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Somendra is lost in Sarojini’s eyes and takes her to the coffee shop. He convinces her to come on the date and she agrees as he is good at heart. He tries to impress her and drinks hot coffee. She gets worried seeing him and makes him drink water. She pays the coffee bill and takes him. Somendra buys the coffee cup by giving much amount, as the mug has Sarojini’s lipstick marks. He says his love can’t have any price, and throws the money bundle. He fools the man by giving him fake notes, and is clever just like his dad Dushyant.


Sarojini inches closer towards a bond with Somendra; Tussle between her & Dushyant got started


After Kokila’s friend Gaura in the show, there will be some romantic track lined up in Vidya’s life. She is away from home and meets her to be life partner. The guy Sharman happens to meet her and falls in love with her. Vidya and Sharman have a nok jhok. The upcoming track will be… Sharman getting married to Vidya. Vidya, Tolu and Molu went for trekking trip. Vidya gets trapped by someone and runs from him thinking he is goon, but the man is none other than Sharman.


Shagun has got a new hero in her life. She bumps into him at the corridor and it’s a filmi scene. He is a doctor by profession and she comes to know he is her neighbor. He likes her and tries to talk to her. Shagun has changed a lot and does not hold interest in starting any relationship. She walks away with attitude and he decides to win her love. On the other hand, Rinki is trying to break the Bhalla family mistaken about Raman and Ishita. Ishita tries hard to explain Rinki. Ishita is tensed though as Rinki has turned negative and is responsible for conflict at home. Rinki fumes on her, saying Raman did not help Mihir in buying the flat. Ishita does not tell them about giving money to Parmeet to stop Ananya’s custody case. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry on Ishita after Rinki complains her, and gets mistaken that Ishita and Raman are really not keen to help them.Another misunderstanding grows in the family, which will be soon getting away, as every story unfolds and proves Raman and Ishita to be most generous and caring members of the family.

New entry opposite Shagun; Rinki to add up conflicts in Bhalla house in Yeh Hai Mohabattein

Mere Angne Mein:

Sarla is hiding Amit from all the functions and fate makes Shivam sit for the haldi as well as tilak rasam. Shanti challenges Bua for dance in the sangeet function, which gives goosebumps to Sarla. Sarla plans many things to hide the fact from Shivam that Riya is the bride and does not let them clear things. Shivam then comes to know the entire story. Sarla sends Shivam away from marriage. Shivam comes on the horse and makes a heroic entry. He will be marrying Riya, saving her from Sarla’s plans.


Roli is arrested by the police as she has hit vase to Thakurain, which caused her death. Roli did this as Thakurain was threatening to kill Mohini’s mum. Police was present there and did not stop her. Thakurain asked for Prem, and asks the family to send Prem with her. Mohini was caught by Thakurain, and Roli hits Thakurain. Simar gets the tip from someone about something unusual happening at 12 am. It will be interesting to see how Simar saves her sister Roli now.


Titu and Panchi have exposed Alankraj Maharaj’s truth infront of Surekha. Maharaj gets 10 lakhs rs from Govind. The thieves catch him and try to get the cash. Alankraj Maharaj tries to save the money. Titu is standing at the line where Maharaj asked him to stay and not cross it. Maharaj asks him to help him, and there is no such line, he was just lying to him about the safety line. Surekha gets shocked. Surekha scolds him by catching him red handed and cries. Her belief has broken. Panchi also scolds him.

Panchi gets Govind’s approval; Titu to pursue his dreams in Tu Mera Hero

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv and Thapki have a dance after their Roka. They were super happy. Thapki gets kidnapped after her Roka, and a new twist comes in the show. Dhruv calms Poonam and asks her not to worry as he will get Thapki back. Bihaan is the one who has kidnapped Thapki. Dhruv tries hard to find Thapki. Shubh hears some sound and sees Thapki being taken, but fails to save her. Dhruv gets some proof at Thapki’s house and Shubh helps him.

Qubool Hai:

Sanam decided to take revenge from Fake Sanam. She showers money of Latif and Khala. She shows them the knife and scares them. They say they will support Sanam from now on, and her plan turns good. The twist comes, as Sanam can get tangled in witch’s magic.

Jamai Raja:

All is well between Roshni and Sid now. Roshni and Sid’s haldi ceremony going on with everyone dancing and enjoying their union. Hopefully they will get married this time around. A new story will unfold after their marriage, and they will marry without any hinderance. Sid enjoys the haldi function and he is very happy to marry Roshni again. Bua Dadi makes an issue by saying DD has sent cheap sarees for them. Sid answers her and defends DD, saying she is the most classy lady and has sent the sarees from the designer boutique. He then goes to meet Roshni in her haldi. He enters in the ladies function dressed in a saree and hiding his face with ghunghat. His presence will be revealed to all. Everyone laugh on him seeing his gesture, and this makes Sid smiling. Sid blushes with haldi smeared on his face. Roshni is all happy with her marriage rituals.


