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Sooraj has gone through a bad emotional phase. Bhabho takes him to the temple and gets happiness seeing Lalima making Sooraj smile. Lalima turns out to be a sweet, simple and pure hearted girl. She is a positive soul, and there is something that binds Sooraj to her. Sooraj is going through separation from Sandhya, and not able to deal with her death. He finds Lalima similar to Sandhya, and follows her thinking she is Sandhya. He goes inside the temple after her. Bhabho and Emily see Sooraj happy and think to get Sooraj married to Lalima, so that Ved gets a mother. Lalima’s father who owned Sooraj’s shop has died. Lalima manages the sweet shop and wants Sooraj’s help in running the shop well to keep the name high. Sooraj and Lalima come close in order to take the shop earn same respect again. Sandhya is taken to the Garjana Sanghatan jungle and she is questioned there. Lalima makes Jalebis for Sooraj, which makes him recall Sandhya. Bhabho says he smiled after three months and gives credit to Lalima.

Lalima to bring positivism in Sooraj’s life in Diya Aur…

Jodha Akbar:

Akbar falls in the trap of conspiracies and ploy, and is held hostage and beaten severely. Jodha comes to know of Akbar’s dire state and takes the matter in her own hands by showing courage and determination. At first, she takes the responsibility of the throne and reins with the sole aim to save Akbar’s life. She goes ahead to wage a war by leading from front and shows vigor in the fight to defeat the enemy. Jodha going to succeed in her endeavors thereby saving Akbar, and once again proving their endearing love and concern for each other. This is the final leg of Jodha Akbar, and these special episodes telecast from 27 July to 7th August 2015.

Jodha to fight with vigor & heart to save Akbar’s Life against all odds

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Lakshya brings the baraat for Swara. Swara’s family welcomes him, while Lakshya is super excited for the marriage. Sanskaar dances in the baraat and the marriage is set in the royal wedding theme. Ragini and Sanskaar are trying best to stop the marriage. The marriage will bring big twist, as Lakshya will be married to Ragini, and Sanskaar will be marrying Swara in the same mandap. Ragini and Sanskaar are on the evil plans.

Qubool Hai:

Murtuza aims gun at Sanam and Aahil tensely looks on. Aahil asks him to stop and leave Sanam. Sanam gets dizzy by the nervousness. Aahil has doubt that this is not Shaad, as Murtuza is taking his place to do this evil. Murtuza does not shoot Sanam and pushed her off the cliff. Aahil gets helpless seeing her. Murtuza pushes Aahil too, and both Aahil and Sanam fall down the cliff. The cast of Bangistan will be promoting the movie in the show. The show will be having a leap again.

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Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni:

Rajat gets relieved knowing Mona’s condition is getting better. He getsa hope in his heart to get his love back in his life. He happily goes for the hospital inauguration. He welcomes everyone in Leela hospital. Ansal is angry seeing Leela hospital being the only competition to his hospital. He wants to ruin Leela hospital and plans a big game. Roshni dresses in an Indian saree, and Nikhil gets bowled over by her beauty. She looks stunning and she decides that she is the lady he has been looking since long. Ansal plans to strike the Singh family by a shocking incident. They get the news of the accident taken place on the highway. The victims are brought to Leela hospital and Rajat gets tensed as he does not have doctor panel ready for the emergency situation on inauguration day.

Ansal to trouble Singh family; Rajat gets ‘inefficient’ tag in Roshni…

KumKum Bhagya:

Tanu is shedding many tears and blaming Pragya to be the cause of her problems. Pragya pacifies her and feels her marriage with Abhi has made Tanu land in problem. Pragya melts with Tanu’s tears and becomes her friend. Tanu is trying hard to make Pragya leave Abhi. Abhi should not have promised Tanu of marriage, which made her hopes high. Pragya asks Tanu not to take any tension in her pregnancy, and assures to sort Dadi’s problem soon.


Gaura is brought to Modi house on the funeral. Kokila has done many arrangements to welcome Gaura to her home. Gaura is an artist in the show, and she enters Modi bhavan by a twist. She shocks everyone by her fake death. Kokila gets shocked and cries, asking her childhood friend to come back. She always shocks Kokila by her drama. She gifts Kokila the funeral earthen pot. Gaura is the only one who is shocking Kokila and not in her control. Gaura wants to hit Kokila and break her family. Gaura is a challenge for Kokila and her son will be bringing more twists.

