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Dream Girl:

Laxmi is angry on Samar for spoiling her dress, which Ayesha did. Samar and Laxmi get into an argument. Samar comes to know about Laxmi’s dad’s minor attack and feels bad to doubt on her and Karan. He thinks to apologize to her and also meet her dad at her home. Samar goes to her home, and sees Laxmi and Karan laughing, as if nothing happened. He gets angry and thinks maybe Karan lied to them. Samar gets jealous seeing Laxmi happy with Karan. Ayesha finds a way to be around Laxmi and Samar always on the sets.

Misunderstanding, Jealousy and Ego to ruin Samar and Laxmi’s relation in Dream Girl

Tu Mera Hero:

Vaishaili tries covering up the stick by Ehsaan and makes Panchi fall. Surekha hands over the stick to Panchi to use it for support. Panchi tells Surekha that Titu has changed a lot, and his fun loving nature is gone. She gets worried as Titu is becoming more workaholic and not enjoying life as before. Surekha asks her to spend time with Titu. Panchi does not know Titu’s real talent of writing great poetry and Gulgule’s blame on Titu of stealing money. Panchi will soon be knowing Titu’s talent and his choice of work, which will make her encourage Titu to pursue the work of his choice. Golu and Cheeni’s haldi ritual goes on at Surekha Sadan and Titu and Panchi come close. They have unique romance again and Titu makes haldi fall on Panchi accidentally. He then applies the haldi to her by love. Keshav gets angry seeing Govind favor Titu more than him. Keshav finds loss of trust by Govind as the latter gives the safe keys to Titu instead of Keshav.

Panchi realizes Titu’s innate talent; Keshav loses control on business in Tu Mera Hero


Suhani and Sharad try to find Radhe. They fail to get any clue, while Soumya follows Krishna and gets stunned seeing Krishna meeting Radhe. She feels ashamed to see her husband falling so much in revenge and using Radhe to trap Yuvraaj. She recalls Suhani’s words that Krishna is doing wrong and feels bad. She gets thinking to support Suhani or Krishna, and gets confused. Dadi hires a lawyer and he says he can’t help Yuvraaj after she has bribed Krishna to take back the case, which proved Yuvraaj is at fault. Suhani hires a new lawyer, who would be fighting the case from their side and defend Yuvraaj.


Ruhi is back in the Bhalla house after ending her summer vacation. She has enjoyed a lot in her holidays and gives a surprise to her family by her entry. Everyone get glad seeing Ruhi. Ishita hugs her and is happy to see her angel back. Ruhi meets Vandu’s baby and gets into a fight with Shravan. Shravan asks Ruhi not to see the baby as its his sister. He asks Ruhi to take Vandu’s permission and Ruhi argues with him. They both fight and the family tries to calm down. Ruhi cries and asks Ishita and Raman to get a baby for her. Ishita gets sad and leaves from there. Ruhi realizes Ishita got hurt and goes to make up to her. Romi’s baby will be soon making an entry in Bhalla house.

Ruhi’s wish of sibling saddens Ishita; Sarika scrutinizes Romi’s change in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Rashi gets injured badly after glass falls on her head and body as she was locked inside a store room. She was taken out after much efforts by everyone in the Modi family. Paridhi gets blamed and accused for Rashi’s condition and both Jigar and Gopi hits out at her. Paridhi tries to defend herself but in vain and gets in tears. Kokila scolds Paridhi and says we all know that you hate Rashi very much. Paridhi hates Rashi as she is born to Radha. Rashi’s condition is because of Meera. Meera wanted to lock Rashi and put blame on Paridhi and didn’t thought she would get injured. Now, she wants to defend herself by putting blame on Tolu/Molu if she gets caught. Will Paridhi be able to remove the blame from her side ?


Akshara takes Naira with her seeing the differences between her and Mishti. Karishma takes Mishti and asks her not to play with Naira, else she will get scoldings by Naira. Akshara hears this and asks Karishma the reason for making Mishti against Naira. She says its big thing that she is dividing the kids. Karishma gets speechless. Akshara asks her to keep family united and if their presence is troubling her. Akshara and Naitik observe Karishma’s behavior changes. Naitik gets upset by Naksh’s career’s tension. Akshara diverts his mind by making him do petty works to help her and call him best husband. She cheers him up as always. Sanju’s dad will be soon coming to Udaipur to meet Sanju, and also fix her alliance. The twist comes when he gets mistaken that Sanju loves Naksh, instead of Yash.

