TGI Friday’s Spoilers



Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Vibhuti ji is kidnapped and ransom of 50000rs is demanded by the kidnappers. Anita is worried. The inspector tries helping Anita. Tiwari ji says he can’t do this, as he can never make Anita sad. Angoori pays real cash instead of fake notes, which makes Tiwari ji tensed. Later, Vibhuti is seen in poor state and works hard as the labor. Angoori worries seeing him and asks why is he pulling cart when he is educated. Vibhuti boasts that he is qualified. Anita says she can torture Vibhuti at home, but no one should torture him outside the home. Tiwari is glad seeing Vibhuti’s state. Vibhuti is acting like this as Anita said he is useless and does not earn. He does emotional blackmail to Anita by doing labor work. Anita gets stunned seeing Vibhuti working so hard and apologizes to him.

Confusions and melodrama add up to Vibhuti’s kidnapping…


Somendra and Sarojini have a dance and romance. Somendra tells her how much he loves her. They get lost in their eyes. It’s dream sequence in the sangeet function, before Somendra gets shot after their marriage. The TV stars will be rocking the sangeet function of Sarojini. Karan Tacker, Krystle D Souza, Aishwarya Sakhuja, Mouni Roy grace the sangeet function by their awesome performances. Later, Sarojini will be getting married to Somendra. Somendra lifts Sarojini and takes the rounds. Somendra has come instead of Mayank. Everyone oppose the marriage. Somendra asks his friends to tie up all the baraatis and guests, to stop them from becoming a hurdle in the marriage. Sarojini reacts that Somendra did wrong to marry forcefully. Sarojini says she feels this is wrong and she will react to it. She is helpless. Somendra says its love and she will know it. The reporter says Somendra’s dad gets angry and shoots at him. Somendra gets shot and faints in the mandap. Sarojini gets worried and asks him to get up.

Somendra marries Sarojini and gets shot by Dushyant…

Sumit Sambhal Lega:

Sumit is a foodie and he can’t control himself seeing the great food. He attends a function with Maya. He taunts on the veg dishes and takes so many non veg items in his plate. The program goes in the teacher parents association in the kids’ school. Maya wants to win the school election, but people get chance to laugh on Sumit. Maya gets ashamed. Sumit says he does not want Maya to win the elections, so he has done all this to distract her. Maya wants to become PTA representative in Aaliya’s school and orders samosas for everyone.

Sumit’s methodical steps to balance life spin roughly in Sumit Sambhal Lega


Ishita talks to Adi and gets to know his worry. She hugs him and convinces him to end his annoyance. Adi is annoyed as he feels Ishita will love him less after new baby comes. Ishita explains him that every child is loved equal by mum. She has some problems in her pregnancy. Ishita is still good in dealing with kids, elders and also enemies. Ishita goes with Sarika to support her higher studies. Mrs. Bhalla is worried that Sarika and Romi can have problem in their marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says it will be negative effect on Romi’s marriage if Sarika gets more educated than Romi. But Ishita explains Mrs. Bhalla that she will manage the home and supports Sarika in building her career. Ishita and Sarika get into an arugument with Ashok. Ishita slaps Ashok and this makes Ashok get revengeful against Ishita and her to be baby. Ishita tells Sarika not to worry for anything, as she is like her elder sister and will manage all the problems that come Bhalla’s family way.

Ashok to harm Ishita to settle scores with IshRa…

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti insults Kaushalya and asks her to beg her for money. Kaushalya holds her saree and asks Shanti to give her some money. Its Raksha bandhan festival and four sisters are at home who has right to take nek. Raghav and Shivam’s salary goes to Shanti. Its rule in Shanti Sadan that Shanti manages the expenses. Kaushlaya wants some money from Shanti. Shanti is punishing Kaushalya for hiding money which Renu gave Kaushalya. Shanti gets that money and scolds Kaushalya. Shanti then gives nek of 100rs each to Kaushalya’s daughters, and 10000rs nek to Sarla. She gets partial and still Kaushalya does not say anything. Shanti bangs the cupboard in anger.


Kabir and Ananya are going to get engaged. Kabir is very happy, but he is afraid about some matter in his brain. He is pre occupied with it. He has mixed feelings. The channel staff comes in the function. Channel head and Kabir’s ex wife are not invited, so this will create some troubles for Kabir and Ananya.


