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Somendra gets shy when Sarojini sees him half naked. She comes to his hostel room for returning his phone. Somendra thinks it is a tea guy, and asks to come in. He sees Sarojini walking inside and tries to hide from her sight being shy in less clothes.


Gayatri sits and poses for the photo session. This is the first time that camera came in her village, which surprises everyone. Bhabhis tell her that flash light comes out from the camera. They started fighting and ask to get their photos clicked. They get upset seeing the camera man taking Gayatri’s photo and giving her more priority. Rana ji will like Gayatri for sure now.

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman:

Shiv’s bhakt Anjana does tandav infront of Mahadev and shows anger. Vayu Dev assured her that Hanuman will be fine. She gets tensed when her son is still in danger and she wants him to be fine. With her prayers, Hanuman will be fine.


Yuvraj and Twinkle break up with each other. Twinkle refuses to elope with him and this makes Yuvraj angry. There will be new entry of Twinkle’s new hero. Kunj Sarna enters the show in a grand entry scene. Twinkle falls in Kunj’s arms and Yuvraj fumes witnessing this moment. Manohar Sarna is a big businessman and wants to get his son Kunj married to Twinkle. Kunj is against Manohar seeing how disrespectfully he treats his mum. Kunj is his mum’s biggest support and agrees to her to meet Twinkle. Kunj is a perfect guy with good values and etiquette which Leela does not find in Yuvraj. Manohar does all the lavish arrangements to impress Tanejas. Leela likes Kunj and finds him perfect for Twinkle. Later on, Twinkle’s Roka (engagement) with Kunj get set and she vows to put efforts in stopping the Roka from completion. Yuvraj also comes to Twinkle’s Roka ceremony in disguise and gets agitated with that development. Will Twinkle succeed to stop Roka before its completion ?

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Kunj Sarna’s entry post Twinkle and Yuvraj’s breakup in Tashan-e-Ishq


Amar and Simar try to save Prem, but they couldn’t as Mohini’s trap don’t let them to be successful. Amar lifts Prem on his shoulders and tries to go. Mohini’s black magic fails their plan. Simar and the entire family take Mata Rani’s blessings. Simar decides that she will face the Dayan Mohini and the family will support her. Simar says no one can stop me from protecting my family. Mata ji also promises to support Simar and teach a lesson to the Dayan. She says she will not leave Simar alone, as a person’s strength is family. Simar says we are strong being united. They all take Lord’s blessings to get power to kill Mohini. Prem did not reach home till now. Simar gets a golden key and now she will be ending Mohini’s story.


The sangeet function goes well and everyone enjoy dancing in the function. Everyone dance with full energy and happiness. Raman dances with Ishita during the marriage functions. Romi and Sarika give a special dance performance in the party. Romi and Sarika’s marriage functions are next in the show. They keep Mata Ki Chowki before the marriage. The families do the Jagrata. The house is filled with happiness. Romi and Sarika’s sangeet is done and now Ishita keeps a Bhakti function. They all sing Bhajans. Ishita thanks Lord and prays for the happiness in her family to stay forever.

Badtameez Dil:

Meher gets angry when she realizes that her brother went somewhere on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Once he returns home, Meher scolds him. Her brother apologizes to her. Meher ties Rakhi on his wrist forgiving him. She wants her brother to make a good career and wishes happiness for him. Abeer misses his sister and sings a song. Meher and Abeer start insulting each other, the moment they come face to face.

KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi will be coming back to stay at his home. Pragya hits Abhi with a wooden stick thinking he is a thief. Abhi was entering the room by the balcony and she spots her. She does not see his face and beats him a lot. She then sees thief’s face and gets shocked seeing Abhi. She apologizes to him seeing Abhi getting much hurt. Abhi stands with difficulty and walks off holding his waist.


