TGI Friday’s Spoilers




Lalima got confused over marrying Sooraj. She feels Sooraj is still in love with his first wife Sandhya and rethinks about her decision. Bhabho convinces her again by praising Sooraj and saying how much he values love and relations. She assures Lalima of a good future with Sooraj. Bhabho tells everyone that Lalima will marry Sooraj as this is important step for Sooraj’s recovery. Sooraj is seen at the mandap with his to be bride Lalima. He does not know about marrying Lalima and waits for Sandhya there. Sandhya is seen near the temple looking at the flag, and her mission will soon be completed. Sandhya’s heart bends for Sooraj and still she carries herself strongly to do her duty towards her nation. There will be twist in the show where Sandhya will come face to face with Rathi Family and reveal her mission.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shivam has stopped Riya and Amit’s wedding. He has confessed about his love for Riya and his will to marry her. Riya and Shivam’s mutual love shocks everyone. Riya apologizes to everyone for her mistake to not verify the groom’s name and tells about her confusion. Shivam and Riya do not realize Sarla’s plannings. Sarla gets raised on them for cheating Amit and influences Raghav not to let Shivam marry Riya. Raghav takes the baraat back and decides to call off the wedding. Shivam stops Raghav and his family, and tells his decision to marry Riya. He stays with Riya after seeing her brave confession infront of everyone. He tries convincing the family for their marriage. Shanti creates a big issue and understands Sarla has created this confusion. She still puts blame on Kaushalya for doing this humiliation of Sarla and Amit. After all odds and drama, Shivam and Riya get married.


Yuvraaj tells Pratima he can’t force anyone (Suhani) in the relationship. Sharad and Anuj try finding the real reason behind Yuvraaj’s annoyance. Dadi uses Yuvraaj’s anger and wants to end all memories of Suhani. She does not know that this step will just enlighten Yuvraaj’s love for Suhani. Rohan is making efforts to make Suhani happy and sticking to her all the time. Though Suhani is not affected, he has succeeded to pleased her family. Pankaj and Lata find Rohan a better alliance for Suhani. Suhani confronts Rohan about his efforts. Rohan confesses his love to her and also expresses his wish to marry her. This shocks Suhani and she scolds him. Suhani’s family tries convincing Suhani for accepting Rohan, who values her as a person and does not have mindset like Yuvraaj. The big twist will come when Yuvraaj speaks out about the divorce papers signed and sent by Suhani.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara has found a better way to make Dhruv and Thapki away. She gets the Pandit ji and plans to stop the marriage by the Kundli effect. Vasundara happily roams around in the mehendi function and does not show her irritation towards Thapki’s stammering. She expresses she is very happy and acts normal. She plays a game and makes the pandit ji say that this marriage can’t happen. He tells about the dosh/problem in Thapki’s kundli because of which Dhruv will die if he marries Thapki. He says there is no remedy for this and shocks Dhruv and Thapki. Vasundara smiles and is sure Thapki herself will be moving back from this marriage. Thapki refuses for the marriage and Dhruv convinces her, that he does not believe in all this and his life is Thapki herself. Vasundara plays her master plan and has her backup Bihaan to marry Thapki.


Amar Upadhyay has entered in the show and will be playing the role of Gaura’s son. He does aarti of Lord Shiv and does the puja. His entry will be showing his revenge motives. His look is different and his character is short tempered. He does everything by planning and is a sharp man. He will be bringing a twist in Modi Family. Gaura and her grandson are already part of Modi Family now. Urmila will be coming to stay in Modi Family and have counter arguments with Gaura. Kinjal, Dhawal and their son will be going to London. Meera will be marrying the Gaura’s son, while Vidya will be marrying Gaura’s grandson. Urmila and Gaura have a tiff and Kokila is in dilemma again.

Jamai Raja:

Sid takes care of Roshni during her pregnancy and also manages to stabilize the warring families – Khuranas and in-laws Patel. DD was finally compelled to listen to Sid. Later on, Roshni and Sid face a new challenge after a little girl comes to them and calls him dad. The girl didn’t stop there but sneaks into his car to reach Roshni’s home. Sid and Roshni goes on to visit an orphanage after thinking the little girl came from there, and their initial reaction upon reaching there is amusing as the kids were fighting.


Akshara is doing great work for the Mahili Samithi. She has become a representative for the committee and working for the helpless women. She explains them about Independence day and gives a wonderful speech about their freedom. She impresses everyone and gives them gifts. Rukmani plans to fail Akshara’s efforts feeling risk for her post, but Mishti tells Rukmani’s plans to Akshara. Rukmani fails and spoils relations again. Akshara manages well and does not let the matter affect Nandini. Singhania family organizes lunch for the women and also give the earnings they received by selling their art pieces in the exhibition. Akshara encourages the women and boasts their confidence to live their life with self esteem.

