Shakti Upcoming Preeto Amazing surprise today

Shakti Heer realizes Soumya's return Preeto gets alert

Shakti Upcoming Preeto Amazing surprise today Preeto ponders over the tensed global situation. She plans to relieve the stress by inviting the family members for a grand aarti. She wants to get the blessings of the Lord to get courage to battle the pandemic. She suggests that they get together and pray for the world health crisis. She wants to see smiling faces.

She feels tired of the sorrowful news coming in. Harak agrees with her. He tells that she always comes with the right suggestions. He doesn’t understand what to do during such times. She tells that they will perform the aarti and pray for the world peace. She wants a hope that everything will get fine. She asks Raavi to get preparing for the aarti. Heer learns that Preeto has decided to conduct a Maha aarti. She praises Preeto for being a super Dadi.

She decides to have red dress code for the aarti. She calls up Virat to inform him about the aarti. Virat tells that she should perform the aarti heartily. He feels she is lucky to get such a family. He tells that his family just meets on the dining table. Dadu tells that they will also meet Harak for the aarti. He wants to talk to Parmeet. Virat tells Heer that they will be meeting soon, since Dadu is going to do some magic. She asks him to tell his family to wear red clothes. Soham and Rohan perform the household chores.

They don’t let Heer do any work. Heer finds them cute. She asks Preeto if she is okay to get Virat’s family for the aarti. Harak tells Preeto that they should forget their differences for a while and do the puja. Harak and Dadu try to convince the families. Dadu requests Parmeet for attending the aarti at Harak’s house. He tells that they should pray together so that their goal to fight the pandemic succeeds. Parmeet agrees and asks Sant Baksh about it. She tells that they should not hold grudge at this time.

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Sant Baksh agrees to join Singh family in the aarti. Parmeet asks Gurinder to dress up well and also prepare for the aarti. She wants Gurinder to decorate the temple well. Daljeet and Gurinder agree to make everything perfect. Heer gets dressed in a red dress. She tells Virat that she is ready. He thanks her for bringing everyone together. Preeto thanks Parmeet for accepting their request. Everyone performs the aarti together and pray that the world gets free from the pandemic.

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