Kasautii Bajaj biggest revelation Anurag Prerna to marry

Kasautii Bajaj biggest revelation Anurag Prerna to marry

Kasautii Bajaj biggest revelation Anurag Prerna to marry Anurag wants to thank the donor who has donated the blood to his daughter and saved her life. He asks the nurse about the donor. He goes to enquire about the donor. He learns about the donor’s famous dialogues. He realizes that the donor is Rishabh Bajaj. He gets his doubt confirmed by matching the signatures of the donor with Bajaj’s signatures found in his legal contract papers. Mohini and Nivedita also learn that Bajaj has donated blood to the baby, which means that he has fathered Prerna’s baby. Mohini is enraged. Moloy asks Prerna to pack up her stuff, since they have fulfilled the discharge formalities.

She asks about Anurag. Moloy and Anupam tell her that Anurag will be meeting them at home. Anurag, who had lost his memory and got his memory after a long time, remember that Bajaj died in a plane crash. He reveals that Bajaj was declared dead. He thinks he is alive and came to save his daughter. He can’t believe this. Mohini is upset that Prerna is cheating Anurag by hiding about Bajaj’s daughter. She can’t accept Bajaj’s daughter in her house. She is much displeased. Moloy gets Prerna and her baby home. Shivani and Anupam accompany them. Moloy tells Mohini that they should welcome Prerna well.

Mohini unwilling welcomes Prerna. She holds her anger within. Prerna meets Anurag and finds him too disturbed. She thinks what’s wrong with him. Mohini confronts Prerna for having Bajaj’s daughter and cheating Basus. Prerna argues with her to defend her character. She tells that she married Bajaj just to save Anurag. Mohini scolds her for the fraud. She is sure that Anurag isn’t the baby’s father. Prerna is fed up explaining her. Anurag tells that he doesn’t care of its Bajaj’s daughter, even then he will love her as his own daughter. Prerna is shocked to know that he is suspecting her character. She can’t believe that he is also thinking that its not his baby. Anurag tries to explain what he meant.

She doesn’t listen to him. She asks Moloy to not stop her from leaving. She goes to her mum’s house and spends time with her family. Veena wants to know the reason for her sudden arrival. Prerna breaks down. Komolika has planned this misunderstanding to separate Anurag and Prerna. She is happy that Prerna left from Basu mansion. Mohini asks Anurag to accept Sonalika as his wife. Anurag outright refuses. He clears that he loves Prerna and can’t accept Sonalika.

He is ready to financially support Sonalika. He wants Mohini to accept Prerna. Anurag apologizes to Prerna and asks her to marry him. He proposes her with much love. Prerna ends her anger and accepts his proposal. Anurag and Prerna decide to get married. Komolika plans something big to stop their marriage.

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  1. I hope kasauti has a good ending. I hope Prerna and Anurag stay together. I want komolika to be found out and rid of in the drama. It’s a really good drama, thank you ??.

  2. But there’s an advert I saw which shows anu killing prena is it true? I may stop watching it don’t want to see those two separated

  3. Just want to say to the women supporting Anurag and Prerna, are you bent in the damn head? Why must women keep running back to toxic men and their toxic families? It’s sick – you are sick, you’re the reason women will remain below men because your thinking is illogical and backwards. I hope you all get coronavirus for your filthy backward minds


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