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Badtameez Dil:

Abeer is emotional and recalls the past. Meher and Abeer are dancing during their engagement function. He reminisces their happy and bitter life in a flashback sequence, Abeer reminisces proposing Meher, their engagement, marriage functions and frequent fights leading to their separation. Meher needs him as she is in hospital and Abeer should be at her side. Abeer and Meher recall their marriage. Abeer and Meher run away from home and come home after marriage. Abeer gets to know Meher’s family is not able to spend in the marriage. He did not like to make Meher’s family lose their all finances. Abeer’s Tai ji supports the marriage, as its pure bond. She asks Kuber to accept Meher as his bahu. The flashback scenes will be overflowing in upcoming episodes. The track will be presenting how Meher and Abeer got separated.

Meher and Abeer’s love story flashbacks to surface their separation truth…


Dayaben gets emotional seeing Tappu climbing on the men’s pyramid to break the dahi matki (pot). She recalls breaking her leg while trying to break the pot. Everyone is happy and celebrates Janmasthami.


Ritika’s truth is finally exposed. She waits for Ranvir on her wedding night and makes the room super decorated. She gets glad that Ranvir hugged her and is expressing love to her. She gets stunned when she sees Chirag. Ranvir sends someone, who wears the mask of Chirag’s face. Sh gets shocked thinking how did her ex BF come back after she killed him. Ranvir exposes Ritika. Ritika first tries to fool Ranvir by her tears. Ranvir has heard all the revelation of Chirag’s murder himself. Ranvir confronts Ritika for all the crimes. Ritika gets crazy after Ranvir and sticks to him. Ranvir slaps Ritika for the big cheat she did on the name of love. Ranvir scolds her a lot and Ishani comes there. Ritika uses the glass piece and stabs Ranvir. Ritika ties Ranvir and asks Ishani to do as she says, else she will kill Ranvir.


Rana ji gets the milk bath done and gets dressed. Rana ji gets milk Abhishek along with flowers. The servants put plenty of milk pots on him. Rana ji gets dressed in his royal wedding and wears the sehra. Rana ji gets angry and says he will not do this marriage and drops the sindoor box. Gayatri gets shocked and this twist will create some interest. Gayatri and Rana ji will be getting married after all twists. Badi Rani Maa will be grooming Gayatri post her marriage with Rana ji. The politics around the throne will be seen in the show.

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At the party venue, Manjari sees Sandhya’s pic in the newspaper.She reads about IPS Officer Agrima Singh and IPS Officer Sandhya Rathi missing report and gets stunned seeing Sandhya fooling Garjana as Sagarika Das. She confronts Sandhya about her real motives. Manjari and Sandhya have a fight in the jungle, where angry Manjari beats Sandhya for cheating them. Sandhya decides to answer Manjari for all the tortures she has been bearing till now, and beats Manjari. Their fight continues and Manjari gets hurt in their fight. Manjari gets paralytic attack. Sandhya feels Manjari got paralysis and she got saved this time. She brings Manjari back to the village with a story to fool Shekhar.

Sandhya’s real identity exposed; Manjari gets paralyzed ….

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Kokila and Gaura are dressed in same way. Gaura competes with Kokila. They both are going to perform in Vidya’s sangeet. Gaura asks Kokila to dance for Vidya’s happiness. She wants to make Kokila dance on her fingers. The Modi family comes to Urmi house and Gaura welcomes everyone with showers. Gopi can sense Gaura’s planning behind Gaura’s oversweet behavior. Meera is missing from the sangeet. Gaura says Vidya’s face shows that Kokila has left Meera at home intentionally.

Kokila gets fooled by Gaura’s grand sugary acts in Saathiya…


Chakor will be falling in big trouble. Swara and Thapki will be doing special appearance in the show. They will be encouraging Chakor and do a Ganesha puja with her. They take Chakor along and try helping her.