Sooraj imagines Sandhya with him and they have some good moments like before. He fills her maang with sindoor as per her wish. He is unable to forget Sandhya and falls in illusion to see her everywhere. Sooraj is happy to feel her around him. Bhabho breaks down seeing Sooraj talking alone in his room. Sooraj has Sandhya in his heart and mind, and has kept Sandhya alive in his memories. Bhabho and Babasa get stunned seeing Sooraj. Manjari scolds Sagarika and makes her clean the floor. She is torturing Sagarika, being angry to lose Himanshu. Sooraj will be starting his new life with Lalima. Bhabho is glad seeing him happy and wants to make Lalima her bahu.


The new twist is Mrs Allahabad competition in the show. Suhani gets a makeover and takes part in the contest. Menka, Rags and Soumya give her tough competition. Yuvraaj gifts her the beautiful dress and Dadi is the judge to choose the winner. The woman who holds all the good values, talent and deserving points will be evaluated alongside beauty. Yuvraaj announces that physical beauty is not judged alone, but other attributes will also be seen. The women are asked questions to check their presence of mind. Yuvraaj is bowled over seeing Suhani’s makeover and clicks her pics happily. Suhani will be winning the contest by her uniqueness and smart answers, making Yuvraaj proud and Dadi upset.

Suhani gets a makeover and wins ‘Mrs. Allahabad’ title in Suhani Si…


Radhika has heard Arjun and Nandini speaking to Rana. Nandini tells her plan of taking Sam along her and Arjun, after the marriage to some religious place for seeking blessings. She plans to hurt Sam and not let her return home. She is planning big revenge against Samrat and wishes to kill Sam. Radhika gets stunned knowing this, and gets thinking of stopping Arjun and Sam’s marriage. Samaira gets ready as the bride and Neil wishes her all the happiness. Samaira waits for Arjun in the mandap dressed up as a bride, but Arjun is with Radhika in her room. Sam gets to know of it and rushes to see them. Everyone come there and is shocked to see their intimacy. Radhika confesses that they love each other inorder to stop the wedding. Samaira is in shock and couldn’t believe her. Even Arjun gets a big shock and is confused to get happy that Radhika loves him, or sad that he got away from his revenge.

Check for full post ‘Big twist in Manmarziyan’

Tere Sheher Mein:

Dev sends flowers for Sneha reminding the past to her. While the daughters don’t understand who is the sender, and take it light. Sneha goes to meet Dev to confront him of his doings. Dev and Sneha’s past comes in light, and they have an argument regarding the past. Gajanand is securing Sneha from Dev, knowing about his hatred for Rishi. Though Gajanand dislikes Rishi and holds a grudge against him, he is still a protective father. He reaches the place to save Sneha from Dev, and takes her along. He asks Sneha about the whole truth of her leaving Banaras and marrying Rishi. The big twist comes as she reveals to him about Dev’s truth and his evil. This changes Gajanand’s opinion about Rishi, who saved their respect by marrying Sneha. Mathur family will be moving in Chobey Nivaas post this revelation.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Gayatri & Prince Indravardhan (Ranaji) are poles apart, first the king and commoner divide, and second on their thinking – easy going vs. pragmatic approach. She feels awe on the prospect to see and meet Ranaji but couldn’t succeed in the first attempt. Soon after, the destiny plays it part by bringing Gayatri in a face-to-face encounters with Ranaji, which were just co-incidental. She meets him at the police station though might not be aware of his status. He helps her by holding in his arms so as to avoid her fall. Later on, she meets Ranaji after engaging in a small accident on the roadaway. But this meeting didn’t go on well since Ranaji shows his displeasure on Gayatri’s careless attitude in driving the car badly. Gayatri on the other hand starts to get more awe about Ranaji and his personality. Both Gayatri & Ranaji are driven to meet yet again because of destiny, and an unconventional bond going to prosper.

Gayatri & Prince Indravardhan come close because of destiny and chance circumstances

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Badtameez Dil:

The news of Abeer-Meher’s close moments are also known to their dads. Abeer’s dad Kuber is frustrated with the news, and hits out at Meher’s dad because of his ego and the might of money. Abeer and Meher are compelled to come forward to pacify the matter involving their dads, and the chance cirumstances alongwith destiny yet again bringing them close. Abeer has started showing care towards Meher akin to the times when he was in love with her, and his current hate has inherent love hidden in it. Meher on the other hand also battles the question about her really moving on from Abeer since she couldn’t stay away from either reminding him about their past, good times, feelings, or reminiscing about their past and getting teary eyed. Will Abeer & Meher continue to come close after battling the perception problem about them (seeing each other once again) and their dads’ confrontation ?

Badtameez Dil – Abeer & Meher battle the perception problem about them: Seeing each other once again


Ritika and Ishani in tussle mode with 7 days challenge to outdo each other by revealing the truths – Ishani’s acting on memory loss. vs. Ritika’s crimes. Ishani had succeeded to instill fear in Ritika’s mind with help from her cousins by presenting Falguni’s ghost  and the challenge resulted after Ritika’s ouburst at Ishani for the fear creation. While RV gives confidence to Ishani to support her and also to expose Falguni’s murderer, but the real challenge arises for him when Shikhar shifts a bit with selfish intentions and hint him about Ishani’s memory condition. Ritika’s initial plans to outdo Ishani going to backfire, and Ishani and RV unintentionally coming close further. There is Sharman trying to reach out to Ritika as per the plans set by Ishani. What role Sharman & Ishani’s other cousins play in exposing Ritika once for all ?

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