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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki gets busy packing all her memories and belongings to take along to Dhruv’s house after her marriage. She has some emotional moments with her family. Bihaan is confused about Dhruv’s happiness and blindly obeys Vasundara’s orders. He does not think of the consequences and bad effect on Thapki’s family. Dadi tries to divide and rule between Suman and Preeti to get the complete truth out. She gets to know about the duo fooling Vasundara about Thapki’s stammering. She starts feeling sad knowing Vasundara’s hatred and tries to know Vasundara’s next step. Bihaan seeks Paan’s help for this and makes him call Thapki’s family. Paan calls as their well wisher and asks Krishnakant to break Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage. When they refuse, he threatens them, which makes the situation tensed.

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya calls Abhi and commands him to get some official papers right away, to make him believe her change. Pragya cries seeing Abhi’s pic and talks to him. She says she is doing all this for him, how can he misunderstand her. She breaks down and says she is still his Pragya. Pragya says she felt she will get Abhi after this makeover but Abhi has left home in anger. Pragya is crying again, as she has done this property snatching drama to teach lesson to Tanu and Aaliya, but she did not know Abhi will leave home. She can’t tell him the complete truth as of now and has to carry on the drama. She can’t involve Abhi as Aaliya is his sister. Tanu makes Abhi against Pragya and fills his ears. She asks him not to leave home, as Pragya will laugh on him, as she sad said she will punish everyone if they go against her.

Dance Plus:

Hardik from Team Dharmesh pays a tribute to dancing legend Remo D’souza with an emotional performance. He depicts Remo’s humble beginnings to the path of determination and hard work in pursuing his passion for Dance. After Hardik’s performance, Remo’s mom spoke how she allowed her son to follow his passion after seeing he wasn’t interested in studies. She spoke heartfelt words in praise of her son, and Remo reciprocated by showing much affection, respect and credited his success to his parents. Catch a memorable episode of Dance+ this Sunday @ 8 PM on Star Plus.

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There is a big twist in the show. Ranvir and Ishani are shown dead and the family mourning around them. Baa and Amba cry for them and hug their bodies. Amba recalls she has known Ishani since childhood, and mourns for her, though she has always been rude to her.

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu has won over Jatin Verma and proved his talent to Mathura and Mumbai. He gets the offer to show his talent in a hit comedy show. Titu does all the arrangements to have a romantic union. They both celebrate their special date and decorate the room. Titu and Panchi dance in the closed room, on multiple songs and they have a romance time. They try to spend some time together and Panchi gets locked outside the room. The situational song Hum tum ek kamre me bandh ho plays accordingly. She says he is her hero, as he has achieved his aim of his life and he left Jatin behind by his comedy talent.


Soumya helps Yuvraaj in finding about Rohan’s truth. Soumya and Sharad tell him about Rohan proposing marriage to Suhani so soon and he is the one behind the divorce step. Though Yuvraaj is not talking to Suhani, he realizes his trust that she can’t hurt anyone. Lata decides to get Suhani and Rohan married, after seeing Rohan’s extreme efforts to keep Suhani happy. She feels Rohan is the right life partner for Suhani, and Pankaj disagrees. Pankaj still has his belief in Yuvraaj, as Yuvraaj has stood with Suhani against his beloved Dadi always. Pankaj asks Lata to think again, and Lata convinces Suhani to give her nod for Rohan. Suhani is in two minds and does not want to burden Yuvraaj. She agrees to marry Rohan and the marriage preparations start at her home. Dadi informs this to Yuvraaj and he gets more depressing. He meets Pankaj and tells him that Rohan is not a good person and not suitable for Suhani. Pankaj asks him to prove it within 5 days, as Suhani’s marriage is fixed. He challenges Yuvraaj to prove his truth and Rohan’s lie. How will Yuvraaj expose clever Rohan? Will Yuvraaj clear all misunderstandings with Suhani and confess his feelings?

Yuvraaj to break Rohan and Suhani’s alliance in Suhani Si…

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:

The show is ending this August. There will be a final romantic scene between Manik and Nandini. They will be shown getting in an unbreakable bond of love and celebrating their union. They will be seen confessing love once again and having a passionate union. Their music band Fab 5 wins the music competition, adding double reason to rejoice for MaNan’s fans. Wishing the entire cast all the best in their future work endeavors !!


Ragini asks Swara can she break her marriage by this fake relation. Swara tells her that she has come to unite her parents and taken the help of this lie to bring out Ragini’s true face. They both challenge each other. The sisters have a unique musical singing competition in their Mu Dikhai rasam. The lovely sisters have became enemies now. They can do anything to fail each other. They are having Mu dikhai rasam and still there got a new war between them. It is not hidden that Ragini did this to get her love, but Swara did this marriage to unite her parents. This mu dikhai rasam is part of Swara’s efforts and she intentionally loses. Swara plays the guitar while Ragini plays the Veena. Ragini wins and gets glad. This is just the start of their fight and many things will happen in future.