Yuvraaj rushes to meet Suhani in his terribly hurt state. He has got his hand fractured and leaves the car to walk in the rain. He has realized that he loves Suhani and shows his love intensity. He comes to know Suhani and Rohan are getting married in some time. He takes Sharad’s help and wants to stop the marriage. He wants to confess his love to Suhani infront of everyone. Suhani gets restless and feels Yuvraaj’s approaching steps towards him. Suhani wishes Yuvraaj comes to her. Her wish comes true. The scene is similar to any film climax. Suhani looks unhappy bride as she is marrying Rohan just for her family’s sake. She has no reason to wait for Yuvraaj as he did not confess his love. Yuvraaj reaches the venue and Dadi scolds him.

Yuvraaj’s filmy love confession and union with Suhani….

Piya Rangrezz:

Bhanvri Devi is testing Shraddha. She gives her the loaded gun and asks her to shoot someone. Shraddha cries and says she can’t take anyone’s life. Bhanvari drags Shraddha and forces her to shoot. Shraddha calls out Sher for help. Bhanvri reminds Shraddha the tests. Shraddha has passed in two tests and this is the final one. Bhanvri wants Shraddha to lose out and leave from Sher’s life forever. Sher is not present at home. Bhanvri uses this situation when no one is at home. Bhanvri pulls the trigger and Shraddha gets shocked.

Sher to rescue Shraddra from Bhanvari’s muddy tasks


Laksh gets to know Ragini’s truth. Swara and Sanskar succeed in showing the truth to Laksh. Laksh confronts Ragini for kidnapping Swara on their wedding day and then pushing Swara in the river to kill her. Laksh calls Ragini shameless and a bad example of a sister, lover and a human being. Ragini cries and wants to explain Laksh. Laksh fumes and leaves after his verbal firing on Ragini. Ragini gets angry seeing Swara smiling on her state.

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Vicky has fallen more to get his kids by winning the custody case. He wants to prove Binny mentally unfit to take care of Sonu and Monu. Mamta and LN support Binny, but Binny gets restless as someone is haunting her to make her lose the custody case. Dylan’s brother Abhimanyu will be playing a helpful role in Binny’s victory in the custody case. Dabbu gets to know Dylan has left for the airport. She gets restless to see Dylan leaving the country after freeing her of his love. Dabbu recalls Juliet’s words to give a chance to Dylan’s love and accept his proposal of live in relationship. She rushes to the airport to stop Dylan and end his fear from marriage by her love.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya breaks Mantu’s heart by marrying Rama. Then, she breaks his hope by her bitter words. Mantu believes Uma was right about Amaya. Mantu tries forgetting Amaya’s cheat and yet his heart believes what he has seen in Amaya’s eyes. Amaya and Sumitra have a tough competition between them. Sumitra gives a big shock to Amaya by bringing her in Mathur haveli. She asks Amaya to show her strength when her family hates her. Sneha and Rachita were considering to meet Amaya and know the real reason of taking this step to marry Rama. Rachita feels Amaya can never cheat them. Sneha gets eager to meet Amaya.

Amaya to face Sneha’s wrath; Mantu on edge of “love belief”


Naksh does the Kanha act well and breaks the Dahi handi. He looks nice as Krishna. The people pick up on their shoulders and he enjoys the event. He has agreed to do this Kanha act just for Bhabhimaa’s sake. He convinces Gayu for accepting Sameer as her father and Rashmi’s life partner. He makes Gayu realize that Sameer can give much happiness to Rashmi and fill her loneliness. Gayu agrees and Rashmi gets happiness with Sameer. Naksh succeeds in match making again. The family gives the entire credit to Naksh and thank him from their heart. Naksh saves a girl seeing some boys teasing her. The family gets glad to see Naksh possessing all good values like Naitik. Rashmi and Sameer’s marriage track will be next in the show.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Viplav sees some bangles falling from Dhaani’s belongings. The bangles break and he picks it. He says he did not know she likes bangles. He tells her that he will buy bangles for her and make her wear colorful bangles. Viplav still has to realize widow customs in Banaras.


  1. For swaragini i thnk its rags’ dream as i feel laksh who insultd swara evn a few days before wud believe swara so easily….i feel its a dream sequence


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