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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

After Dhruv has got Thapki’s lost esteem back, she gets thankful to him. Dhruv takes her in the important meeting instead Sakhi, and gives her the honor to be part of the meeting being a new intern. Thapki tells him that she has never realized that she is something, and he acknowledges her that she is surely much along with her stammering. He tells her that her stammering does not matter to him and he is not ashamed to have her in his office and life. Thapki gets touched by his words. They both go home and recall each other, falling in love with each other. Vasundara and Bau ji also give their nod to Dhruv and Thapki’s proposal. Vasundara decides to take the proposal to Thapki’s family. Thapki’s motivating interview conducted by Dhruv will be on air next week and that will bring the big twist when Vasundara gets to know Thapki’s stammering problem.

Dhruv’s heroic act to save Thapki turns romantic in Thapki Pyaar Ki


Arjun regards Samrat to ditch Nandini for Piyali, and holds grudge for both of them. Nandini is back in his life and has made him a revenge weapon to see tears in Samrat’s eyes. Nandini asks him to take revenge for her tears and screams, and reminds Arjun how she has shattered post Samrat’s deceive. The truth happens to be the other side of the coin, with Nandini really being at fault. Nandini’s love for Arjun is also not true as she is not realizing his heart break and his suffering in this process. Arjun meets Samrat and Piyali to tell them that he wants to marry Sam. He recalls how Nandini asked him to marry Sam to get 50% ownership of Birdsong, by which she will be back in Samrat’s life. She asks Arjun to ruin them and start with Samrat’s most valuable Birdsong and his daughter Sam. Arjun tends to fall for Radhika, and has her on his mind every now and then.

Radhika to reveal Arjun and Nandini’s link in Manmarzian


Sandhya has got a new avatar in Bengali style sarees and makeup. She has don the role of Sagarika Das, a pure Bengali lady who would be meeting Himanshu and win him over in the proposal. She wanted to keep this a secret and Ved sees her Bengali look pic in her phone. He likes it and runs to show it to everyone. Sandhya tries to stop him and Ved shows it to the family. They all like her and does not know about her secret mission. Sandhya learns Bengali song well and tells Bharat that she will fulfill her duty. She leaves her family after taking pics with them. She gets teary eyed and lands in Shantanu Das’ home. Sandhya will race against time to fulfill the mission.

Sandhya’s new Bengali look shocks the family in Diya Aur…


Meera was coming home, drenched in water and the goons start teasing her. Her family members come to her rescue and beat the goons. Gopi, Kokila and others beat the goons, make them sit on their knees, and put pakoda in their mouth forcibly. Ahem, Jigar, Tolu and Molu beat the goons, and ladies stop them to take control in their hands. Kokila decides their punishments and thinks to make them eat spicy chilli filled pakodas. The goons apologize to Meera and everyone. Modi family is troubled because of Meera, and the latter will follow Radha’s footsteps. She will take revenge from the family.


Gunjan asks Geet not to come in her house again and also keep Deepu away from Ranvi. Geet cries and scolds Deepu, limiting her from meeting Ranvi. Manjeet gets glad to get Ranvi’s Geet and Deepu’s pic in her school bag and shows it to Bansuti. Bansuri gets angry and scolds Geet. Baldev and Gunjan come home and Bansuri tells them everything, that Ranvi has made his new family with Geet and Deepu. Baldev did not believe it before as Ranvi is very good person. He gets shocked seeing the family pic and consoles Gunjan. He thinks to decide to show Geet the door to save Gunjan’s married life.


Swara, Lakshya and Ragini go to the pub to spend some time. Ragini tells Lakshya about few things he does not know about Swara. Swara realizes Ragini’s inclination towards Lakshya and decides to do something for her sister. She gets drunk and disobeys Lakshya. Lakshya gets surprised and tries to stop her. Lakshya asks her to come home, but Swara refuses. Lakshya eventually gets into a fight with the man getting close to Swara. Swara dances in free style and does not care that Lakshya is with her. She is not in her senses and lost control. She does this sacrifice for Ragini’s happiness. Ragini and Lakshya look on shocked. Lakshya gets angry seeing Swara’s out of control dance with the men at the pub. Ragini wants to prove that she is better than Swara and is jealous of her, while Swara also wants to show Ragini is better than her. Lakshya holds his anger and leaves from the place with Ragini.


Naitik and Akshara do not realize the growing insecurities in Naman and Karishma’s heart. Akshara makes Naira ready for the school. Naira is not happy with her uniform and new school. She says she wants to go back to Cape Town, and family explains her. Everyone tease Naira in the school. Akshara and Karishma get into an argument by Naira and Mishti’s growing fights. Karishma used to run the home solely for 10 years and she gets disturbed seeing everything back in Akshara’s hand. Naman sees the business going back in Naitik’s hands. Naksh and Naitik have an argument in the next track. Naksh helps Akshara in managing Naira and cheers her up. He realizes his duties after Naitik joined office. Akshara and Naitik try solving the new tensions at home and are still very supportive. They want to kids to adjust in Udaipur.

