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Median zing spoilers


Niddhi is prohibiting Ruhi from visiting any social networking site or media, as she fears that her past will be back. Ruhi wants to know about her family, but Niddhi have blocked social networking site as she don’t want Raman and his family to know that Ruhi is alive and staying with her as Ruhaan. Ishita sees Raman on TV screen, as he receives enterpreneur of the year award. She gets teary eyes. Mani also gets tears seeing Ishita crying seeing Raman after many years. He plays piano to bring out his feelings. Ishita sees him sad. Niddhi asks Ruhaan to get ready and perform in the concert, but to her shock, Ruhaan refuses to perform in the concert, as Niddhi have blocked her access from social networking site. She catches Ruhi seeing her siblings’s pic on facebook and gets angry.


Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki is getting ready, and wearing saree. A wind blows her hairs. Bihaan looks at her beauty and then realizes that Thapki have cheated him. He has joined hands with Shraddha and became Thapki’s enemy unwillingly. Shraddha thinks she got a new helper now as Vasundara slipped out from her hand.

SSK and Swaragini:

Swara and Simar will be searching for Chandramani together in the Merger episode of SSK and Swaragini. Finally, Simar gets Chandramani and she will stop pralay from happening. Simar reaches home and sees Roli’s prayer meet happening. She frees Sid from the effect of evil as he was the one who have thrown Simar out of house and blamed her for Roli’s death. There will be two Chandramani’s (one is the new witch) in the house and the new storyline will bring a new twist. Bharadwaj family are celebrating Baisakhi festival, just one day after Roli’s prayer meet. Amma ji says we are celebrating this festival in memory of Roli, but we are not happy. Simar asks Uma to make all sweet dishes of Roli’s choice. Prerna (Simar’s friend and psychiatrist) asks them to wear punjabi attire during the celebrations. They decorate the house with flowers. Very soon Sid will be possessed by the ghost.

Jamai Raja:

DD have become more modern and young after her memory loss, and wears designer sarees and classy sun glasses. DD and Roshni come to see the shooting. DD happens to see Amol’s fake parents there and questions them. Amol’s fake parents confess to DD that Amol had given money and asks them to play his parents. DD and Roshni get shocked. DD throws Amol out of the house. It is tough for Sid to help DD get her memory back. DD sings lori while taking part in Antakshiri…Roshni gets glad, but just then DD faints. It is yet to be seen what she remembers everything and gets memory back after gaining consciousness.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi:

Dev waits for Sonakshi….and she takes care of his mum. He hasfeelings for his family only. Sonakshi is in need of money. Dev asks her to stay with Ishwari. Sonakshi agrees. Dev and Sonakshi love story will blossom soon.

Silsila Pyaar Ka:

Janki Devi’s daughter gets married.The bride looks beautiful in the bridal attire. Janki Devi gets emotional as her daughter leaves the house with her groom. Jatin’s truth comes out as he was blackmailing Vinay. Vinay is Kajal’s brother and she brings Jatin’s truth infront of all.


Aaradhya stitches Aryan’s sherwani button. God is the one who made the jodis. Aryan and Aaradhya love each other, but haven’t confess love to each other because of the families enmity. They spend some romantic time, as Aaradhya stitches his sherwani button. When she touched Aryan last, he was made to do his Shuddikaran. There was a reason for Aryan to go to Kumudini’s house. Aaradhya sees his button missing and stitches it. Aryan gets a heavy heart while leaving.


Chakor targets at the apple, which is kept on her mum’s head. Chakor shoots at the apple. Suraj and Chakor love story will start now. Chakor will win from Suraj. Chakor is trained by Emily for the shooting competition. Suraj will get impressed with her and will fall in love with her. He will realize his love for her, and then Chakor will also fall in love with Vivaan. There will be love triaNgle in the show.


Gaura have made fun of her son’s death in order to fulfill her egoistic wishes. She made Dharam’s life worse than a dog. Gaura tells Kokila and Gopi called my son a dog, just go and drown in a small pond. Gaura reaches Modi house with a group of dogs and wants to take revenge as they called Dharam’s asthi to be of Dog’s asthi. Modis take care of the dogs. Gaura wanted dogs to bite Modis, but the dogs get friendly with the family, flopping Gaura’s plan.


Sanskar is staying in his sasural and have become Jamai Raja. He is ordering his wife and want to enjoy his status at their home. He thinks to behave like a king and teases Swara. Swara applies ice pack on his neck to relieve him from pain.

Mere Angne Mein:

Amma ji wants Riya and Shivam to get divorced, and that’s why she called a lawyer there to discuss the divorce proceeding. Shivam thinks Riya sent him and beats him angrily. Sarla says we have made a case against Riya, and have true and also false proofs. Shivam signs on the papers without knowing the truth. He thinks Riya have sent divorce papers and want divorce from him. Amma ji and Sarla send same papers to Riya, after taking Shivam’s signatures. Riya calls Shivam to clear the matter, but Shivam being angry refuses to talk to her.

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