Gaura gets glad to see her son Dharam in Modi Bhavan. Meera’s life will be changed by Dharam’s entry, when Dharam starts a problem in Modi family. Dharam and Shravan have lot of differences between them. Vidya’s engagement is going on, and Meera wears her shagun dress. This shocks everyone. Vidya was choosing the dress and Gaura taunts Meera to wear proper clothes. Meera gets angry and takes Vidya’s dress. Gaura then insults Meera. Meera asks her to shut up, and asks her not to scold her. Kokila feels its Meera’s mistake to wear Vidya’s shagun dress and jewelry and Meera should have not done this. Gaura says Meera does not deserve this shagun chunri. Meera says you are mistaken to think I m interested in Shravan. Kokila asks Meera to have some shame and stop it. Meera does not have experience of life, as she did not grow up with her mum Gopi and got spoiled by Ahem’s love, when she gets responsibilities on her, she will change soon. Gaura has a big plan in her mind as she is provoking Meera against family. Gopi will find about Gaura’s intentions to get linked with Modi Family.

Dharam’s entry in Modi Bhavan amidst Meera’s drama in Saathiya…

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki’s marriage day comes and she looks gorgeous in her bridal wear. The marriage has a royal theme. Dhruv’s house is decorated well and mandap is set there. Dhruv is glad to come with the baraat. Thapki hopes no problem comes. Thapki gets to know about Bihaan sending the goons to her house and pleads to him not to do anything. Dhruv and Thapki’s exchange garlands in Jaimala. Vasundara lights diya and burns her hand. Bihaan stops Vasundara and promises to stop the marriage. They plan and get a woman there who blames Dhruv to have a relation with her. The woman gets angry and Paan takes her away. Vasundara plans so many games to stop the marriage and lastly swaps the grooms to get Thapki married to Bihaan.


Ranvir jumps in the river and Ishani shouts his name. Ranvir wanted divorce from Ishani as she has cheated him a lot, he is fed up of his life and wants to end his life. The suicide scene is the new twist in the show. Ishani sees Ranvir drowning in the river, and jumps to save him. They make their love story eternal. This is the big twist in the show. Ranvir and Ishani’s divorce and death confusion will be shown, and later Ritika will be again after Ranvir forcing him to marry her.

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Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:

Tiwari ji is again falling in problems. He is always related to problems. Angoori makes butter in the pot for Tiwari. Before he could taste it, the lizard falls in the butter. Angoori screams seeing the lizard and runs from there. Tiwari sees the butter from the window and goes to eat the butter. He eats plenty of butter. Angoori asks him to stop and tells about lizard. Tiwari does not listen to her and eats more. He then gets the lizard in his hand and shouts. He asks why did she not tell him before. She tells him how he was lost in the butter taste. He gets vomits.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Rachita’s mehendi function is next in the show. Amaya and Sneha are happy. The drama starts by Rama’s family women. Rama’s Nani faints and puts the blame on Amaya. Sumitra threatens Gajanand that they will break the alliance. She makes Gajanand apologize again.

Tu Mero Hero:

Panchi dances as Radha for her Mathura’s Kanha Titu. She has made Titu a responsible and hardworking man, and the family celebrates. The family has got much happiness together. Vaishaili dances with Mukund, and Bhagwati dances with Keshav. All the three brothers have achieved a lot, and their wives give them a tribute. Titu’s success party turns into a grand function with many people cheering for Agarwal family.

Titu’s success celebrations turns into grand musical event


Sandhya is spotted by Officer Agrima Singh. Officer Singh follows Sandhya and gets trapped by Garjana Sanghatan. Sandhya gets Officer Singh’s ID card and is shocked to realize Garjana has kidnapped her. She thinks she has to save Officer Singh from getting killed by Garjana and needs some way to go back to their hideout in jungle. She realizes she was blindfolded when she was taken there and does not know the jungle’s location. Sandhya then gets to know that Shekhar is Chandu and he has been playing smart till now to hide his real identity. She follows Shekhar/Chandu to reach Garjana and save Officer Singh.