KumKum Bhagya:

Bulbul and Purab dance on the romantic song Dhaage Tod Laaun during their sangeet for the much awaited wedding. She is very happy and can’t hold on her happiness. Bulbul looks delightful performing on romantic song. Abhi is wondering where is Pragya and looks for her. Pragya is trying to find Tanu’s secret and will finally know about the baby’s father. With the new changes, Tanu will become Pragya’s enemy and take the story line forward.


Ritika bangs the door and Ranvir comes out in Chennai style. Ritika asks whats happening, why is he celebrating. She starts questioning him and he hides the fact that Ishani is inside the room. He wants to know that she lost her memory or acting. Ritika doubts that he is getting inclined towards Ishani again, and he promises her that he will never do anything out of his limits and asks her to relax. Ishani’s memory loss brings her close to Ranvir.

Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli cuts vegetables on Harki’s orders. She gets thinking and gets scolded by Harki. Harki asks her to make tea. Nimboli says new bride can make, and then thinks she didn’t know being new in the house, so she makes ginger tea and takes tea for Urmila. Urmila drinks the tea and complains to Kundan that it was cold. Kundan raises his hand on Nimboli, while Disa saves Nimboli. Nimboli takes the matter in positive way and does not realize Urmi’s bitter heart.


The Garudas and Naags proceed to the third door. It’s the most chilled place in the terracotta world and Shivanand asks everyone to keep themselves warm, as they can get short of breath and less oxygen to the brain can make them hallucinated. Katherine spots Thapadiya Maai and gets into an argument with Dansh. She slaps Dansh as he misbehaves with her. Dansh gets angry and raises hand on Katherne. Rudra stops him and says he can kill him here itself, as he just needs one Naag to enter the final door towards Amrit, and they have Leela with them. Dansh says he will make them need him and stabs Leela. Leela dies and Dansh laughs saying now Rudra will be protecting him against all dangers to take him till the seventh door to Amrit. Rudra gets angry and Dansh stays cool and evil.

Dansh kills Leela to make Rudra protect him in Mahakumbh


Suhani and Sharad come to find Radhe and want to prove Yuvraaj innocent. Krishna has locked Radhe and wants to blame Yuvraaj for killing Radhe. Suhani and Sharad does not find Radhe and get worried. Yuvraaj is in lockup and Krishna enjoys to make Birla son experience the jail stay. Soumya feels this is going overhead and follows Krishna. She gets to see Krishna’s truth and finds him with Radhe. She hides and hears their plan. Krishna asks Radhe to not come in anyone’s eyes till Yuvraaj gets more punished in the jail. Soumya gets shocked seeing Krishna falling much in his revenge motive. Krishna does so to make Dadi cry seeing Yuvraaj in jail and make her realize her mistake of framing him for false theft blame. Soumya decides to help Suhani and free Yuvraaj from the false blame.

Soumya to support Suhani; Yuvraaj arrested for Radhe’s murder attempt in Suhani Si…


Neil and Ragini find themselves come close due to circumstances with the latest one being stuck in a room when electricity goes away. Also, Neil is getting jealous to see Ragini around Aman, and gets emotional. At the farmhouse, Nishi is seen to get upset with her husband Jignesh on matters and also food-related while elders are trying to reunite the couple and bring happiness. Amidst this development, Nishi lands to get stuck in a room with Suhani’s BF Karthik. How long Neil would be able to control his emotions and feelings for Ragini? Later on, The family gets a discussion to think what food to eat, as cylinder gas has ended at home. Agam and Suhani plan to have dinner outside at any cool foodjoint. They plan to bring Neil and Ragini together. They lie to Ragini that they want to bring Nishi and Jignesh together and convince her to come. Neil asks Ragini to show some love for her children’s happiness and she refuses to him. He asks her to change herself if it can give happiness to children. Neil and Ragini finally spend some time together and end up arguing.

Neil and Ragini come close by fate and children’ efforts in Itna Karo…

Piya Rangrezz:

Sher saves Shraddha’s life from Rani at the godown where Rani came to find hidden liquor. Rani is after Sher and finds him not swaying towards her. There is a grand party organized by Rani and she dances with much fervor but in disguise. Bhanvari Devi came back home from hospital since the danger is lurking on Sher’s life from Rani and Pandey. Shraddha doubts Rani’s presence there. Rani spikes the drink to trap Shraddha and put the blame on her. Sher also finds himself in dilemma with Rani’s possible presence and Bhanvari Devi around him. Bhanvari Devi blames Sher for the recent events and asks why did he favor Rani. It is Rani who has laid a trap so as to take revenge. Shraddha as a dutiful wife goes ahead to save Sher once again and gets trapped in Rani’s ploy. Sher isn’t aware of the planning around him. Rani gets mad in Sher’s love and knows Sher does not love his wife Shraddha. How Rani’s obsession for Sher going to affect Sher and Shraddha’s married life and relationship ?