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Sunny Dhaba’s Sardar ji gets hurt by some reason. The police comes to Singhania house and arrests Naitik. Naitik tries to clarify that he is innocent and tells how Sardar has argued with them. Naitik knows this is some misunderstanding. The Singhania family is worried for Naitik’s arrest and cry. The police takes him in the jeep and leaves. Akshara cries helplessly. Naksh is restless for his dad and knows Sardar has done this intentionally. Akshara scolds Naksh thinking he has beaten up Sardar and he is responsible for Naitik’s arrest. Naksh did not do anything and is innocent. He tells her that Sardars started the verbal fight and humiliated Naitik. He gets angry seeing Sardar pushing Naitik and warns him publicly. He does not beat Sardar and just scolds him a lot, asking him to be away from Naitik. He does the duty of a good son. The man who poisons Sardar’s mind against Naitik and Naksh is responsible for this incident. The man actually wants to have benefit from Sardars and Singhania’s fight. Naksh will be soon exposing that man’s misdoings and end enmity between Sardars and them, to free Naitik from lockup.

Naitik gets arrested; Akshara holds Naksh responsible in Yeh Rishta…

Balika Vadhu:

Anandi and Nimboli are celebrating Teej festival. It has brought happiness for them. The family is shown celebrating Teej in Dadisaa’ s haveli. Ganga has kept fast for Jagya, they faced many problems and now few light moment has come finally in their lives. Anandi does all the arrangements of the bhoj/food. The twist comes when Mannu leaves the family, and goes to meet Pooja. Jagya gets to know this and gets angry on Mannu. He asks him where did he go, and asks him not to lie. Mannu acts rude and argues with his father. Dadisaa scolds him. Mannu asks her to say would she allow if he asked him and went to celebrate Teej with Pooja. The family gets upset by Mannu.

Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni have got separated again. Roshni was attending dance function at auditorium and sees goons taking away Aisha. She runs to save her and gets kidnapped too. Sid starts searching both of them madly. DD slaps Sid and says their relation will end if anything happens to Roshni. Sid promises to save his wife and his unborn child.


Yuvraj in an inebriated state decides to have a break-up with Twinkle and informs her bluntly. Twinkle gets an emotional heart break and cries much. Soon after, Twinkle’s mom pushes her to have a relationship with an eligible bachelor Kunj. She bumps into Kunj and finds herself in a situation where there is broken love on one hand, and being driven to adapt to new found relationships on the other hand. What would be Twinkle’s response and solution for her dilemma?

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Ananya’s mom couldn’t stop herself from going to Shreya again to ask about her divorce with Kabir. Post this development, there will be a friction developed between Ananya and her mom. Ananya’s mom wants her to stay away from Kabir, and thus Ananya puts efforts to talk to her mom. Kabir offered to explain to Ananya about his past and how divorce with Shreya happened. But Ananya was not interested to know about it even when he opened-up how his past is important for their relationships to go on. Kabir couldn’t connect with Ananya about his past and divorce, which is somehow related to the misunderstanding about his relationship with Taruni. Nonetheless, Shreya’s re-entry in Kabir’s life and work has thrown new challenges for the duo Kabir-Ananya. Will Kabir be able to reveal his past and the matter of divorce to Ananya ?