Piya Rangrezz:

The power equations have changed hands with Shraddha coming forward to work along with her husband Sher in his business. Bhanvari Devi’s ego is hit by Shraddha and she decides to not stop Shraddha. Bhanvari compels Shraddha to act like Sher, by compelling her to drink alcohol. Shraddha’s determination to act truly on her words troubles Bhanvari. Will Shraddha play an important role in Sher’s quest to destroy Bhanvari’s liquor business ?


Mohini’s truth has come out infront of the family. She has turned dangerous and shows the pots to them. She threatens them that she will kill their family members and her one step to break the pot will make that person lose life. The family gets stunned. Mohini says Siddhant and Roli will lose lives when she breaks pots here. Mata ji asks her not to do this. Amar says he can’t overpower Mohini as she is a Dayan/witch. Mohini says Siddhant and Roli’s souls are locked in this pots. Mohini asks Mata ji to send the family out. She sends the family out and catches Mata ji, Anjali and Sanjana. Mohini smiles seeing the little girls. Mata ji is worried and is in dilemma. The family cries as Siddhant and Roli are caught by the witch’s evil powers. Siddhant and Roli were the powerful members in the family. Mata ji wishes that Simar comes back and ends Mohini’s black magic. Mata ji hopes that only Simar can save the family now.

Qubool Hai:

There is a leap again and a new start. Azaad is the new hero portrayed by actor Rajbeer Singh from the Life OK’s show The Adventures of Hatim [2013-2014] in titular role of Hatim. Azaad will the fake Sanam’s son who is now a Begum. The theme of revenge will continue to remain with Begum (fake Sanam) vs. bespectacled Sanam. Rajbeer replaces actor Karanvir Bohra who played the role of Aahil.

Rajbeer Singh as Azaad, the new male lead protagonist in Qubool Hai


Ishita takes care of Raman’s business as Raman is recovering in the hospital. She wants to complete the order and does not let his reputation on stake. Mr. Bhalla and Romi help Ishita in the contract fulfillment. Mrs. Bhalla does the truck puja and aarti. The truck is taking the consignment which Ishita and the family completed on time. They get the juice bottles loaded in the truck. Mrs. Bhalla prays that Raman’s rivals do not do anything to spoil Raman’s reputation.


Ranvir asks Ishani to give him divorce. He says she acted to lose memory and now she has tortured him by calling those women to insult his family, she can’t be loyal to anyone. He says she has hurt Ritika and make her lose the baby. He has come to know about her fake memory loss and got very angry. She tries explaining him and says she won’t give the divorce. He says she does not have any option. She says you can’t force me and pushes him. He is angry that she has always lied to him and feels she has cheated him again. He wants to make her leave from home, being unable to see Amba facing people’s taunts. Ranvir wants to make Ishani leave from his life now, when he was after her always since his childhood. Ranvir says there are no feelings for Ishani now.

Divorce decision and loss of trust to break Ranvir and Ishani


Jignesh attempts to take away his life by consuming poison after facing backlash from Nishi and she is mistaken about his affair with a friend. Neil understood Nishi’s mistake but before he could resolve their serious issues Jignesh did the unexpected. Again, Neil and Ragini get into quarrel with Nishi’s matter since Ragini has her own way of interpreting those events and blames Neil and curses their marriage. On the other hand, Nivedita tries to come close to Neil by swaying him towards her. In current turbulent scenario, Will Neil inch closer to propose Nivedita for marriage?

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi is hurt seeing Pragya in OT and goes to pray at the Dargah. Pragya’s accident has changed Abhi and Pragya’s love story and also their future. Pragya meets with an accident and is critical. Abhi gets heart broken and prays for her recovery. Arjun and Poorvi’s car will be doing Pragya’s accident by mistake and they will rush her to hospital. They were returning from the party and this accident happens by Poorvi’s carelessness. They also visit the Dargah and get praying for Pragya. Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi will be having a cameo part for the Mahaepisode of KumKum Bhagya tomorrow.

Rithvik & Asha in a special episode of Kumkum Bhagya

Maharana Pratap:

Pratap prepares for a competitive event with the purpose to reunite the Rajputanas and instill the friendship once again. Pratap, Udai Singh and family live in a new city Udaipur after the Chittorgarh fort battle. Jaivant Bai takes care of Ajabde, Veer Bai and provides good support, and Udai Singh is ill and confined to one place. Pratap thinks of Rani Durgawati to be the able warrior as the one who takes part in the event on his city’s behalf and rules out his son Amar Singh. It turns out that Jagmal is also interested to take part in the event and carries aspirations to be the next king after Udai Singh and gets covert support from his uncle Raimal. Raimal tries to instill wrongdoing in Jagmal’s mind and wants him to get astray and not listen to his mom Dheer Bhai. Rani Durgawati will be going to be an asset for Pratap and his army since she is going to play a major part in renewing fights against Akbar. Pratap faces another challenge with Amer’s king Bhagwan Das coming to take part in the event. Akbar’s wife is Bhagwan Das’s sister and this throws a challenge for Pratap.

