Mayavi Maling (PicFiction): Pranali to crack Madhumali’s evil curse

Pranali to crack Madhumali's evil curse

Pranali gets cursed by Madhumali’s evil and loses her entire family. She acts as a civilian to get saved from Angad’s rage. Angad has forgotten Pranali completely. She changes her look. She takes a disguise to win his trust. He doesn’t recognize her. She tells him how helpless she is. She asks him to give her any job, so that she can earn a living. She begs to him, and asks him to kill her if he can’t support her living. Angad tells her that she can become a Daasi in his palace. He gives her a job and asks her to accompany him to the palace. She tells him that she can do any work and will not disappoint him. She gets a huge shock when he introduces her to his wife, Pranali. Angad tells his wife that he has got the Daasi for her help. Pranali wonders how Angad forgot her completely and fell for this pretentious lady. Pranali gets jealous seeing Angad praising his wife. She calms down herself in order to stay around them.

Pranali sheds tears, when she falls all alone in the palace. She works as the Daasi. She faces the humiliation. She wants to break Madhumali’s curse and remind everything to Angad. She has a big task to get her family bad. She tries to find some way out. Angad and his wife spend quality time, while Pranali struggles with her sorrows.

Pranali gets disrupted when she finds Angad romancing his wife. She mocks a drama to get Angad’s attention. She tells Angad that someone has hurt her arm, when she was protecting them. Angad tells his wife that he will find out their enemy. Pranali succeeds to fool them. Pranali decides to do something big in order to get rid of the curse bestowed by Madhumali. Pranali confronts Angad’s wife, who is well aware of Pranali’s identity. Pranali wants to expose the truth. They get into a sword fight. Angad learns about Pranali harming his wife and decides to punish her.

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