Yeh Jadu Starplus Roshni evil fate tests Aman’s Jinn power

Yeh Jadu Starplus Roshni evil fate tests Aman's Jinn power

Yeh Jadu Starplus Roshni evil fate tests Aman’s Jinn power Aman is best when he does magic to express his love for Roshni. Aman gets delighted when Roshni smiles and lights up his world. He gets eager to gift his lovely heart to her. He makes a chocolate heart figure and tells Roshni that it belongs to her, she has the right on his heart. She takes the chocolate heart and breaks it.

She tells him that heart will break in love, as it eventually happens. He tells her that if beauty knows to break a heart, then love knows to heal it. He is sure that she will always preserve his love and heart. He joins the broken heart by magic again. They have a moment. He tells her that they are really like the heart, they may get separated, but eventually will come together. He can’t live without Roshni.

He is more happy with her, knowing she is pregnant with his child. She expresses her wish to have a chocolate. He lets her have the chocolate heart. The golden moment brings a smile on their face. Roshni finds peace in his arms. She feels that her life is perfect when she is with him. They want to celebrate their love. Roshni gets cursed to die by the evil princess of the red moon. The curse will change Roshni’s destiny. Roshni will be attacked by the fate’s twists. Aman visualizes Roshni dying every time and feels helpless.

He has to save Roshni from death, given nine chances to save her before the next moon. He goes through a new danger while fighting for Roshni’s life. Aman and Roshni’s lives will be seen facing the dangerous twists. They get together to club their powers together and fight the evil curse. Aman and Roshni are a strong unit when they are together. They must prove out their powers and neutralize the curse, until Tabeezi, Farah and Chotu find a permanent solution to end the curse.

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