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Gopi and Rashi united after the truth of Radha has come out. Rashi touches Gopi’s feet and apologizes to her. Gopi hugs her and sings a lullaby for her to make her sleep. She sits crying happily to get Rashi’s love back. Rashi has called Gopi Maa which makes Gopi cry. Paridhi packs her bag and is ready to leave Modi house forever. She does not listen to anyone. Paridhi is hurt that she is blamed always when anyone makes a mistake. She is going back to her dad’s house. Gopi takes Paridhi’s side and says even Paridhi has full right to become a mum. Everyone knows Paridhi has given her love to Tolu and Molu. Paridhi wants her own child and Kokila is against it, when the talk is going on the younger generation. A new entry will be bringing new twist in the show, as Kokila’s enemy will be seen tackling her.


Ranvir and Ishani dance in the party and get romantic. Shikhar comes there and looks on teary eyed. He gets hurt seeing Ishani with Ranvir. Ranvir showers love in Ishani on their date. He makes it special by gifting her flowers. Ishani has called Shikhar, Ritika and Sharman there as per her plan. She wants Ritika to confess her crimes being angry seeing her and Ranvir. But Shikhar lands up to see the couple in love. The next twist can be Shikhar supporting Ritika and separating Ishani and Ranvir. Shikhar can’t bear Ranvir close to Ishani. Will Shikhar support Ishani in her plan or change his mind? Ritika will come to know about Ishani’s fake memory loss drama and ruin Ishani’s plan. Ritika will not confess her crimes and stay right in Ranvir’s eyes.


Naitik comes to know about Naksh’s business plans and scolds him to pursue his dreams and leave studies. The happy family shatters as Naksh decides to leave home. Naksh wanted to surprise Naitik with a restaurant Krishna. Akshara is divided between Naitik and Naksh. Naitik kicks out Naksh from the house and Akshara cries miserably. Naitik is angry as Naksh has lied to him and he feels hurt. He knows Naksh is always acting and will never change. Naksh leaves the home. Akshara asks Naitik to get Naksh back. Naitik says Naksh’s stay here does not matter, Naksh is careless and irresponsible. He feels being strict to Naksh will make him repent for his mistake. Akshara and Naitik stay annoyed after Naksh’s leaving. Akshara finally convinces Naitik to bring Naksh home.

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Sandhya has hidden her identity and has proved her death to her family and to the world. The naxalites named Garjana Sanghatan are planning something big and they come to know about Sagarika’s visit to the Durga temple. They send the team’s best man and the leader Chandrashekhar to see Sagarika. He gets there by applying color to his face and not revealing his identity. Shekhar spots Sagarika dancing on some Bengali song. He starts playing the dhol and she dances on his tune. Shekhar creates illusion and faints Sandhya. He kidnaps Sandhya and takes her to the naxals’ hideout. Sagarika is then questioned by them if she has any details of Himanshu and his assets.

New entry to add more action and drama in Diya Aur…

Mere Angne Mein:

Sarla asks Pari to help her and not get it revealed that Shivam is not her son. Rani is trying to stop Amit’s marriage and hears his partial plan of fooling Riya and extracting money from Anupam. Rani proposes Amit once again and asks him to think well. Sarla asks Rani to leave from Shanti Sadan. Rani refuses as she loves Amit. Laali Bua and Shanti Devi have an argument on the phone, wherein Bua warns Shanti of police. Shanti and Bua are the childhood enemies and did not come face to face till now. Shanti sends Shivam to Riya’s home and Sarla gets worried to know this. She tries to stop Shivam.

Sarla’s gimmicks get higher; she cancels Amit’s tilak ceremony in Mere Angne Mein

Shastri Sisters:

Anu is captive by Raghav and fails to get help from the maid. Raghav asks the maid not to help Anu, else she would lose her life. Fraud Rajat goes to meet Raghav to get some sure proof of Anu’s death. Anu hears Rajat’s voice and rushes to see him, believing he will save her. Raghav presents the medical documents along with Anu’s death certificate. The imposter Rajat is a terrorist and very clever to observe things around. Anu makes her presence known to him, by making a flower vase fall. He sights her and ignores as if he has not seen her. He realizes Raghav is keeping Anu, and will never let her return home. The imposter leaves from there with the medical docs and this shocks Anu, who was hoping to get freedom.

Rajat’s lookalike to marry Devyaani, More testing times for Shastri Sisters

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

The show will be taking a turn when Thapki will be revealing her stammering problem to Vasundara. Vasundara is shell shocked knowing about Thapki’s stammering and gets doubtful of her decision. Vasundara holds hatred towards stammering people. Sakshi tries to get close to Dhruv and plans against changing Vasundara’s decision of choosing Dhruv for Thapki. Dhruv has accepted Thapki’s family and this made Thapki accept his proposal. Vasundara wants the best girl for Dhruv and ultimately asks Bihaan to marry Thapki.

