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Median zing spoilers

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Bhabhi ji have got lie detector machine. Vibhuti ji and Tiwari ji will be exposed infront of their respective wives. This is the most biggest twist in the show, where the real intentions of the men are brought out. How will Angoori and Anita react to this revelation. Vibhuti is asked about the second woman in his life. He gets stunned and starts drama to avoid answering.


Gaura brings Shagun for Vidya. Meera gets jealous seeing a variety in shagun. Gaura greets Gopi and then hugs her to be bahu Vidya. Shravan touches Gopi and Kokila’s feet. Vidya sits for her engagement. Gaura brings bangles for the shagun. Shravan will become Vidya’s life partner. They are officially engaged with everyone’s blessings. Vidya sees the jewelry, clothes, and accessories. Gopi and her family are boggled to see the stuff along with sweets. While Vidya does not care for those things, Meera feels having lost a good proposal.

Piya Rangrezz:

Bhanvari Devi keeps a celebration and calls a dancer to celebrate Sher’s entry in her favor again. She makes Shraddha have a drink. Shraddha thinks how to get Sher back to her. Sher tells Bhanvari that he is back to his mum’s powerful rule and wants to be under her shadow. Shraddha’s drinking affects Sher. Sher holds her hand and takes her from the party. Bhanvari gets glad seeing Sher supporting her.

Sher’s sharp move to outdo Bhanvari in Piya Rangrezz


Sandhya has reached Jaipur where Garjana is planning something big to create disturbance in the country’s peace and attack on police officers. The fate brings Sooraj and Sandhya together again. Sandhya does not get Sooraj and still feels his presence around. Sooraj gets lucky to see her. He can’t believe his eyes and is happy to see Sandhya. Sooraj and his family stay at the same lodge. Sandhya is also there along with the theatre group. Shekhar/Chandu is keeping an eye on Sagarika and she is extra alert.

Sooraj spots Sandhya; Sandhya avoids him to secure Mission Mahabali

15th August 2015: Independence day special 1 hour episode
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Ritika frames Ishani in her murder attempt blame and killing her baby. Ishani says trust me, I did not kill your baby, I can’t even imagine to do so, I don’t know that shooter. Ranvir pacifies Ritika and asks her to calm down. Ritika frames Ishani and cries calling Ishani a murderer. The family believes Ritika and gets angry on Ishani. Ishani cries and leaves from there. Shikhar can’t see Ishani sad and cries along her. Ranvir defends Ishani and knows she can’t hurt anyone.


Swara has landed at home and fills sindoor of Sanskar’s name to stay along Ragini and expose her. Swara has married Sanskaar and now the sisters have got a new relation between them to share same inlaws. Swara was going to commit suicide and Sanskar saves her. He marries her and brings her home. Swara cries seeing Ragini with Laksh. Ragini is shocked seeing Swara. Swara is hurt that Ragini was harming her to get her love and wants to end this game by bringing the truth out. She does not want to separate Laksh and Ragini, but wants to unite her family. She is sad that Shekhar and Sumi got differences between them because of Ragini. Ragini acts sweet and hugs Swara. Swara and Sanskaar plan this and they are secretly working to expose Ragini. Ragini has gone for patphere ritual at her home and came to know about Swara’s marriage with Sanskar. Laksh gets big shock by Swara’s marriage.

Swara’s unmatchable integrity towards Ragini’s evil in Swaragini


Naitik scolds Naksh for getting the papers of the exam to pass. He is mistaken and does not know Naksh did not do anything wrong. Naitik does not realize on seeing the exam paper. He thinks Naksh has bought the exam paper and asks Akshara to confront Naksh. Naksh says he did not buy any exam, its last year’s model paper. Naitik’s anger gets cooled and he apologizes to Naksh. Naksh leaves from there and Naitik sits regretting. He feels he is a bad father and Akshara pacifies him. Naitik convinces Akshara to stand for Mahila mandal elections.


