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On the last day of show, Veera ties rakhi on her brother’s wrist and do the aarti. Gunjan does the aarti of her brother Baldev and ties the Rakhi. She cries getting emotional. Gunjan’s doubts about Ranvi get cleared and they resume their normal married relation with love and trust. The show is going to end on a happy note, but the audience will never forget the unique mum Ranvi. Veera gives the good news of her pregnancy and her decision to give the baby to Ranvi and Gunjan, to complete their small family. She delivers the child and hands over the baby to Ranvi and Gunjan. Baldev-Veera and Ranvi-Gunjan romantic pairings will be missed the most. Veera is going to end soon this week and will be replaced by new show Mohii. TellyReviews wishes all the best to the entire cast of the wonderful show Veera.

A happy ending for Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…..Veera

Mere Angne Mein:

Shivam is sent again by Sarla and Nimmi gets to know a bit of Sarla’s plan. She finds it weird that Sarla always sends Shivam for any work and keeping him away from functions. She decides to find out the truth. Shanti gets Rani and sends her off to her home, asking her not to come back to attend the marriage function, as she is hindering the functions and Amit’s happiness. Sarla comes back and cooks a story again to save herself and Amit from Raghav’s anger. Raghav gets angry seeing Shivam not present with them. Riya gets ready as the bride and finally the marriage day arrives. The baraat assembles at Riya’s place and they have to do a Kuan/well puja, where Sarla falls in the well to divert everyone’s attention and let the marriage happen. Shivam arrives there on the groom’s horse to marry Riya. Shivam will be marrying Riya against all odds.

Sarla to cook up many twists; Shivam to marry Riya in Mere Angne Mein


Meera gives her nod to marry Gaura’s grandson, as Gaura is similar to Meera’s nature. Kokila is still thinking whether this proposal has any wrong intentions of Gaura. She is not happy and worried for Meera. Meera makes a rocking entry at home driving the bike and shows her attitude to Gaura. Gaura gets happy seeing her bold look and hugs her. Gopi and Kokila have fixed Meera’s marriage with Gaura’s grand son. Gaura needs a bold bahu. She tells Meera that she is the best match for her grandson.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi confesses to his feelings to Pragya like a true rockstar. He sings Main Tenu Samjhanwa ji… the concert. Abhi and Pragya’s love story have started and he confesses love in a rockstar style. Pragya enjoys the attention and blushes happily. He takes her on stage and continues singing the song. Pragya gets emotional after hearing romantic song from him. They have announced to the world that they are in love. Aaliya has conspired against Abhi and made the audience throw tomatoes and eggs on him. Pragya comes to his rescue and hugs him saving him from the people. Abhi tells Pragya that he would be lucky to get her love and kisses her. Aaliya’s plan fails as Pragya and Abhi get more close by the incident.


Ragini marries Laksh after moving Swara off her way. She enters Laksh’s house and performs all the rituals. Ragini’s grah pravesh is done. They take Lord’s blessings. Ragini says she is happy and is meant to be Laksh’s wife. She tries to take Durga Prasad’s blessings, but he goes away. She tries to get everyone sympathy and feigns to commit suicide adding more drama in her inlaws home.


Akshara plays a prank on Naitik telling him that she is pregnant. He gets stunned and she asks him to break the news to Naksh and Naira. She pulls his leg and jokes with him to give him some tension. He gets scared thinking of having a child at this age when its Naksh’s age to get married. He feels it odd and asks her why did she not tell him before. Akshara gets angry at Naitik and blames him for her pregnancy. She tells him that she will not tell anyone. Naitik gets tensed. She turns and laughs, enjoying his tension. Naitik understands she is joking and playing a prank to tease him. Naitik dances with Akshara and they have romance. They wanted to surprise each other on his birthday. He turns romantic and asks her to think if she wants to turn the prank true. Akshara blushes and sends him.


Ritika tells Ishani that her husband is hers and she will not let any other woman snatch him. Ishani reminds her that Ranvir is hers. The fight begins between them to get Ranvir. Shikhar finds Ishani crying and gets worried. He asks her the reason and she tells about Ritika. Shikhar pacifies Ishani and Ranvir spots them.


Raman dances with Ishita and does not see her face. He looks upset over her dressing and scolds her for dressing inappropriately for the party. Ishita changed her look to make him happy, but her gown attracts evil attention of the men in the party, which makes Raman angry. Raman goes to dance with someone else, being annoyed with Ishita. Ishita is unable to understand why is Raman so angry. She gets sad seeing Raman dancing with Mrs. Tandon. The lady comes with Ashok in the party, and plans to separate Ishita and Raman. Mrs. Tandon and Ashok plan this together as she has some enmity towards Raman. Ashok sees Ishita crying as Raman is not giving her attention. Ashok spikes her drink and thinks to take revenge from Raman and Ishita.

