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Jamai Raja:

Roshni goes to kitchen to make food for Neil and suddenly the cloth which was kept near the gas stove catches fire. It is Mami’s conspiracy to expose Roshni’s truth. She keeps cloth near the gas stove to light it with fire, and then she closes the door very cleverly. Roshni turns and is shocked. She calls for help. Neil and Sid run to kitchen to save Roshni. Roshni feels suffocated and gives her hand to Sid without seeing his face. Neil is shocked. Jamai Raja have managed to save his Roshni. Whenever she is in trouble, Sid always protects her, irrespective of her acknowledgement of love. She gives hes hand while the place is smoking and dark all around. Roshni holds Sid’s hand automatically as he is her love of life. Sid saves her and brings her to hall. Neil hugs Roshni and takes her from there.


Raman was taking wedding rounds with Shagun. Pihu does their ghatbandhan. While they start taking rounds, Raman leaves from the mandap seeing Ishita. The ghatbandhan breaks. Ishita sits in the mandap and tells Raman that she loves him a lot. Raman also tells her that he also loves her and asks her not to leave her ever. Raman’s bride has changed in nick of the time. Ishita gets bride’s place in the mandap. Raman and Ishita smile seeing each other. Shagun gets shocked seeing them. Raman imagines to marry Ishita, while taking rounds with Shagun. Raman’s imagination ends and he realizes he is marrying Shagun. But the marriage stops midway, as inspector informs Raman about Niddhi. Raman leaves from the mandap in hope to get Ruhi’s whereabouts from Niddhi. Raman believes Ruhi will also be alive, if Niddhi is alive.


Rishi’s dad Raj slaps Rishi for confessing love infront of Tanu. Rishi tells his parents that he loves Tanu very much and gets emotional with teary eyes. He says filmy dialogues to express his love. Tanu is in shocked thinking what did Rishi do. She didn’t expect him to confess his feeling. Raj feels bad for her as he has accepted Tanu as his daughter. It is difficult for Tanu to hear everything. Raj and his wife are against Rishi’s love. Raj will hear the mobile clip and will announce that Rishi will marry Tanu only. He scolds his wife for compressing Rishi’s feelings and says the recording is having her voice. Rishi’s mum has no option than to agree.

Balika Vadhu:

Kundan misbehaves with Nandini. She gets shocked seeing Kundan at Krish’s house. Kundan breaks out the truth to her that Krish is his son. Kundan tells her that he made Krish marry Nandini so that he can take revenge from Nandini. She tells him that her love will win, when Krish knows Kundan’s truth, Krish will hate him. Kundan tells her that no one will know his truth. Nandini shouts to Krish for help. Kundan tells Nandini that when Krish knows his mother dies because of Nandini, then Krish will hate you. He blackmails her for not telling anything of their past to Krish. Nandini pushes Kundan and runs away.


Suhani and Yuvraaj have met again and their love story have started all over again after 7 years. The time have made them stand infront of each other. They dance during Yuvraaj’s birthday party which was planned by Soumya to surprise Yuvraaj. Yuvaan asks Suhani and Yuvraaj to dance together. Suhani had to agree for their children. She dances with Yuvraaj. They have an eye lock and their love gets revived in their hearts. Suhani looks beautiful and Yuvraaj couldn’t stop looking at her.


Ragini faints and falls down after serving food to her family. Everyone get shocked wondering what happened to Ragini. Actually Ragini and Laksh are doing drama and making everyone believe that Ragini is pregnant, but the thing is they decide to take Sumi’s baby whenever she gives birth to the baby, and adopt him/her as their own. They want to save the baby from society and will accept the baby as their own child without letting family know that it is actually Ragini’s sibling.


Thapki comes running to Bihaan holding Diya in a filmy style. She tells all the romantic lines. She have confessed her feelings to Bihaan and loudly tells that she loves him…Bihaan is happy to hear the magical words which he wanted to hear since long. Thapki tells him I love you which makes Bihaan happy to the fullest. The scene is very filmy…..Bihaan makes Thapki sees her reflection in mirror and tells her that she is the one, he is in love with, deeply and dearly. Thapki cutely hits on his chest and says you made me cry and scared. Bihaan also confesses love to her and hugs her. Family members comes out and claps for their love. At last family members attempt to unite them have tasted success. They get Bihaan and Thapki engaged again, but this time with their wish and love.

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Kuch Rang PKAB:

Dev has refused to get engaged to Natasha. He has realized late that he doesn’t love Natasha and if he marries her then it will be wrong with her also. Dev haven’t realized his love for Sonakshi as yet, but he is sure that he don’t want to marry Natasha. Dev’s mum and sisters are supporting him. Natasha’s dad was forcing Dev to marry at the earliest, but Dev refuses shocking him.


Tanu faints and is rushed to the hospital by Abhi and Pragya. Tanu is doing drama again. Tanu is back from hospital. She is making Abhi fall in her feet. Abhi’s family is angry on Tanu. Tanu challenged Pragya and is not afraid that her truth will come out. Abhi holds Tanu and takes her upstairs. Pragya looks at them. Tanu tells Pragya that everyone knows baby is not of Abhi, but Abhi does not know this, so I m bringing him on my side. Dadi tries to tell Abhi about Tanu. He does not listen to Dadi. Pragya calls Nikhil and asks him to meet Tanu if he cares for his child. There will be twist around Tanu’s fake pregnancy.


Aradhya acts to get ghost on her. She attacks on Tulsi. Aradhya will get to know about Pavitra is her real mum, and Tulsi is Aryan’s real mum. Pavitra comes and saves Tulsi. They tie Aradhya to the bed to control the spirit. Aradhya shouts that she will kill Tulsi.

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