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Chakor goes to the national sports institute after getting a chance to represent her school. Bhaiya ji makes a devious plan to kill Chakor and Ishwar in the bomb blast. Ishwar gets to know about this and saves Chakor, thus risking his life. Ishwar dies in the blast after saving Chakor. Chakor shatters for the first time in her life, when its shown that she never cries since her birth. Chakor weeps for Ishwar’s death and holds a grudge for Bhaiya ji. She recalls Ishwar’s words and goes to the institute to show her talent and get selected by the committee. Chakor runs harder to keep up Ishwar’s wish and gets chosen by the committee.


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Ragini regards Laksh as her husband and wants to win him over by dressing up like Swara. While she did great drama and acted good infront of Swara by hurting her hand, Swara did not have any doubt on her. Ragini has successfully cleared Swara’s doubt on Sanskaar too. Swara now believes that Sanskaar may really be mad and she was just overthinking. Dadi asks Ragini not to be do anything wrong or unjustified thing. Ragini justifies herself as fighting for her love is not wrong. The next track will be showing Ragini’s over the hill craziness for Laksh which can make her do anything.

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Dadi confronts Krishna for his family’s growing tortures on the family, which extended to her now. Krishna tells her that he does not want Suhani to doubt on him, that’s why he is doing all this. He asks Dadi to cooperate if she wants to see the result of her plan, that’s Birla members opposing Suhani. Krishna fools Dadi and wants to expose her slowly, by making her frustrated to speak out the truth herself. Yuvraaj’s trust on Dadi is already shaken up, as Suhani and Sharad tell Yuvraaj that Dadi is supporting Krishna in this matter. The trio get an idea to stop the bad happening at their home. Soumya tells Suhani that she is not doing anything wrong and just supporting her husband.

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Ishani walks in to stop Ranvir and Ritika’s marriage. Amba does not believe any of Ishani’s words. Ishani exposes Ritika’s truth and tells Ranvir how Ritika has planned to separate them. Ishani can’t let Ranvir marry a wrong girl. Ritika defends herself and plays her game safe and pretends to be innocent while planning to continue evade from her crime, and fool RV, Amba and others.


Akshara and Naitik’s grand wedding in next in the show, after all the wedding functions wind up. Naitik and Akshara dance in the baraat and Bhabhimaa is eager to welcome them home. The twist in the show is the bride Akshara gets on the horse and goes to Singhania house. Naksh plans this surprise and Akshara stuns Naitik by getting the baraat at his home. Naitik gets super happy seeing this romantic move. Akshara and Naitik enjoy the function and want to share a talk. The families does not let them talk and take them to the mandap. They exchange garlands and get married by all the rituals.

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KumKum Bhagya:

Bulbul’s mehendi function gets a twist as Aaliya halts it. Everyone get tensed thinking she will bring any problem along. Aaliya says she will also apply the mehendi to Bulbul and writes Purab’s name. They all get stunned seeing big change in Aaliya. Bulbul and Purab coordinate their dresses and romance in a corner. They look a cute couple and Purab thanks Abhi for his support. Tanu is ready with a plan to bring a new twist and stop Bulbul and Purab’s marriage. The marriage will finally take place after passing some drama.


Kokila has new task to change Meera. She has a record of changing many people till now. Meera troubles Gopi at the dining table. Kokila says whoever hurts Modi family will be punished. She scares her that she will handover Meera to police, who can reform any spoilt brat. Meera changes her tone and apologizes to Kokila. She accepts her mistake and asks her not to give her in police. She knows Kokila’s authoritative nature. Meera ends her tantrums and obeys Kokila. Kokila loves Meera and wants to make her value family. Gopi scolds Paridhi and asks her to love Rashi. She asks how did Paridhi become stone hearted. Paridhi says its not her mistake. Gopi says Rashi’s hand got burnt and Paridhi was careless. She says Paridhi could not manage Rashi well and is totally irresponsible. Gopi and Kokila team up to change Paridhi and Meera.