Shagun turns savior for Ishita and fails Ashok’s plans in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Bhabho takes Sooraj’s proposal for Lalima. Lalima refuses to the proposal, as Sooraj has a son and was married to Sandhya. Bhabho convinces her saying Shiv ji is named with his second wife Parvati, and not his first wife Sati. Lalima agrees to marry Sooraj, which makes Bhabho happy. Sooraj is not informed about this proposal. Bhabho does the shagun ceremony with Lalima. Sooraj comes there and everyone get silent. They hide the matter from Sooraj. Lalima wants Sooraj’s approval in the relation. Bhabho reveals Sandhya’s death incident to Lalima and how Sooraj is staying in her memories. She gives Sooraj’s responsibility to Lalima. Lalima tries bringing Sooraj out of shock of Sandhya’s death. Sooraj starts seeing Sandhya in Lalima and their bonding begins.

Piya Rangrezz:

After some tension and drama in the show, its time for Sher Singh and Shradda’s romance. Sher Singh takes Shraddha on a unique date. They don’t have dinner at any big restaurant, but go to have tea at a small roadside stall. Sher Singh wants to make up to Shraddha and end her lovely annoyance. Sher makes the date memorable and makes Shraddha smile finally. Shraddha gets convinced by his love talks and hugs him.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Gayatri and Rana Indravardhan will be having a full fledged meet in the library. She collides with him and slips. Rana Indravardhan holds her and she gets staring at him. Gayatri’s innocent eyes make an impression on Rana Indravardhan. Later on, Rana Indravardhan gets to know of the manipulations done by Chandravardhan. He decides to get to the roots of the matter of how Chandravardhan has conspired with the British people and risked the royal family’s fortune. A party sequence is ahead in the track, where Gayatri dressed beautifully enters the royal palace just to meet Rana Indravardhan. She looks for him in the party and finally gets to him. Will Gayatri’s innocence win Rana Indravardhan’s heart?

[youtube id=]

Sadda Haq:

Randhir & Sanyukta face testing times yet again with his kidnapping. Later on, even Sanyukta comes under the kidnapper’s radar and faces threat. It has to be seen how they consolidate and protect their love and life from those dangers.


Radhika and Arjun want to outdo each other and wait for the marriage to halt. They both stay adamant and take the wedding rounds. They don’t speak the truth and the final wedding round comes, where Arjun asks Radhika to rethink over her decision to marry him. Radhika goes ahead and the seven rounds complete. They marry as per all the rituals, and Sam gets shattered to see Radhika and Arjun breaking her trust and heart. Neil takes Sam with him, while Sam is unable to bear this big deceive from her love and her best friend. Nandini fumes on Radhika and threatens her. Radhika lands with Arjun in his house and Nandini stops her. Nandini asks Radhika to leave from their house. Radhika stubbornly enters the house knowing the risk to stay with them. Radhika decides to find Nandini’s true intentions and new plans hatching to hurt Sam and Samrat.

Nandini threatens Radhika and instigates Arjun against Radhika in Manmarzian

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer and Meher find themselves to have confronted and fought with powerful local men, and wasn’t aware about them. Abeer decides to stay away from his home for time being until the issue with local goon resolves, and throws a googly at Meher by coming to stay at her home. Meher’s mom Suman always have a soft corner for Abeer, and he too reciprocates by showing warmth and cordial nature towards her. Meher feels Abeer came to give her some hard time and troubles, but it turns out that with Abeer’s presence, their past comes to forefront and revisit alongwith the present. It has to be seen whether Abeer and Meher start to ponder on their present in comparison to the past – asking why and exploring what’re their true feelings.

Dance Plus:

Dance Plus is gearing towards the competition round after the selection of Top 15 dance contestants (warriors), and this marks the new chapter on the show since the dance level will be growing by many folds. Super Judge Remo D’ souza and the team captains – Shakti, Sumeet and Dharmesh are all geared up for the challenge ahead.

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With the entry of Kabir’s ex-wife Shreya, Malvika gets on her strategy to create distance between the loved couple – Ananya  & Kabir. Shreya gets to know of Ananya and Kabir’s pics showing their intimate moments with Malvika setting up the plan. Shreya shows her frustration with pics in-front of Ananya. Amidst this, Ananya’s promotion decision: not willing to accept the offer, and Kabir’s rationale for rejecting the promotion plays out. Ananya gets somewhat jealous to see Richa’s promotion, which later results into a fight at the party organized by Kabir. Ananya gets troubled with Kabir-Shreya’s past reflecting on their present, and feels hard to cope with those developments. Shreya on the other hand after confrontation with Kabir, and pics revelation has questions for Ananya and soon reaches her home.

Reporters: Shreya’s entry imbalances Ananya-Kabir’s Work & Life


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