Rani Durgawati to mark her entry; Pratap puts impetus on her valiant capabilities…

Dream Girl:

Laxmi is back to take revenge from Ayesha, by using her new identity of Naina, a writer. Though she is giving goose bumps to Ayesha by making her realize her presence everywhere, she is not letting Ayesha prove her existence. While Samar is pinning for Laxmi to be back, he does not know what his lady love is upto. Naina is a awesome writer whose script can do wonders for Ayesha’s film career, after she lost her reputation by her lockup stay. Ayesha is keen to get the script and showing how deserving she is for the role of Shakti. She wants the role in women oriented movie and Laxmi starts counting her lies and desperate attempts to get the script. Laxmi then shocks Ayesha by meeting her at Navrang. While Ayesha refers to her as Laxmi, Atul tells her that she is the writer whom she was willing to meet. Ayesha gets stunned seeing Laxmi as Naina. She gets sure of Laxmi’s acting and her revenge motives. But Naina keeps her stand right and makes Ayesha believe her new identity. How will Laxmi affect Ayesha and Samar by her new identity?

Laxmi’s comeback with new identity and motives in Dream Girl

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

The secret of Dylan is finally out. He has been acting love with Sunaina to make her change her statement in the fake rape case against his step brother Abhimanyu Singh. Dylan’s family background will be showing up in the next track. He has left his ancestral property and his family in Goa and moved to Delhi to establish his career and identity. He wants to prove Abhimanyu innocent and succeeds by Dabbu’s help. Dabbu and Rajveer save Dylan in nick of the time and also record Sunaina’s crime confession. LN reopens the case and this time gives verdict in favor of Abhimanyu. He apologizes to Dylan and Juliet for giving a wrong verdict earlier, as Sunaina made false evidences against Abhimanyu. Sunaina’s track gets over in the show, and Dabbu and Dylan get together again, being each other’s support and love. The next track is on Chandi and Rajveer’s love. Chandi does not know she is working on designs for Rajveer’s sister Mandy. Rajveer will be impressing Thakur Family by his jovial nature and also win Chandi’s heart.

Dylan and Debjani’s togetherness after all odds in Dilli Wali…


Neil gets thinking to meet Radhika once and find out the whole truth about Arjun. Neil convinces Sam to trust Radhika once and leave that revenge motto. Sam turns more believing in friendship once again, by Neil’s efforts. Nandini gets irritated seeing Radhika sticking to Arjun and deciding to keep her marriage. The next track will be showing how Radhika’s love will bring Arjun’s kindness out and she will be proved worthy of his love. Sam starts feeling Neil deserving of her love and could be best life partner for her. Neil’s feelings for Sam get revealed in the upcoming track.

Radhika to make Arjun identify his true self; Sam to realize Neil’s feelings in Manmarzian

Dance Plus:

The special guests this Sunday @ 8 PM on Dance Plus are the Phantom movie lead cast – Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan. The highlights of the show are Katrina going to be speechless after watching V Company’s group dance performance. They perform as Vanara Sena – According to Hindu beliefs the Army of Monkeys or Vanaras, helped Lord Rama fight the armies of Ravan of Lanka in the epic Ramayana. Their dazzling performance left Super Judge Remo D’Souza fully amazed since it was performed on a different versison of Bezubaan song. Another highlight is the host Raghav Jhuyal giving an impromptu romantic act performance for Katrina. He displayed his slow bodily dance movies, gestures of playing violin and emoting shyness, and moreover his cockroaz slow dance as the ending dance moves. Katrina left awestruck with Raghav’s lovely performance dedicated to her. The host Raghav‘s Twitter page.

V Company’s performance:
[youtube id=]

Raghav Jhuyal’s romantic act for Katrina:
[youtube id=]

Jhalak Reloaded:

This weekend (Sat-Sun @ 9 PM) is the Made in India Theme on Jhalak to celebrate India’s Independence day and the performances will showcase vibrant colors of India and its culture. There is also a face-off round. The special guests are the Phantom movie lead pair – Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan. Katrina, Saif and Shahid going to groove together on Saif’s Ole Ole Song.

[youtube id=]

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer puts effort to make Meher realize her family about her sacrifices in love in the past and how diligent she was in her studies. Abeer brought the past matter since Meher’s Bua continues to blame her for all the wrongs and marriage. But Abeer is unable to make Meher understand on his arguments and she isn’t interested to express clearly about her past – sacrifices, secrets to her Bua (Aunt). Later, to make her comfortable and divert her attention, he enacts a scene (acting) of coming to home after getting beaten up by goons. He wants to get pampered by Meher and wants her to reciprocate warmth, and in this way he will depict to her Bua on the bond.  Though she kept sacrifices in love and secrets aloof from her Bua, but the fact is that she actually married Abeer because of their love known only to them. Whether Abeer & Meher be able to not feel regretful on their past before seperation ?


  1. Meera will be marrying the Gaura’s son, while Vidya will be marrying Gaura’s grandson….What NONSENS!!!!!E….few days back they have shown a ten year old girl trying to kill and now they are showing sisters marrying son and father..what crap and storyline are they showing this the kind of moral values shown on serials just for TRPS..shame on the director!!!!!

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    Hows samar going to react after seeing laxmi”????
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