Jamai Raja:

Shiv knows the truth of Misha’s truth and how she is faking her medical condition and also her role in the staging of the attack earlier. He wants to inform Roshni and Sid about the truth and gets really worried and nervous. Misha also instructs her goons to harm or kill anyone who knows her truth or tries to expose her. Later, Shiv enters a room and opens-up on Misha’s truth in-front of someone. Thus the question is whether Shiv told the truth to either Roshni or Sid, or to Misha herself after getting mistaken?

Satrangee Sasural:

Aarushi’s brother is getting married and there is a happiness in her home. Girish gets married, but there is a twist, turns, and shock in the show, as Aarushi’s bhabhi is a pregnant woman and he marries her to save her respect. There was a drama, and then marriage happens finally.


Sandhya comes back home and talks to Sooraj. She asks Sooraj about his smile when the talk was going on about his second marriage. Sooraj jokes and makes her jealous. He says its just a talk and she should not be serious about it. Sandhya behaves like a typical wife and he gets glad to see her love. A small play is happening in Hanuman Gali, where Sooraj and Sandhya will be doing the role of Shiv and Parvati. She says she will do the role of Sati too, and not let any other woman act with him. She says she will do the double role and does not wish to see any girl as Sooraj’s wife, even in the play. She expresses love to him and asks him to agree. He has no option than to agree to her.

Doli Armaanon Ki:

Shaurya is mentored by his mom and also he takes care of her. On other hand, Ishani gets into an argument with her mom Urmi since she has been hating her mom since several years, and insults Urmi in the party. Ishani tells about her fashion design course admission papers and throws them. She does not like Urmi as she holds her responsible for Ishaan’s death. Shaurya explains Ishani that its not their mom Urmi’s mistake. He understands his grand mom Damini has fed this in Ishani’s mind, and her anger is making her do all this. There is also entry of a journalist Piya portrayed by actress Neha Sargam, who meets Shaurya and shows upfront nature with shade of arrogance. Shaurya is a senior to Piya and warns her but she doesn’t listen to him and gets into trouble. Will Shaurya steer ahead by following Urmi’s principles and mentoring?

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Rudra does not know that Dansh is not the last Naag and bears his evil to unlock the 7th door. Dakshak asks Dansh to side with him, else he can’t save him when Rudra knows he is not the only Naag surviving here. Rudra gets to know this truth and gets angry on Dansh after knowing he has killed Katherine. Rudra sees Naag Mahaguru Dakshak and understands that he is the protector of the seventh door. He kills Dansh to end his evil and this marks the death of the Naag head. Rudra gets heavy heart to see sacrifices of each Garudas at every door, and gets Amrit after crossing the final door. There is a fight between Rudra and Dakshak. Rudra gets the Holy Ganga back and saves the belief of millions of devotees. Amrit is restored in safe place back in the earth and Naags and evil powers fail to get it. The Garudas do their duty to protecting Amrit and give up their lives in their mission. The show is ending on 9th July 2015.

Rudra protects Amrit and brings Holy Ganga back; Garuda’s sacrifice marks the end of Mahakumbh


RV’s marriage with Ritika gets stopped with Shikhar’s intervention with divorce papers. Ishani’s words on love, husband, heart are rejected by RV and he speaks about his pain for so much time. Since Ishani didn’t reveal Ritika’s truth to RV, this makes Ritika wonder. Ishani puts efforts to keep Ritika from RV, and gets support from Shikhar. Ishani’s efforts make RV curious to know whether she has lost her memory or acting. Ritika gets concerned to see RV possibly getting inclined to Ishani again. He promises Ritika to be within limits. In track ahead, Ritika’s insecurities and Ishani’s silence about her truth worries her much. RV is made to put a necklace on Ishani which irks Ritika. Ishani is taking revenge against Ritika slowly and slaps her after seeing an opportunity. What made Ishani to continue in persisting to come close to RV after his blunt rejection?


Baldev tries to tell Ranvi that there is still hope for him to become a father. He tells him how Gunjan hides her grief from everyone. He tries telling him about science developing so much that Gunjan can still conceive. Baldev gets drunk and falls asleep, and fails to tell him. Ranvi drinks wine instead water by mistake and loses senses. He goes to Geet and gets mistaken to see Gunjan in her. He expresses love to her and asks her does she feel incomplete with his love. Geet flows in emotions and does not realize Ranvi is saying everything for Gunjan. She tells him that she loves him too and hugs him. Will Geet’s love spoil Ranvi and Gunjan’s relation?



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