Sandhya will be seen doing a Mujra for sake of the Garjana Sanghatan. She looks pretty in her beautiful attire. She dances hiding her face and changes her name and look again. She wants to know the whole plan of Garjana and getting close to Garjana members. She is doing this dance on Garjana’s plan to go to a rich home and entertain the guests. Garjana wants to loot a rich family for getting cash to workout their plan. Sandhya comes there with Manjari. Sandhya does the dance to win Garjana’s trust. Manjari plans to steal the cash from the rich home. Sandhya will be ruining Garjana’s plan soon.

Sandhya to deceive Shekhar and Manjari on their Garjana mission


Meera lights the diya in her hand and asks Gaura to say yes for the marriage, else she will not blow the diya. Gaura screams and asks Meera to move the diya. She pushes Meera and the diya falls over, which lights fire in the room. She wanted to blackmail Gaura to make her marry Shravan, as his proposal came for her first. Vidya dislikes Meera for her step to scare Gaura. Kokila gets angry on Meera. Gaura plans seeing Meera’s anger and jealousy towards Vidya, and gives Dharam’s proposal for Meera. Meera agrees to marry Dharam as per the upcoming twists.


Janmashtami preparations are going on and everyone wants Naksh to become Kanha. Akshara shows Naksh‘s childhood pic when he became Kanha. Naksh refuses to do the play and Naira and Gayu try convincing him. Bhabhimaa praises Naksh for his looks and innocence. The family says just Naksh can do Kanha’s role the best and they succeed in convincing him. They all make thank you cards for Naksh for agreeing for their happiness. Nannu does the Kanha’s role in Maheshwari family and brings smile on everyone’s face.


Yuvraaj’s misunderstanding got clear out after knowing Rohan fooled Suhani to take her sign on the divorce papers. He wants to prove it to Suhani. Rohan worries and hurriedly goes to Yuvraaj’s home to take the divorce papers. Soumya tries convincing Lata about Yuvraaj. Lata wants to get Suhani’s engagement done the same day. Fortunately, Rohan will be getting exposed in the coming sequence. Lata regrets to believe Rohan, after Yuvraaj brings all proof against Rohan. Rohan tells Suhani that he has done all this as he has genuinely liked her, as anyone would fall in love with her. Suhani does not feel so and asks Yuvraaj does he love her. Yuvraaj dismisses the divorce matter and asks Suhani to come with him to Birla home. Suhani refuses to him as she wants him to confess his love to her. The viewers can expect Yuvraaj’s confession very soon now.

Rohan’s truth ousted; Yuvraaj and Suhani to unite…

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya falls down and Abhi saves her. He lifts her and takes her to the room. He tells her that he does not love her new side. It has to be seen how Pragya wins Abhi’s heart with her bold behavior. Abhi tells her that he misses old Pragya a lot and wishes she comes back to him. Pragya looks at Abhi teary eyed and does not tell her plan as per Dadi’s instructions.

Balika Vadhu:

While Nimboli hides behind the tree in the jungle to save herself, Kundan finds her. Nimboli pleads to him to leave her. The police comes there and takes Nimboli home, thus failing Kundan’s plans to molest Nimboli. The inspector drops Nimboli and Kundan home and tells the entire matter to Akhiraj Singh and Harki. Harki gets angry and locks Kundan in his room. Nimboli stays terrified and Mangla Disa talks to her. Nimboli tells her about Kundan’s misdeeds. Mangla gets raged and rushes to Kundan. She beats Kundan with the stick and gets more protective towards Nimboli. Harki gets shocked seeing Mangla’s angry side for the very first time in their life.

Mangla takes courageous stand for Nimboli’s honor in Balika Vadhu…

Piya Rangrezz:

Bhanvari tells Shraddha that she is not a foolish woman to believe Shraddha so soon. Bhanvari is training Shraddha to aim the target and use the gun. She wants to make Shraddha learn shooting and challenges her to show her capabilities to match Sher. Bhanvari hears Sumer and Shraddha of loading fake bullets in the gun and their plan. Bhanvari gives the real gun to Shraddha and takes her along in the car for the first day of her training. She asks Shraddha to shoot the man and wants to test Shraddha. She is sure Shraddha will not be able to shoot the man and lose out in her challenge. What will Shraddha do now?



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