Agrima Singh marks entry; Lalima to bond with Sooraj in Diya Aur…

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Dasharath sends a court notice to the widow ashram to get it vacated in 7 days. Dhaani gets the notice and tells all the ashram women about it. Though they have time to leave the place, Tripurari sends some goons to break the ashram belongings. The goons break things of the ashram and pressurize the widows to leave instantly. Dhaani goes to request Dasharath about the court order stay and he does not listen to her. Viplav spots Dhaani crying and leaving. Viplav thinks to help Dhaani and seek her forgiveness for his mistakes. He gets to know the entire story about the court notice and takes a stand for the widows, dismantling all the old customs set by his grandpa Dasharath.

Dhaani’s big worry and Viplav’s earnest support for her
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Viplav to help out Dhaani and stand against old customs in Ishq Ka Rang Safed


Ragini gets into tussle mode with Swara by indulging in unfair and cheap tactics so as to outdo and confront by making her feel guilty. Ragini spoils the food by adding more salt to dishes for the family dinner. Ragini is asked why so much salt have been added  to dish and she acts being unware of it and looks at Swara. Later, she confronts Swara with the intention to make her feel guilty by asking why she did such a thing with her. Swara gets puzzled with Ragini’s blame game to make her feel guilty. The sisters’ rivarly has gone to cheap tactics, being employed by Ragini.



Nandini’s revelation is out in everyone’s eyes. Samrat exposes Nandini’s truth after doubting Radhika hiding something and hearing about the divorce matter. Radhika gets to know Arjun was not at all involved in Nandini’s plan to hurt Sam. Radhika falls in love with Arjun and holds her feelings to not answer Arjun’s questions about her love. She gets thinking that if Arjun is genuinely good, then Sam could go ahead in life holding Arjun’s hand. Radhika meets Sam and asks if she still loves Arjun. Sam thanks Radhika for coming in between Arjun and her, as she has realized her true love and soul partner Neil. Radhika tells Sam about Neil’s feeling for her since long time ago, and Sam gets glad to know about it. Sam hurriedly stops Neil from leaving birdsong and confesses love to him. Radhika gets happy that Sam has removed Arjun from her heart and thinks to express her love for Arjun, which Arjun is waiting for. Love confessions and unions after flopping Nandini’s schemes are ahead in the show.

Sam’s realization eases Radhika’s love acceptance for Arjun in Manmarzian

Mere Angne Mein:

After Sarla and Amit’s tensed moment seeing the police at their door, this news reaches Raghav. Raghav, Kaushalya and Shivam come there to stop Sarla and Amit’s arrest. Rani enjoys seeing Sarla getting humiliated infront of everyone. She teaches a good lesson to Sarla. Rani and Prabha make sure that Sarla bends to them and welcomes Rani with respect. Shanti collapses seeing police arresting Sarla. This panics Riya at home and she worriedly thinks what to do in all elder’s absence. Sarla and Amit justify themselves and do not wish to get arrested. Sarla accepts Rani unwillingly. Is this Shanti’s true reaction to the news or her step to ease out money from Kaushalya?

Shanti’s divide and rule policy to turn futile in Mere Angne Mein

Sumit Sambhal Lega:

Kapil Dev, former Indian Cricket team Captain and Cricketer, will be a guest on the show where he will be seen in a TV conversation with Sumit who is a sports writer, and other guests. Kapil shares his thoughts on how he empthasize with Sumit and every man’s pain in balancing the family, in particular between his wife and mother.

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Sumit in conversation with Harsha Bhogle, cricket commentator & columnist: Equating cricket ball to a married man

Swim Team:

Rewa battles testing times after the drug test reports didn’t go in her favor. She feels really upset and vents out her frustration in a room. Bhagat is her special friend who is always on her side when needed, and the one who can comfort her and share the tears. On other hand, Bhagat has developed love for Rewa over a period of time but it is one-sided. He is hesitant to express his love infront of Rewa and didn’t got strength to confess. Will Bhagat get courage to pave a way for a blossoming love story by turning his one-sided love for Rewa into a mutual one ?

Rewa and Bhagat – Will Love blossom between them ? (Representational Image)

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  1. y dont they end Sathiya and continue manmarzian wil new happy tracks small fghts between happy post married life etc like YHM. Sathiya is terribly boring


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