Madam ji is not shown till now and Babu tells that Madam ji is a smart woman and a life giver to many ailing patients by providing them organs, by getting the organs by poor and helpless kids. Madam ji has her good image infront of everyone, but is a clever woman. Rocky hates his mother for a particular reason and it seems she is linked to Madam ji. His mum longs for his love and Rocky stays rude towards her. Manohar takes Chakor’s pic at the operation table and leaves for Aazaadgunj. He reaches the haveli and shows the pic to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji is glad seeing it, and Vivaan gets to see it too. Manohar tells Bhaiya ji that Chakor is dead. Vivaan hears it and gets a big shock. He says Chakor can’t die and falls unconscious, stunning Manohar. Manohar cries for Vivaan’s state and hears of his hatred. Kasturi prays and is sure Lord will help Chakor. The secretive Madam ji calls Babu and stops Chakor’s operation. She asks him to get Chakor to her, and Babu waits for Chakor to get conscious. He gets relieved seeing Chakor getting conscious and sends her back to the kids. Actor & Star Nawazuddin Siddiqui will be special guest on the show during Indepedence day special episodes telecast: 14th and 15th August 2015, and Nawaz is promoting his upcoming movie Manjhi.

Nawazuddin in special episodes of Udaan

Chakor determines to stop ‘organ theft racket’ in Udaan

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Viplav’s mischief has made Dhaani fall in trouble, and after throwing colors on her he comes to police station to get punishment. Dhaani scolds him for his doing and how he takes things in jokingly and causual manner, not realizing what he has done. Later, the villagers get raged and go to Dhaani’s house to beat her. Dhaani locks the door and the villagers try breaking the door and punish her. Viplav comes in the nick of the time and saves Dhaani.

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Somendra’s past mischieve has been forgiven by Sarojini after he gives his word on repentance and seriousness towards studies. The unconventional bond between Sarojini-Somendra start to prosper and soon after he saves her from the goons. Later on, Sarojini faces a big dilemma since on one hand she is being forced to have an engagement with Mayank by her family with the warning of self-immolation, and on other hand, Somendra comes forward and warns to cut his wrists to harm himself if she indeeds heed to the engagement. Somendra shows his intense form of love towards Sarojini. She gets tense with that testing circumstance. What would be the decision of spirited and determined girl Sarojini?

[youtube id=]


Raman is in hospital after getting beaten up. Ishita gives him strength and cares for him. Raman tells her about signing the contract and asks her to go for the meeting. Ishita has come to deal about the new contract, as Raman made her the new owner of his company. Mr. Bhalla, Appa, Romi and Pathak accompany her. Ishita seals her first business deal and they all get happy seeing her balance home and office so well.

Dream Girl:

Laxmi is shown missing in the show since long time and the track shifted to Ayesha and her secret revenge seeker. While Ayesha doubts Abhimanyu to be behind this, Laxmi will be back to shake Ayesha’s life. Laxmi will be meeting Ayesha as a writer, whom Ayesha wants to appoint for her new movie script. Ayesha meets her manager and asks her to give her an image makeover, after the unwanted media attention she received for Laxmi’s murder attempt. Laxmi is the one seeking revenge from Ayesha and ruining her career. Ayesha has lost all her work by the Laxmi’s murder attempt case and now wants to start afresh. Manav and Samar support Ayesha. Ayesha gets stunned to see Laxmi alive, while the latter acts to be blind. Ayesha recalls Laxmi met her as a blind person inorder to seek work in Navrang and understands her game. Samar gets stunned seeing Laxmi. What will be Laxmi’s next move?

Laxmi’s entry to stun Ayesha; Interesting twists to thrill in Dream Girl

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara gets stunned by Thapki’s stammering. She finds Dhruv accepting Thapki with this weakness. Dhruv thanks Vasundara for accepting Thapki heartily. Vasundara gets helpless seeing Dhruv’s happiness. Later, a pandit tells Vasundara about Thapki’s stars affecting Dhruv’s life and future. Vasundara gets sure to get Thapki away from Dhruv inorder to secure her son’s life. She acts happy infront of Dhruv and plans to stop the wedding, thus getting Bihaan married to Thapki.