Ayush risks his life to save Harya from Pratap’s anger. He comes infront of Pratap and shows his genuine need of getting medical help, that made him land in Bhuvana. Pratap believes him and asks him to leave from their village within two days. Ayush thinks to find out from Mohi about Satyakam, and gather some proof before leaving the village. He runs out of ideas to make his stay longer in the village.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti asks Sarla about the misunderstanding she created. Sarla denies everything. Shanti confronts her and asks her to accept that she knew about Shivam and Riya’s love. Sarla admits the fact that she did all this planning to get Amit married to Riya, as he loved her. Lali Bua and Shanti’s past truth get revealed. Shanti tells Riya about Satyanarayana puja and asks Riya and Shivam not to meet till the puja. Shanti acts sweet infront of Riya and tries to keep Riya and Shivam away. Shanti invites Sarla, Amit and Rani in the puja. Sarla refuses to come and cries to gain sympathy. Sarla leaves Rani at her aunt Prabha’s house and does drama again. Prabha does the police complaint against Sarla to punish her. The police comes to Sarla’s house to arrest her for ill treating her bahu. Raghav reaches there to save Sarla from getting arrested.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi teamed up with Karan to take revenge from Ayesha for the MMS Scandal and all the evil done by Ayesha to her. She wants Ayesha to admit her crimes and mocked her death to frame Ayesha. With Ayesha staying strong and not falling in Laxmi’s trap, Laxmi has come as blind Naina to her. Ayesha invites her home to make the family believe her. Laxmi comes to Sareen mansion and Samar gets stunned seeing her. Laxmi’s dad and Bua are also present there and could not believe their eyes. They get flowed in emotions seeing Laxmi back and get thankful to Ayesha to discover her. Laxmi gets adamant that she is Naina and its her test to prove them about her new identity, just to prove Ayesha wrong. Ayesha worriedly provokes Samar to find his Laxmi in Naina. Samar believes its Laxmi and is glad seeing her back. Laxmi acts as per Karan’s guidance and gives a tight slap to Samar angrily. She gets hurt to slap Samar, but does so to prove everyone that she is not Laxmi, and has no emotions or love for the people related to Laxmi. Samar gets doubtful that she is Laxmi, and Ayesha gets tensed seeing them turn non believing. Ayesha realizes its Laxmi’s game to show her down, and decides not to let Laxmi and Karan win.

Ayesha and Laxmi’s fight to affect families in Dream Girl

Jhalak Reloaded:

The sneak peak of Jhalak presents Sanaya Irani enacting Charlie Chaplin in her dance routine, and later on dancing with the megastar Salman Khan on the Chunnari Chunnari song from Biwi No 1, and grooving well. Sanaya gave her performance on Slow Motion Angreza from movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Salman is promoting his upcoming movie Hero (producer) and entertains the viewers by performing on O O Jaane Jaana song from Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kiya alongwith actor Sooraj Pancholi and Jhalak’s judge Ganesh Hedge. Athiya Shetty, lead actress opposite Sooraj in Hero movie is also present for the promotion. Salman pulls the leg of Karan Johar by taking his audition and didn’t expected quite a jolly and sensous answer in return. Also, there is an emotional dance performance from Faisal Khan, who also spoke about his family and how his father worked as an auto driver, and how he made up his mind to become a hero in the family, and not just a bread earner. Faisal gets accolades from Salman on his endearing human spirit. Catch the performances on Jhalak this Sat-Sun @ 9 PM on Colors TV.

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Radhika is attempting to stop Arjun from going to Sam, and takes Neil’s help to keep Sam away from Arjun. While Neil stops Sam from going on dinner with Arjun and takes her away on dinner himself, Radhika stops Arjun from meeting Sam and agrees to his condition to become a dutiful wife. Though she finds it tough as their marriage was conditional, she agrees for protecting Sam. Radhika gets drunk on Arjun’s insistence. Radhika finds its easier to confess her unrealized love to Arjun, and that moment brings them closer romantically. While Sam is away with Neil on a date, she realizes Neil is her true love.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer and Meher want themselves to believe that they don’t have any qualms in regard to their seperation eight years ago. Abeer’s plan to get pampered by Meher, and also to evoke her feelings for him worked. Later, Abeer’s push to know directly what Meher wants yielded the expected answer. But it is evident now that both feel the worries and aren’t so happy with the seperation. With Abeer’s stay in Meher’s home also opens the path for scrutiny on his intentions. Abeer feels bit hurt with Meher and her mom Suman regarding his money help to Tunnu wasn’t good. But soon, the realization of good prevails and they move on from the blame. Later on, Tunnu’s role in gambling unfolds to Abeer and and family, and Abeer jumps in to help and take Tunnu out, and isn’t aware of the trap laid out by Tillu’s dad. Meher’s past attempts to inform Abeer that their past have gone by – relationship of being couple, family responsibilities, but with Abeer’s help for Tunnu compels her to rethink on how Abeer takes on responsibilities & his efforts in tackling her family issues even now (akin to the past reflecting on her present).

Abeer & Meher couldn’t come to terms directly with their hidden feelings

Sadda Haq:

Sanyukta faces new challenge that is to defend her family and company. She finds out that Aakash is the one who is cheating her father in disguise and confronts him upfront. He behaves in a manner of not getting affected. Sanyukta finds an unusual ally in the form of her brother Ankit to fight against Aakash in order to saveguard her family business. Ankit feels out of place initially but Sanyukta shows her trust on him forgetting about their bitter past. Will Sanyukta and Ankit succeed in their fight against Aakash, their own cousin ?

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  1. Happieeee for matsh… at least ishra r together in death…. writers r not able to unite them.. so they killed them… now its time to expect a new story atleast… swaragini is trying it’s best in irritating the viewers…


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