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Yuvraaj and Suhani have sweet nok jhok. He is annoyed as Suhani did not turn up when he called her, they could not meet. The misunderstandings increase between them and he is jealous seeing Rohan around Suhani. Everyone knows Yuvraaj loves Suhani, and slowly Rohan will bring the twists to make Yuvraaj and Suhani remarry. Suhani gifts Yuvraaj to end his annoyance and finally makes him smile. Rohan looks at them, and wants to see them happy.


Roshni handles Dr. Raghunandan’s patient well. Though she went against the protocols, she has saved the patient’s life. She gets happy to get fellowship from Dr. Raghunandan, while she is on holiday to Bhopal for Rajat’s hospital inauguration. Roshni treats some patients in Bhopal and gets their blessings. The people ask her to stay back for them, and she then sees Rajat struggling to get good doctors’ panel in Leela hospital. She gets confused to accept Dr. Raghunandan’s fellowship offer or stay back in Bhopal to treat the needy. Roshni decides to help Rajat and rejects the fellowship offer.


Radhika is forced to marry Saral by his increasing blackmailing. Saral is pressurizing Radhika by threatening her about her family. Radhika goes ahead to marry him and they reach the temple, where they sit to marry. Saral’s over smartness does not make him notice Mala heard them. His marriage idea gets flop by Mala getting Radhika’s friends to stop the marriage. Saral’s truth comes out of troubling Radhika’s family. Arjun gets much concerned for her. Though he does not speak up infront of Sam, his eyes express his feelings for Radhika.

Radhika to confront Arjun about Nandini’s wicked move in Manmarzian

Tere Sheher Mein:

Dev has comeback in Banaras and his entry was well sketched to create a big scene in the Rudra Abhishek puja. His arguments with Gajanand Chobey showed his true colors. Sneha hides from his sight and is worried that Dev may spot her. Sneha has hidden the truth from her parents and even her daughters that Rachita is actually Dev’s daughter. The upcoming track will be showing Sneha and Dev’s past, where Dev has ditched her, which made Rishi marry her to save her respect of bearing a child before her marriage. Sneha and Rishi got married and shifted to Mumbai to hide the truth. Gajanand believes Rishi was fraud and run away with Sneha, after failing to get his property. Sneha is seen hiding the truth from everyone, which will slowly come up to clear Rishi’s name from all humiliation he has faced in his life and post death.

Amaya to stand for Rishi’s respect; Sneha and Dev’s past to surface in Tere Sheher Mein

Qubool Hai:

Fake Sanam has got Shaad’s lookalike Murtuza. Murtuza is planted by Shashi Kapoor and Fake Sanam. While Jannat has go her memory back, she now has to tackle Murtuza. Shaad is leaving home and hugs Aahil, asking him to take care of Jannat/Sanam. Aahil promises Shaad and does not know of Murtuza’s presence in his home. Fake Sanam hides Murtuza and starts creating confusion in Aahil’s mind.


Manjeet is slowly influencing Rahul by repeating the same lie again and again, hoping he will believe it is true. Manjeet tells him about Geet and Ranvi’s affair and shows him the happy family picture. Rahul gets in her words and Veera clears the matter to Rahul. He confides about his doubt and Veera swears on Ranvi that there is nothing such between Ranvi and Geet. Rahul agrees to marry Geet the next day. Manjeet worriedly goes to him and plants a fake I love you card from Geet’s side for Ranvi. Rahul gets disturbed and talks to Geet. He feels Geet is marrying just to save Ranvi’s marriage and is sacrificing her happiness. He does not wish Geet to marry him for Ranvi and Gunjan’s sake. He calls off the marriage and this shocks Ranvi. Gunjan starts doubting Ranvi and Geet again, and Veera calms the situation.

Gunjan to name Ratan’s land to Dilawar; Gunjan’s mistake to augment troubles in Veera’s life


With Ishwar’s death, Chakor shatters and cries for the first time in her life. Ishwar’s parents blame Abha to be responsible to support Ishwar and fight against Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini are happy that Ishwar has died and they will be out of jail soon. Abha informs them that she still has the proof documents with her, and the papers which burnt in the blast were just a copy. This shocks Bhaiya ji. Abha plans to seek justice for Ishwar’s death and fight for the bonded villagers. Abha drags Bhaiya ji in court and fights the case to get justice and prove his crimes. Bhaiya ji will be seen having a tough time when Abha tackles him in court room. Sandeep Baswana has made a graceful exit from the show, after his last scene shot well, when Ishwar encourages Chakor to win.




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