[youtube id=]

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Rana ji meets a princess in Rajmata’s birthday party and sends the drink for that princess. The waiter being mistaken gives the drink to Gayatri and she drinks it though getting a bad taste, and still digesting it as its sent by Rana ji. Her bhabhis are happy seeing her getting dizzy. Rana ji is playing Piano for the princess, and isn’t aware about Gayatri seeing him with earnest eyes carrying dreams. Gayatri gets mesmerized seeing Rana ji and walks to him. She is mesmerized by Ranaji and has fallen in love with him. Later on, Gayatri bears the brunt of her family especially from her dad after he finds her in full drunk mode after their return from palace. Gayatri gets a tight slap from her dad, and she couldn’t figure out what’s her fault being in drunken state. Gayatri have neither able to convey her feelings to Ranaji nor talk to him whole-heartedly. Will Gayatri’s dream to be together with Ranaji gets shattered?

Gayatri faces initial bottleneck towards her dream to be ‘together forever’ with Rana ji

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Tere Sheher Mein:

Gajanand has accepted Mathur family after Sneha broke out the truth to him. He has not turned dominating towards the girls, to stop them from doing any mistake like Sneha. He wants to be careful and protect the girls. Rachita does not take this positive and argues with him. Amaya fails to meet Mantu and is apologetic. Uma frames Amaya in bad light and asks Mantu to forget Amaya. Rudra understands Amaya’s inclination towards Mantu and also Rachita standing against Gajanand’s rules. He thinks to get these things used in his plan to break Mathurs from Chobey family. Rudra follows Rachita to her English class and finds Rama there. He gets to know about Rama’s love for Rachita and beats him up. Rama gets hospitalized and his mum lands to Chobey house to confront Gajanand.

Rudra’s manipulations to break love stories in Tere Sheher Mein

Ishqaana Dil… song:


Arjun and Radhika have a sweet encounter of feelings. Though Radhika denies to feel anything for him, Arjun realized his step to make her feel love for him … is making him fall for her. Arjun distances himself and they helplessly have to spend the night in storeroom of Rana’s house. Radhika and Arjun fall in similar situation like of Lonavla hotel room. Arjun finds tough to hate her and turns concerned for her. Meanwhile, Sam and Neil’s drinking makes them take a vow to marry each other and they seal the deal not being in senses. Later, Sam gets afraid realizing the night spent with Neil and thinks of the consequences affecting their friendship.


Mohi raises a voice against the tribal goons for breaking her school class. The goon is in love with her and does not show rudeness to her. He tells her his hatred towards city people and wants Mohi to be away from them. Ayush leaves for Bhuvana in search of the rebel leader Satyakam after speaking to his love Anusha. Mohi is brought to the goons’ shade and she is shocked meeting the leader.

Mohi – Ek Khwab Ke Khilne Ki Kahani, new show on Star Plus starring Vinita Joshi, Karan Sharma, started on 10th August 2015 – Snapshot

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya gets late for the Jaimala as Bunty forgets her sandal at home. Sahil gets the sandals and finds out that someone has locked her room. Nimmi and Preeti try to stop Riya from coming downstairs. Shivam is on the way trying to beat the time and reach Riya before the Jaimala. Sarla and Amit are tensed about Amit’s identity revelation. Bua gets doubtful about Riya’s room locked and Anupam makes arrangements to get Riya out. Riya walks downstairs and towards the mandap. Shivam makes a heroic entry in nick of the time. Riya gets stunned seeing Shivam and someone else in the mandap. Amit’s deceive comes in light and Sarla tensely cooks up stories to cover up their mistake. Riya chooses Shivam as he is her love and her bold side stuns Shanti. Raghav and Kaushalya turn supportive to Riya and Shivam, and get them married.

Sumit Sambhal Lega:

What Sumit feels or every man feel is captured by #HarMardKaDard metaphor, and it can be observed when you delay in replying to your wife then a war like situation prevails henceforth. All your arguments and excuses aren’t heard.

[youtube id=]

Sadda Haq:

Randhir gives a special suprise to Sanyukta on her birthday unlike in the past when he used to wish her couple of days late. Moreover, he arranges the surprise party by involving everyone to make it very elegant and graceful. SanDhir also shares romantic dance during this special occasion, and Sanyukta’s earlier sadness has evaporated with Randhir’s gesture.  While, now they are happy moments between them, but with Randhir strengthening his membership with Free Mason team because of special powers, Sanyukta’s life is in danger since she is the core link to him. Free Masons don’t like interferences since Randhir is pivotal to their team. Will SanDhir’s happiness going to be short-lived because of Free Masons plotting ?

SanDhir in a romantic dance moment during her surprise birthday party




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