Doli Armanon Ki:

All the lead actors are bidding bye to the show and this week episodes will be sad to watch for his fans. Ishaan is next to die in the car blast. Ishaan goes to save Samrat and ends up dying. Urmi shatters seeing his dead body. Samrat planned to kill Urmi and got trapped himself. Samrat regrets that Ishaan has died and thinks how Ishaan jumped to save his life by keeping their animosity at bay. Ishaan’s dead body is brought home and Urmi walks in. Ishaan’s soul comes to Urmi and asks her to take care of her, assuring her that he will always be there. The moments gets eye wetting to see Urmi’s pain and the emotional talk between them. Ishaan’s death gets shocking for the family. The big twist will be showing Samrat’s change in heart. Samrat will reform and leave the city.

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Qubool Hai:

A party function brings a love triangle in limelight. Aahil, Shaad and Jannat see each other. Aahil and Sanam have an eyelock, while Shaad eyes her. Sanam dances with Shaad and Aahil plays guitar. He sings the old song Dilbar Mere……….. When Shaad goes away, Sanam stands alone. She gets worried as her gown’s backzip gets down. Aahil runs to her and holds her, covering her back. A man misbehaves with Sanam. Aahil saves her and beats up the man will all anger. Shaad and Aahil have a talk after the party where Aahil shows his marriage pics with Sanam. Shaad gets shocked and Sanam/Jannat reveals to Aahil that she loves Shaad.

Tu Mera Hero:

Gulgule files complaint against Titu being annoyed with him to get Ehsaan’s precious stick. Titu defends himself and tells everyone how he has written poetry and made Gulgule win the Kavi Sammelan. Titu tells them how Gulgule has cheated him, and hence he has forcefully taken his earnings from him. Panchi does not believe him and slaps Titu infront of everyone. Panchi thinks he has stolen money to free her. Titu gets sad that Panchi did not trust him. Panchi goes far from Titu, which makes Titu realize his feelings for Panchi.


Dance+ auditions are currently going on in a phased manner in different cities. On 24th June, the auditions will be going in parallel in two cities – Bengaluru and Pune. If you’re passionate about dance, then go ahead to showcase your amazing talent by participation.  SMS ‘DANCE’ to 57827 for more details.

Bengaluru Promo: :
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Pune Promo:
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Badtameez Dil:

Abeer has broken up with Meher during their teenage years. Several years passed by, Abeer is now a musician and VJ at music channel. He wonders how he had fallen in love with Meher since he thinks of her as the one who is selfish, egoistic and have taken love as a mere joke. He carries hatred for Meher even now and thinks she might be loved and regarded with much respect but he is least bothered about her. Abeer has fallen in the trap of misunderstanding since he is mistaken about who the real Meher is. The reason of their break-up has to do with external influences and manipulation compelling circumstances to separate them but he isn’t aware of those. Will Abeer be able to remove hatred for Meher from his heart ?

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Arjun gets his annoyance out on Radhika, whereas she gets relieved knowing Sam has left. Radhika insists on making Arjun end his plannings. She asks Arjun not to run after Sam and understand the signs from the Lord, who is stopping him from meeting Sam. Arjun recalls Nandini and his revenge undone. He feels connected with Radhika’s innocence as she reminds him of precious relations. The next track will be showing Arjun’s inclination towards Radhika, though he limits himself to take revenge from Sam.

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Raman’s investor Thakkar is gaining profits from Raman and Ashok’s rivalry and is very business minded. He uses Vinni-Adi’s friendship to humiliate Raman, holding some personal grudge against him. The show will be having a new member in the show, that’s Vandu’s baby. Vandu’s delivery track is next. Abhishek and Mihika’s love track is going on right now, while Abhishek will be finding Romi’s truth to be the man who cheated Sarika. With parallel tracks going on, the leap will certainly take time.

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