has a good news too. Rhea asks if she is also pregnant. Pallavi tells that its her birthday. Rhea wishes her and hugs. She wants to throw out Prachi soon.

Pallavi pampers Rhea and asks her to take some rest. Rhea asks Shahana if she is packing her bags or not. Shahana tells that its good to leave the place where fake people live. Rhea goes to her room and finds Ranbir sitting in some corner, alone and depressed. She asks him is he okay. He tells that he is totally okay. She tells that Pallavi’s birthday celebration should be amazing, they will surprise her. She wants Prachi to leave the house. She finds Ranbir missing Prachi.

She thinks Aaliya said right, she needs to manipulate Prachi emotionally and make her away from Ranbir. She wants to win Ranbir. Ranbir tries to sleep. He stays disturbed thinking of Prachi. He tells that he used to think that Prachi is the best thing that happened to him, he understood real happiness and wanted to always love her, he wanted to keep her happy, he got separated from her and became a reason for sorrow, he made her cry so much. He doesn’t want to get separated from her.

Even Prachi is disturbed thinking of Ranbir’s words. Rhea bangs the door while making an entry in Prachi’s room. She recollects Aaliya’s words. She tells Prachi that she hates her, she doesn’t like her. She asks Prachi to leave from the house. Prachi takes her words lightly. She asks Rhea not to fight her. Rhea suddenly starts crying and sits down, apologizing to Prachi for her mistakes. She shocks Prachi by her behavior. She tells that she has done a lot of wrong things.

Rhea tells that she has given much sorrow to Prachi, she has troubled Prachi since day 1. She accepts that Ranbir has always loved Prachi, just she exists in his life. She feels she was so stupid. She emotionally blackmails Prachi. She tells that she wants her baby to get every happiness in his life. She wants to end their fight forever by bringing peace between them. She asks Prachi to forgive her. She makes Prachi feel her baby. She tells that she never accepted Prachi as her sister, but Prachi was right, that their blood is same, their mum is same, so she couldn’t see her sister dying, she saved her life.

She adds that she has understood the motherly emotions of Pragya now when she is becoming a mother now. She tells that Prachi is her elder sister, who is like her mum. She asks Prachi to give her a gift for her pregnancy. She wants Prachi to give her a gift of a happy future. She begs Prachi to leave from their lives and let Ranbir, her and her baby stay in peace. Prachi gets upset. Rhea asks Prachi to just go away. She tells that the baby can get mum and dad’s love when Ranbir stays with her. She reminds Prachi their childhood, they were forced to stay with a single parent. She knows that Prachi won’t like to give such a childhood to her baby. She begs Prachi to leave, and let her make a new start.

She wants Ranbir so that her baby gets a father. She asks Prachi not to punish her baby for her past mistakes. She tells that if Prachi stays in the house, then she can’t stay happy, Ranbir won’t be happy and won’t give happiness to the baby. She lies that she wants to raise the baby well and make the baby like Prachi. She asks Prachi to help her and gift her Ranbir for the baby’s sake. Prachi appears in shock. Rhea weeps a lot and leaves from the room. She wipes her tears and smiles. Prachi feels hurt recalling Rhea’s request.

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  1. You are doing a great job but the writers don’t know if they know what drama they are writing. First fed up with Jasmine antics then there is Rhea and Alyia Prachi is pregnant but no showing of pregnancy. Who are these writers?

  2. Always trying to whitewwash rhras crimes as mistakes n fed up of rgea ranbir n prachi angles with 2 wives n 2 babies.audience are fed up too.


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