Dream Girl:

Laxmi’s dad invites Samar and Ayesha in the small puja function he has kept for Laxmi’s victory to get Dream Girl tag. Samar can’t get over Laxmi’s rejection and feels her steps towards him is just for his big name and rich status. He feels Laxmi is selfish and she can just use anyone. Ayesha convinces him for the puja and lands at Laxmi’s home before him. She passes taunts on Laxmi and humiliates her dad for his wrong upbringing. Laxmi unable to bear this, speaks out her anger and insults Ayesha. Samar comes there and sees Laxmi insulting Ayesha and does not know what Ayesha has spoken to them before. He supports Ayesha and humiliates Laxmi, telling her dad how Laxmi has left Raj for Karan and now got after Samar Sareen. He says she is a materialistic girl and gets into a heated argument with Laxmi. This makes Laxmi’s dad get a heart attack by increased stress. Laxmi rushes him to the hospital and holds Samar responsible for her dad’s state. Will Ayesha win by separating the lovers and planting hatred in their hearts?

Tere Sheher Mein:

Rudra gets to know about Sneha being Gajanand’s daughter and tells Kaushalya that he will plan to strengthen his roots in Chobey Nivaas to make them against Sneha forever. He plans and sends goons to tease Neeti. He saves Neeti and starts bonding with her. Neeti invites him home and introduces him to Chobey family. They get thankful to Rudra for saving Neeti from the goons and Rudra makes a good image in their eyes. He tries to find out the reason about Sneha parting from her family and leaving Banaras. The next track will be showing Dev’s entry in the show, who was once related to Sneha, and holds hatred for Rishi Mathur. Amaya and Mantu’s romance has already begun in the show and the track will show Uma realizing Mantu’s feelings for Amaya, which even he did not acknowledge till now.

Uma to halt Amaya’s love inclination; Rudra gets friendly with Chobey family in Tere Sheher Mein

Sadda Haq:

Randhir takes care of Sanyukta when she needs the most because of love. She continues to face abuse and yelling from her dad and brother Ankit who outrightly blames her for her mom’s death. They want to takeover her business stake in Agarwal’s company and doesn’t care what she is going through. She faces another big issue: sponsorship of the dream team and lies to the team of her board members going to take a decision on sponsorship. The truth is she couldn’t meet the board members. Later on, her dad agrees to help her with sponsors but carries some ulterior motives. Sanyukta faces an uphill task to get the sponsorship for the dream team and moreover her words matter to them as they depend on her. Amidst this, Sanyukta-Randhir’s love is also tested with elements of confiding to have trust, unconditional support also playing out in parallel. Will Sanyukta steer ahead to not fall in her dad’s ploy, and help the dream team with sponsorship ?

Sandhir’s Love to be tested because of her family troubles & sponsorship matter

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dabbu goes to meet Aseem, after he got beaten up by Chadda’s goons. Aseem angrily hurts her as she broke the engagement and he landed in trouble. She tells him about Mamta’s state and blames him to be responsible for this. She scolds him for cheating her and asks him to get engaged with her for Mamta’s happiness. Aseem gets glad to get another chance and agrees to her. He shows some attitude to her and makes her beg to him. Aseem asks Dabbu to marry him in the temple directly without any engagement or further hurdle. He blackmails her and asks her to think about Mamta. Dabbu agrees to marry Aseem to make Mamta happy.

Dylan realizes love for Dabbu; Dabbu decides to marry Aseem in Dilli Wali…

Mere Angne Mein:

Shivam gets sad after Raghav checks him to find the stolen ring as per Shanti’s blames. He gets teary eyed seeing his father not having a bit of trust on him. The family watches them in shock. Raghav does not get the ring and Kaushalya tells Shanti that her son is not a thief. Shanti asks her to get a ring for her. Shivam leaves for office with tears. The ring falls by Shanti’s hand in the grains at the terrace and she does not realize it. Kaushalya makes the Daal and Shanti gets the ring while eating the Daal. She gets angry and scolds Kaushalya for taking revenge from her as she has blamed Shivam. Kaushalya bears more of her injustice and drama. Nimmi gets angry seeing this insult and gets revengeful. The girl’s family comes in Shanti Sadan for Amit’s proposal. Nimmi starts showing Shanti’s true face and taunts her, which makes the family leave and end the alliance. Shanti angrily punishes Nimmi.

Confusion and drama to add up in Riya and Shivam’s love story in Mere Angne Mein’


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