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Median zing spoilers


Dharam and Gaura are supporting Meera and they have made a team now. Meera argues with Dharam and pushes him from the stairs. Dharam falls down. Gaura gets angry and slaps Meera. Dharam and Gaura get angry as Meera has started getting against them. They get confused seeing her dual nature. Meera and Vidya have come together back in Modi house. The family breaks ties with Meera. Meera starts troubling Vidya being her new mum in law.

Meera to trouble Gaura-Dharam and Modis in Saathiya…


Ishani’s life is getting happiness after six months. Ranvir and Ishani have united. Amba does the aarti and welcomes them home. She hugs Ishani and is glad to have her. Ishani hugs Baa and her family. Amba gets Ranvir and Ishani inside home with all the warmth. Finally, the day was come for Ishani to get grah pravesh. Ishani has risked her life and saved Ranvir and the family. She has won Amba’s heart and declared that she will get Ranvir and Ishani married. Amba says she will make all her dreams come true for her son’s marriage. Ishani’s look will be changed after the leap. Hope this time Ishani and Ranvir have a peaceful marriage with fewer twists.

Shikhar unites Ranvir and Ishani and bids adieu…

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki is back in her inlaws. Ganpati is being brought in her inlaws home. Suman and Preeti help Thapki in doing the arrangements. Thapki makes the flower garlands with devotion. Everyone is doing best to decorate Ganpati’s place. Dadi asks Thapki to forget the past and now go with the flow to live her life happily. She pacifies Thapki. Thapki prays to get some happiness in her life and holds anger on Bihaan. Vasundara, Suman and Preeti make plans to get Bihaan and Thapki together.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

A new entry Pammi Leone has come in the show. Pammi has extreme charm and has made all the men her fans. She is very beautiful and everyone got mad about her. The guys follow her and wish to get her. Anita and Angoori see Pammi are get worried. Vibhuti gets a selfie clicked with Pammi. Anita sees this and does not know how Pammi is making everyone mad. Angoori and Anita feel insecure. Vibhuti did not forget Angoori and goes to her. He ignores Pammi and helps Angoori in getting her shopping bags. Tiwari wants Anita to see Vibhuti so that he gets his way cleared. Angoori is the simple wife who does not know anything what Tiwari does.

Pammi’s entry to get Vibhuti and Tiwari’s attention…


Suhani and Yuvraaj dance in the sangeet, along Soumya and Krishna. All the couples dance along Dadi and are very happy to see Dadi’s new avatar for the first time. Suhani and the entire family are happy. Suhani’s mehendi comes next. Pratima prepares mehendi for Suhani and asks Sharad to take it to Suhani’s home. Snoopi gets some garlands and Dadi drops the mehendi bowl. Yuvraaj asks the family not to worry. Dadi says she will get new one and sends another mehendi for Suhani. Suhani applies the mehendi and gets rashes on her hands. The doctor comes to check Suhani and asks her to take care of her allergic. The doctor tells about the faulty mehendi which had some chemicals in it. Yuvraaj gets puzzled as Dadi has sent this mehendi and does not know whats happening. Soon, the big twist will be coming to shake Suhani’s happiness.

Dadi’s new-sweet avatar to have many shades in Suhani Si…


Rana ji lifts Gayatri and she smiles feeling its like a dream. Rana ji takes care of her hurt feet. He used to hate Gayatri and it felt he will not love her so soon, but thanks to Kokila, her tries are making them close. Gayatri walked on thorn only for Rana ji. Gayatri manages to lift the heavy silver plates by bearing the pain. She completed the ritual and then fell down. Then there came a romantic twist, where Rana ji lifted her seeing her fall. Gayatri says it’s a dream for her, as he lifted her. Rana ji is protective for his queen, he is saving Gayatri seeing her hurt and sees his first wife in her. Rana ji takes her safely and does the aid. Gayatri has to be ready to face many troubles ahead.

Gayatri and Rana ji bond by wrong plannings working in their favor… and fate….


