Kulfi Kumaar Starplus DNA test twist comes Kulfi way

Kulfi Kumaar Starplus DNA test twist comes Kulfi way

Kulfi Kumaar Starplus DNA test twist comes Kulfi way Chalu gets her aides home in the servants’ disguise. The watchman brings them to Lovely, while they introduce themselves as the house servants. Lovely hires them since she really needs helpers right now. Lovely’s cousin Beauty doesn’t agree with her decision. She tells that a coincidence can’t happen that two servants joined them for work at the time when the helpers are away. She asks Lovely not to hire them, since they maybe with Chalu. She advises her to get the servants from some agency so that they are sure of their identity. Lovely agrees with her and asks Chalu’s aides to leave. Chalu finds her plan failing.

She knows that her aides can help her in finding Sikandar hidden inside the house. She stops them from leaving. She tells Lovely that she has the decision power in her hands, since she is Sikandar’s first wife. She tells that she doesn’t suspect each person like her. She asks Lovely to allow them to work, since their eyes reflect honesty. She tells them that they won’t be lying to get work, they have no motive. Lovely gets convinced to hire them, but Beauty warns her. Cutie takes Lovely with her.

Lovely tells that she is going to Chirauli to find the truth. Beauty asks her not to waste time and just get the DNA test done of Kulfi and Chalu. Lovely likes the idea. Meanwhile, Kulfi pleads to Amyra to tell her about Sikandar. Amyra tells her that she will not let her ruin Sikandar’s life. Kulfi reminds that they have always crossed the hurdles together. She tells that they have to stay united as Sikandar taught them. Amyra cries that Kulfi isn’t her sister. She calls Kulfi a liar and wrongdoer. She wants Kulfi away. Chalu takes Kulfi and asks her to always fight for herself. She tells that its important to raise a voice.


Kulfi asks Mohendar about Sikandar. She tells that even her life is in risk. He doesn’t answer her. He knows that Lovely has done this. Lovely threatens him to be silent. She tells that she will kill Gunjan. He asks her to spare Gunjan’s life. He feels helpless. Chalu and Kulfi join the family for having dinner. Amyra gets angry seeing them and makes faces. Lovely tells them that Cutie has an allergy to peanut, she is falling sick. Chalu worries since her intention isn’t to harm anyone. Cutie collects Chalu and Kulfi’s hair samples to check their DNA. Will Kulfi be able to find Sikandar? Keep reading.

Best Comment on Kulfi Kumar Bajewala’s last post by Bhawani Athreyan:
Surely kulfi will win, she will get the support of all including Amyra. who will break all her ties with her mother when she comes to know of the truth. Kulfi will find her father Best of luck to Kulfi and her team.

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  1. how many times do we have to see Amyra going back and forth with I like Kulfu and I hate Kulfi. Has she forgotten what her mother has done. Let Amyra be either good or bad but not continuously changng sides


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