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Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti is creating a fuss about Riya’s earnings. She wants Riya to resume her office asap so that Riya’s salary can fall in her lap. Shanti puts all blame on Kaushalya for not helping Riya in her first rasoi, and continues the divide and rule game. Raghav gets annoyed hearing more complains about Kaushalya. Raghav asks Shanti to make a Chandrahaar for Riya, which shocks Shanti. Shanti gets excited to get Riya’s salary. Kaushalya, Nimmi and Preeti try bonding with Riya for Shivam’s sake.



Raman is heartbroken being unable to accept the fact that Mihir lied to him about his arrival in Delhi. Everyone suspect Mihir to be responsible for Rinki’s death. Raman beats up Mihir and tries seeking an answer. Ishita tries to know from Mihir. Mihir does not answer anyone and is taken by Abhishek for interrogation in police station. Shagun gets to know about this entire story. Surrogacy procedure with Shagun gets successful. Mihir lands in lockup. Shagun requests Raman to free Mihir from jail. She gets panicking and defends Mihir. Raman gets worried for Shagun’s health and does not know what to do.

Mihir lands in lockup to save Mihika; Shagun defends Mihir


Ishani fights with Ranvir over DJ not arranged for their party. She starts nagging him. Ranvir forgot to book DJ in the sangeet function and finds it’s a simple thing. He suggests that they can play music on their own and dance. Amba gets well dressed up and wants to dance in her son’s sangeet. Baa starts dancing without any DJ and asks Amba to dance along. The family dances without DJ and ends Ishani and Ranvir’s fight.


Simar and the Indravati have a dance face off at home. They both show their classical skills. Indravati overpowers her performance and stuns Simar. A new war has begun for Simar. Simar is trying hard for her family and Indravati dances with passion. Simar loses to Indravati. Indravati announces that she won’t bring out Simar’s family from the pots. Indravati gets back in the pic. Mata ji gets the books to kill the Dayan. Before Simar could read the books, Indravati ruins the books. Simar gets the torn papers and tries to figure out.

Simar’s new fight with Indravati begins in Sasural Simar Ka…

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya takes a disguise and tries to hide a secret. Pragya lands in the hotel to lay a trap for Aaliya. She comes to expose Aaliya infront of Abhi. Purab and Pragya try to expose both Aaliya and Tani. Bulbul gets disguise of a Punjabi sardar. Purab and Bulbul meet there and have a big fight, which Pragya has to solve first before proceeding towards her plan.


Rana ji recalls his wedding night and his first wife. Gayatri was waiting to meet Rana ji on their wedding night. Rana ji does not have any feelings for Gayatri and have many misunderstandings. He scolds Gayatri saying she has become his Rani, but can’t become his wife. She confronts him about their marriage. He calls their marriage a compromise. Gayatri runs out of the palace and sits crying outside in the rain and mud. Rana ji comes to her and holds her being concerned seeing her shattered. Rana ji has to make a new start.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki buys some vegs in the market. Some men tease her. Thapki beats the men and Bihaan comes there. While the men continue to pass comments. Bihaan turns a savior for Thapki when he sees few goons teasing her. Bihaan cleverly sends the men away and later beats them up for troubling Thapki. Bihaan does not express his goodness by acting rude to her. Suman plans everything to get Bihaan and Thapki closer.


Viplav wants to help the ashram widows and gets food grains for them. Dhaani does not accept his help and plans to send Viplav away. Dasharath continues to trouble the widows, while Viplav becomes their big support. Viplav brings the widows to the restaurant and wants to give them a special treat. He makes pest control done in the ashram and makes the widows stay in a hotel. Dhaani finds ways to avoid Viplav, and eventually gets closer to him. Viplav scares Dhaani of ghost and inturn gets scared seeing a cockroach. Dhaani scares Viplav showing the cockroach and laughs. Viplav sees a new cheerful side of Dhaani and asks her to keep smiling.


Rashmi was getting haldi applied. Some incident happened that Rashmi cancelled the marriage. Rashmi requests Sameer to leave from her house. Gayu is responsible for this. Devyaani was always after Sameer. Sameer slapped Gayu, which makes Rashmi call off her wedding. Akshara will make Sameer and Rashmi marry, by clearing all the fears growing in Gayu’s heart against Sameer. Akshara and Devyaani have an argument over Sameer being the right guy for Rashmi or not. Gayu accepts her mistakes infront of everyone and convinces Rashmi and Sameer for marriage.

Akshara gets Rashmi and Sameer married.. alongwith Gayu’s happiness


Sarojini gets itching and Dushyant makes her have a bath by cowdung. She goes to change and apply sindoor. The sindoor box falls and she gets worried for Somendra. Another problem arises for Sarojini, as she has got her Sautan. Somendra can’t have any girlfriend. This is Dushyant’s plan to trouble Sarojini. Manisha comes in the bridal dress and jewelry. Manisha has come by fool proof plans. There will be many twists and chaos in this marriage.

Dushyant gets another bride for Somendra; Sarojini to add more twists


Suhani and Yuvraaj take care of Anant, seeing Bhavna in shock of Amit’s death. Rishi takes advantage of the situation when the family visits a temple. Rishi kidnaps Anant to blame Suhani irresponsible. Bhavna gets shocked and scolds Suhani for losing Anant. Yuvraaj saves Anant and exposes Rishi. The families get shocked seeing Rishi’s true face. Sharad takes a decision and fills Bhavna’s maang, seeing how Rishi is manipulating the families. Suhani gets angry on Sharad. Sharad and Bhavna will get married in next track.

Jamai Raja:

The women bring a protest in DD’s home. The women blacken DD’s face. The Mahila Morcha makes DD wear the slippers garlands and humiliate her to the core. Roshni gets worried seeing this. Shabnam has called the women protestors and made them humiliate DD.

Maharana Pratap:

Maharana Pratap has left the palace with his mother, and two wives Ajabde and Phool Kanwal. He is glad to see the bonding between them. After Pratap is tagged the Maharana of the villagers, the historic Haldi Ghati battle will be shown in the next track.


Swara is made to perform all wedding rituals against her wish. Swara hopes Laksh finds the entire truth and stops her marriage. Swara does not love Sanskaar, whereas he truly loves Swara. Ragini gifts the bridal dress to Swara. She wishes Swara and Sanskaar to unite, so that Laksh can move on and accept Ragini. Ragini is excited to get Swara married to Sanskaar and is doing all arrangements happily for her sister. Ragini is the root of all problems. Ragini knows Sanskaar genuinely loves Swara and wants Swara to be off her way. Ragini is happy as things are happening as per her plan, but Swara has also got smart being with Ragini.

Ragini to lay twisty love-marriage trap for Swara and Sanskaar…

Qubool Hai:

Begum Sahiba has made Mahira’s complete makeover. She is seen wearing a western gown and looking pretty without specs and braces. Begum Sahiba has forced Mahira for this makeover to keep her at home. Begum Sahiba is getting her energy lowered and can just feul it when Mahira is around her. Begum Sahiba wants to revive her powers and for this she wants to get Mahira stay with her. Begum Sahiba does arrangements of this makeover to get Mahira look beautiful so that she can get her married. Mahira will be getting married in the show. Begum Sahiba has forced makeover by tying Mahira’s hands, and did all the changes against Mahira’s wish. The twist in marriage will be a big confusion about the groom.

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