Ishita is in pain and appears to be normal and happy so that Raman does not get sad. Ishita takes care of Raman and entire family to show she is happy with them and losing the baby did not break her. Ishita does not like the surrogacy idea and is against it, as she already has children. Everyone in the family is sad, but Ishita is content, that the family is safe and also her children. Raman gets determined to agree to Manoj’s suggestion and convince Ishita for the surrogacy step. He takes her Ishita to meet Manoj and hopes she agrees. In upcoming track, Raman would be thanking Shagun for agreeing for helping Ishita.

Raman to convince Ishita for surrogacy step…

Jamai Raja and KumKum Bhagya:

Sid and Roshni dance in the Ganpati Utsav. Their distances have ended, its all done by the Ganpati, where the two are dancing together. Mera naam ishq………….song plays while Sid and Roshni perform with high intensity. They have taken good avatars for the dance program. This episode will be aired about with KumKum Bhagya. Sid and Roshni’s romance looks pure and they make efforts to please everyone. Pragya will be kidnapped again in Kumkum’s special episode of Ganpati utsav. Many TV celebrities will be seen performing in the mata utsav.


Naira and Gayu did not reach home after school. Akshara, Naitik and Naksh go to the school premises and nearby parks. Naksh is worried for Naira and does not know where the girls have gone. Naitik panics as the girls are missing. The entire family gets together to find the kids.


Ragini has started a new drama. She has said bad cheap things about Swara and provoked Sanskaar. She sees the family is about to come there. Sanskaar could not bear a word against Swara. Sanskaar does not want to leave Ragini and says he wants to kill her. Ragini cries and says Sanskaar is hurting her. Swara comes there and gets angry. She shouts asking Sanskaar to stop it. Laksh says he will always stop anyone who is doing wrong. Sanskaar holds Ragini’s neck being angry. The family gets on Ragini’s side.

Malicious drama by Ragini; Families to get divided again…


Rajat tells Mona that Roshni is more important to him than Leela hospital and wishes to meet her in the police station. Mona stops Rajat asking him to be practical and think of saving Leela hospital’s image. Rajat gets restless seeing Roshni behind bars and gets his anger out on Dr. Sameer. Malhotra and Ansal are glad that their only thorn Roshni is out of Leela hospital now. Dr. Sameer makes Malhotra confess his mistake and rescues Dr. Roshi, while Kishore finds out about someone sabotaging Leela hospital. Kishore stands by Roshni and gets her free by getting her name cleared. Kishore tells the family to get careful to know their hidden enemy, who is harming them being a part of Leela hospital.

Kishore and Roshni to save Leela hospital and Rajat’s dream….

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Dasharath has acted clever and observed Maun Vrath when Viplav went to seek an answer from him. Dasharath gets angry knowing Viplav helping out Dhaani and the ashram people. Dhaani gets determined to save the ashram, as its home for all the widows. She says she will not let anyone harm the widows and take away their ashram. Viplav and Dhaani’s frequent meets and her goodness is making Viplav closer to her. In an attempt to save Dhaani from getting unwell after getting drenched in rain, Viplav covers her with the Mata Rani’s red colored chunri. He takes Dhaani to the temple and does not realize his step to pray for Dhaani’s life to get colorful again. Will Viplav and Dhaani get together, before Dasharath plans against them?


Chakor prays to Ganpati to get Imli in the special Ganpati Utsav along Thapki, Swara and Ranveer Singh. Thapki brings Imli in the same pandaal. Chakor catches a sight of Imli and gets happy. She runs to meet Imli, and Babu catches Imli. Babu takes away Imli. Thapki and Swara ask Chakor to make an announcement on the stage for get her sister. Vaibhavi gets irked seeing Swara supporting Chakor. She gets helpless to watch this silently in Rocky’s presence there. Chakor sees Bau taking Imli and informs Rocky. She asks Rocky to help her. Rocky rescues Imli fro Babu. Chakor and Imli get saved and hug happily. Chakor thanks Rocky for his timely help. Chakor does not know Vaibhavi runs the organ racket. She greets Rocky’s mum Vaibhavi and is glad meeting her.

Chakor to rescue Imli; Rocky still unaware of Vaibhavi’s truth in Udaan…


  1. Again irritating spoiler of swaragini…. I bet no one will watch Sunday special episode of swaragini as ragini is going to win.. who spoils their Sunday mood by watching this bakwas. .


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