Kokila and Gaura’s past to surface; Gaura to turn tormenting in Saathiya…


Raman is trying hard to have family union by Ishita’s efforts. Raman buys toys for the baby and plays with Rohit. He helps Romi in his business and the brothers reunite. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita make him realize how much Raman loves his family. Ishita tries to keep Raman calm and does not speak about the family, which makes Raman miss his family even more. Mrs. Bhalla unites the family.

Shagun to help Raman against Ashok’s plans; Bhalla family reunites in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Somendra apologizes to Sarojini, in his unique style. He comes to her school and becomes a school boy to apologize and thank her. Sarojini’s heart melts and their nok jhok continues. She forgives him and he is thankful to her. Their friendship will be turning into love soon in the next track.

Tu Mera Hero:

Panchi and Surekha have kept a puja at home to make Titu leave for Mumbai, and end all the bad effects of his kundli. Surekha believes Alankaraj Maharaj who remarks Titu’s Mumbai visit will not be safe. Surekha gets sad and does not know this is Govind’s plan to stop Titu. Panchi suspects Govind has done this, as he has visited the Ashram and donated one lakh rupees. Panchi asks the family not to be superstitious and let Titu go Mumbai.


Sam’s marriage day has arrived and she gets ready as the bride. She is happy and waits for Arjun’s baraat. Neil comes to her and is sad seeing her becoming Arjun’s bride. Neil hides his pain and is bowled over by Sam’s perfect bridal looks. Sam has many dreams of her marriage, and she does not know about the new twists coming in her life. Her marriage will halt, with Arjun and Radhika’s stronger bonding.


Dilawar has married Geet inorder to take Gunjan’s property given by Ratan. He visits Ranvi’s home and Veera sees him behaving weird. Veera and Ranvi suspect Dilawar’s intentions and are doubtful of his behavior. Veera assumes Dilawar has link with Ratan’s death and tries finding the link of Dilawar’s hand in the matter. She gets to the investigation of Ratan’s death again and gets the case reopened.

Mere Angne Mein:

Sarla tries hard to stop the tilak ceremony and fails. Shanti and Lali Bua come face to face and are shocked seeing each other. They realize the childhood enmity between them and are totally against. Sarla calms Shanti and the tilak ceremony takes place. Next comes the sangeet function which makes Sarla makes tensed. Kaushalya does all the arrangements of the sangeet function. Sarla tries to cancel the sangeet and comes up with many more weird plans. Sarla makes a work excuse and sends Shivam away from home. The sangeet function starts and Shivam comes home right in the function, and Sarla and Amit start panicking.

Shanti and Lali Bua’s past enmity grows again; Sarla panics by Shivam’s presence in Mere Angne Mein

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv’s Dadi is miffed with Vasundara for not taking her opinion on choosing the girl for Dhruv. She starts creating a messy situation in Thapki’s home to show her annoyance towards Thapki. She finds Thapki good and is worried of her stammering problem. She refuses for the proposal and asks Vasundara to go ahead with her selection against her wish. Thapki cries seeing this and cancels the marriage, saying she will not marry Dhruv without the elder’s blessings and happiness. Dhruv gets shocked by her decision. Thapki’s humbleness and simplicity win Dadi’s heart, and she gives the nod for Thapki.

Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage to face big hurdles in Thapki Pyaar Ki…

Tere Sheher Mein:

Dev has seen Sneha and curses her sight. He vows to ruin her, and wants to get some answers from her. Dev decides to know about Sneha’s address and gets to know about Sneha doing Rudra Abhishek puja. He finds out that Gajanand is still protecting Sneha, despite showing hatred towards Rishi’s family. Its testing time for Sneha. She sits isolated in her room, recalling her past and being afraid of Dev. She calls up Hari to help her and protect her family from Dev. Hari will be turning up at Banaras in the next track, while Rudra gets to know about Sneha and Dev’s past.

Mantu realizes love for Amaya; Rudra to spy on Sneha’s past in Tere Sheher Mein

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